Will Walk For Yoghurt And Get Shaved For Banana!

My younger grandson TY is now 11 months old and has grown quite a bit. Well, a lot actually! He’s now wearing XXL-sized diapers while his older brother puts on XL even though TJ is 2 years old. I can foresee TY growing up to be a gourmand (hopefully gourmet, too) just like me. He had just learnt to wobble recently but it was yoghurt that prompted his steady steps on the last day of 2017. He also got shaved without fuss for a banana on the first day of 2018!




While TY enjoys almost every kind of foods, TJ’s love is restricted to crispy treats. It takes effort to cajole TJ to eat proper meals. Every child in his class ate during their meal break with some having seconds and thirds but TJ would not eat. I’m amazed how he’s not the smallest child in his pre-nursery class, lol…

Cute Teddy sandwiches or pizza flavoured waffle crisps? The answer is easy!


My younger grandson is a rogue gourmand! He was enthusiastically ripping out all the biscuits while his older brother frantically puts them back into the box. The crackers in its silver packaging were broken into bits. Meiji please supply us with more!

Happy snacking and bonding! 🙂

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5 Responses to “Will Walk For Yoghurt And Get Shaved For Banana!”
  1. Jessica says:

    Your grandkids are so cute!! ❤

    • Sam Han says:

      Hi Jessica! Thank you and Happy New Year to you! It’s been a long time but you know what I’ve been busy with. I’m expecting my third grandchild this mid year. How’s life on your side? 🙂

      • Jessica says:

        I understand! I’m busy here, too. I moved to Tennessee not long ago and am starting graduate school. It’s intense! Glad to hear from you! And congrats on a third grand child. I still don’t think you look old enough to have grandkids! 😀

        • Sam Han says:

          Congratulations on the grad school Jessica! I’m sure it is intense! But I also know you will run it well.
          I can’t believe I’m a grandma of 3, too! I have to tell my daughter and her hubby to slow down. Wink wink… I know what you meant and thank you very much Jessica. I appreciate your kindness. Now there’s pressure to upkeep myself, lol… 😀

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