TJ Makes The Music Louder!

My children’s laughter is my favourite song.
And TJ makes the music louder!

20160912 TJ Makes The Music Louder IMG_9723

The little bugger striking a deal with moi last night!

20160912 TJ Makes The Music Louder 2 IMG_9777

TJ is very curious and always take a good look at things during exploration.

TJ Makes The Music Louder 3 IMG_9750

He is young but he knows how to tease, keeping me on my toes always!

TJ Makes The Music Louder IMG_9778

The face of a child says it all,
especially their eyes and mouth!

20160912 TJ Makes The Music Louder! IMG_9741

Here is a reason for my laughter!

TJ was diagnosed with milk protein allergy when he was born but he is outgrowing it. The recent blood test revealed that he is ready to be re-introduced to milk products and we are giving him food containing dairy in small doses. Here, TJ had Almond Pastry from Country Brot by Four Leaves Bakery and Yakult (probiotic cultured milk drink) for late evening snack.

Happy eating and bonding! 🙂

Photos by Steven Hee. The other reason for my laughter comes 29th! 😉

2 Responses to “TJ Makes The Music Louder!”
  1. In Pennsylvania visiting my six month old, first grandchild. What an awesome experience. At 44 I thought my only child would never become a father, at 72 I never believed I would be a grandfather. However, God had different plans and the family name will now be carried on by my grandson.
    I’ll sneak a picture f him into one of my future post. I have also come to learn the lesson of why God gives babies to the young. Grandparenting is fun, when the fussing begins, hand them back. Many blessings to you and yours. ME

    • Sam Han says:

      It’s great to hear that you are having an awesome time with your grandson Michael! In my case, my children lives within a stone’s throw and nope, there’s no luxury of handing back when the fussing begins. Hahaha…

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