Chinese Home-style Steamed Fish

Fishing this weekend? Try steaming your fresh catch! It’s a healthier cooking method than deep-frying. It has a light and clean taste and most importantly, it is yummilicious! Spoon the hot broth onto a bowl of steamed white rice and you will know what I mean. Slurp burp! 😄

2016-04-03 Homecooked Steamed Pomfret-0681-

Most types of fresh, chilled and even frozen-thawed fish (fillet, steak or whole) would do nicely.

Here’s an idea on how to make Chinese Home-style Steamed Fish:
600g Pomfret.
2 tablespoons Light Soy Sauce.
3-4 tablespoon Water (more water will be collected during steaming).
A few dashes of White Pepper Powder.
½-1 tablespoon of Vegetable Oil.
Sesame Oil, a drizzle after cooking.

Extras ingredients you can mix and match. Amount is to your desire, just don’t overkill it! These are secondary ingredients and not the main course so everything in moderation please, and you can build up from there on.
Red Chillies.
Red Dates (dried).
Shitake Mushrooms.
All ingredients above to be shredded. Deseed chillies and red dates, before slicing, if using.

Wolfberries (aka Goji).
1 piece Preserved Salted Sour Plums (a special plum for soups and steaming fish), gently pinch to break open slightly.
Fried Shallots or Fried Garlic (choose one – do not use both together as the taste clash, that’s my opinion).

Place some water in a steamer pot and bring water to a fast boil.
Steam fish (covered) over very high heat till its eyes pop out! I’m not joking!
Check only after 8-10 minutes.
Flake the fish (thickest part) with a fork and if flesh is opaque, it is done.

Some folks like it 80% cooked (especially when eating in restaurants that serve fish from live tanks) but for home-cooking, I prefer 100% cooked since the fish are thawed from its chilled/frozen state when bought.

2016-04-03 Homecooked Steamed Pomfret-0689-

I used salty sour plum, ginger, fried shallots (in oil), wolberries, soy sauce, pepper, water, some vegetable oil and sesame oil after steaming.

In case anyone may wonder, this fish is not yet steamed! I have had people telling me my dishes are way undercooked, hahaha… 😄

Happy cooking, eating and bonding!😄

One Response to “Chinese Home-style Steamed Fish”
  1. Haven’t used a steamer in decades, don’t even know if I still have one …
    if not, time to get one.
    This lazy Yankee fries too many things … think steamed …
    Love, hugs and blessings to your expanding family … ME

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