Meet The Parents @ Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant 御宝南北小馆

Before I left for Seoul to join Ryan and Valerie on their pre-wedding photography session, a “Meet The Parents” lunch date was fixed on the 28th April 2014, two days prior to our departure. Valerie had warned us that Ryan’s parents enjoy Korean home-cooked meals and may not share our tastes in food so we … Continue reading

Hua Ting Restaurant 華廳 @ Orchard Hotel

Before Jerry went to switzerland, I caught up with him over lunch at one of his favourite places to eat. Hua Ting is a very old and popular Chinese restaurant in Singapore. It is helmed by Masterchef Lap Fai, who was crowned Asian Cuisine Chef of the Year 2012 at the World Gourmet Series Awards. … Continue reading

Mad About MAD! – Modern Asian Diner

Yap was getting pretty excited as the week drew nearer to Adrian’s birthday (who was away in Thailand for his holidays). He WhatsApp me to seek my opinion about a restaurant he saw on Groupon site. I was agreeable and why not? Having bubbly in the afternoon is an indulgence Adrian would love. The usher … Continue reading

Petrus Restaurant 碧翠轩餐厅 @ The Landmark Hotel Macau

My last meal in Macau happened to be 港式点心 or simply Hong Kong-style Dim Sum. The venue was at Petrus, a 24-hour Cantonese cuisine restaurant, located on the 5th level of The Landmark Hotel, Macau. Because of its close proximity and convenience, I had lunch there thrice. I had some repeated items with different friends … Continue reading

Birthday Lunch @ Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐 Wisma Atria

Although we celebrate our gregorian-calendar birthdays annually, traditional Chinese birthdays are usually observed in a grandiose way only on two significant occasions: 1) when a baby turns 1 month old (red eggs and ginger party) and 2) when an adult turns *60 years of age (60th birthday marks one life cycle) or 2a) when the … Continue reading

Kun Shu Food Stall 根叔美食世家 – Upmarket Food At Hawker Prices

This is 根叔 (Gen Shu). He was a former chef in Shang Palace Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore. For the past 8 years, he has been dishing out his Cantonese style of breakfast and lunch specialities at a hawker centre in Toa Payoh neighbourhood. Now we can get “atas” (high class/upmarket) restaurant food at hawker prices. Yay!!! … Continue reading

Restoran Clan 大家城点心茶楼 @ Sri Petaling

After lunch at Restoran Alison, Paul realised that I was in slippers and said, “This is a big event and we would be running around. I think it would be better if we got you a pair of flats.” So off we go to Carrefour to shop for shoes. I found a suitable design and … Continue reading

Hong Kong Dim Sum 香港点心 @ New Century Food Paradise

I had dim sum for supper twice recently. My Indonesian friend was in town (night flight) and I brought him to 126 Eating House (揾到食) but although the food was good as usual, the street lighting was not cooperative. This was before my trip to Bangkok. Forget about ordering the stuffed crab dishes. The Taro … Continue reading

Ah Boling

 The northern Chinese folks call them Yuanxiao (usually eaten during Chap Goh Mei or the The Lantern Festival) and the southerners call them Tangyuan (eaten during the Chinese winter solstice). In Singapore, we call them Ah Boling (Ah Balling) but it is actually Ah Bo Nin. Ah Boling is supposedly a homophone in the Teochew dialect where “Ah … Continue reading