Spicy Thai Thai Cafe

It’s almost a year since I was invited to Spicy Thai – Thai Cafe for food tasting and there’s some new fare on their Isan-inspired menu besides the restaurant taking over another unit for expansion. Business has been brisk so much so that Ron (the owner) has to helm it full time, leaving his other … Continue reading

Rich & Good Cake Shop

Yesterday, I had an appointment with a visiting Indonesian friend. We knew we were going to meet after 3pm but we did not know where and when exactly. He had several meetings and could not be contacted when I left the house. Since I was early, I went to Sejong Korean Language School. In the … Continue reading

I Now Pronounce You Man And Wife… You May Kiss The Bride!

Before we went to the Registry of Marriage on the 9th October 2014, Ryan gave us (Valerie’s family) a treat at one of our family’s favourites, 李白 – Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant @ Sheraton Towers Singapore. We’re training him to become the head of our household aka please-foot-the-bill-man, lol… Named after the famous Tang Dynasty … Continue reading

Wanton Mee @ Guangdong Mian Shi

“Mom, do you want us to dabao wanton mee for you?” “From where?” “Tanglin Halt” If I were to live on wanton noodles for the rest of my life, it has got to be from Guangdong Mian Shi. Guangdong Mian Shi is a small hawker stall located inside the Tanglin Halt Market & Food Centre (also … Continue reading

The Muzium Cafe @ 9 Bali Lane

I couldn’t believe my eyes when the bill was presented. Rick’s set lunch was S$10! Not a nett price but still! In one of the world’s most expensive city, can one really enjoy a more than decent but actually wholesome meal which includes an appetiser/soup, main course, coffee and dessert, even though it’s a small … Continue reading

Come Daily Fried Hokkien Mee 天天来炒福建虾面

I like to clarify the term Fried Hokkien Mee. My mom is Hokkien and her fried Hokkien Mee is actually braised, very much like the Johor’s style which uses sliced pork (sometimes with pork ribs), small prawns, squid, nappa cabbage or mustard greens with flat yellow egg noodles as shown in the picture below. Johorians … Continue reading

Romancing The Dish @ Ivy’s Haninanese Mutton Soup 海南药材羊肉汤

So all the lovers were celebrating yesterday and I’m sure they are still high from the adoration for each other. Speaking of love, here’s a hawker’s love story… Some background: In Singapore, Hainanese (a minority Chinese dialect group) are known to be good cooks. In fact, Hainanese men rather than women are known to be … Continue reading

Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice Demonstration

In my previous post on 26th October 2013, I was an invited guest to lunch at Mr. and Mrs. Teng’s cozy abode… Hainanese Chicken Rice (HCR) is considered as one of Singapore’s National Dish. It is often served as food that represents Singapore at international expositions and global events abroad, not to mention Singaporean-run restaurants … Continue reading

Top 10 Restaurants In Singapore 2013

Hey folks, it’s been a fun year of eating and blogging and getting to know some of you well. You have been my motivation in continuing to eat and write. Thank you very much for the peer awards and nominations, and taking some of your precious time off to visit me. You have been great … Continue reading

Top 10 Best Food In Singapore

This compilation is gathered from the posts I have eaten and/or blogged since my return to Singapore in mid February 2013. It may not be the best for many Singaporeans but the reasons why they have made into my Top 10 list is simple; these were food and beverages that have found their way to … Continue reading