Steamed Pork Cake With Salted Duck Egg

Salted duck eggs seemed to be the latest craze for the past few years and almost every dining establishments are experimenting and creating new dishes with it. There’s creamy salted egg yolk seafood, custard salted egg yolk lava chocolate cake, luscious salted egg yolk croissant in addition to the traditional salted egg yolk in mooncakes and salted egg yolk in bak chang dumplings, you get my drift.

Salted egg yolk has been an essential ingredient in Asian cooking for as long as I can remember. Salted duck egg was considered pedestrian food previously. Now that it has been given culinary makeover and endorsed by food snobs from both eastern and western cuisine, any product laden with salted egg yolks cost more!

Steamed pork cake with salted duck egg is a dish common in many households. We had this dish twice in a week and with a bit of tweaking found the second one to be more delectable.

Steamed Pork Cake With Salted Egg Recipe
Here’s what you’ll need:
300g Pork, hand-chopped or minced coarsely (tell butcher to mince once only).
2 Salted Eggs, separate the whites and cut the yolks as seen in photo below.
Ginger, julienne (amount to your liking).

1 teaspoon Cornflour, optional (this gives a smoother mouthfeel to the meat when eating).
½-1 tablespoon Light Soy Sauce (doesn’t matter if you didn’t season it well as you can add on to the steaming liquid later).
A few dashes of White Pepper Powder.
2 teaspoon Sesame Oil.

Put minced pork in a large bowl and using your hand, squish the salted egg whites into the meat. Next, add in all the marinade ingredients. Mix well but do not “slap” the meat against the bowl – you only do that to achieve a firm, bouncy texture like for fish balls. Here, we want to have succulent, “fluffy” meaty patty.

Transfer the marinated meat into a lightly oiled shallow plate and spread the meat out like a thick burger. Half close your hand and stick your fingers into the patty to make some steam holes.

Lay the salted egg yolk slices on the meat and garnish with ginger julienne.

Leave the prepared meat to rest for 15 minutes. You may keep in fridge till needed but remember to bring to room temperature first or simply steam longer.

Bring a pot of water to fast boiling and steam for 30 minutes or till cook. Test by cutting through the thickest part of the meat, pork shouldn’t be pink but thoroughly cooked!

You may garnish the cooked dish with chopped cilantro if desired.

Before steaming, drizzle a few tablespoons of water onto the meat. This will give you some nice broth that goes very well with the steamed rice. You can add extra light soy or fine tune your seasoning at this stage if you feel your meat is not savoury enough. How would you know? Take a bit of the meat and boil it in water for taste test but if you have been cooking Asian long enough, you will know by gut-feel if your meat has been seasoned well, hehehe… Alright, jokes aside – different batch/manufacturer of salted eggs have different degree of saltiness so my marinade measurements are only guidelines.

Substitute Salted Eggs with
1. Salted Fish or
2. reconstituted Dried Squid (shredded)
A reader told me about adding fried Dried Shrimps (haebee) but I have no idea how that works. I will try one day as it sounds yummy.

2016-04-11 Salted Eggs-0869-

Salted Duck Eggs 咸鸭蛋.
Separate the whites and yolks.

2016-04-11 Steam Pork Cake Salted Egg-0922

Mix everything except salted egg yolks and ginger shreds to marinate the pork.
Half close your hand like you are going to claw someone (haha) and stick your fingers into the patty to make some steam holes.

2016-04-11 Steam Pork Cake Salted Egg-0923

I sliced each yolk into halves and then halved each halves again, getting 4 thick pieces per egg.

2016-04-11 Steam Pork Cake Salted Egg-0878-

Sprinkle the ginger julienne and let the meat rest a bit (to relax the tension) after the kneading.
You can also steam straight away if you are in a hurry or keep it in fridge until needed but remember to bring out to room temperature before steaming for best result.

2016-04-11 Steamed Pork Cake Salted Egg-0905-

Pour a few spoons of water onto the meat before steaming keeping in mind that the shallow dish will also collect more “steam water” during steaming.
If you had not done seasoning taste test before cooking, you still can salvage after cooking!
See that tiny missing patch in front of the plate? That was me eating the meat to decide if I should add more light soy to the hot steaming liquid 🙂

You might want to know what I’d tweaked… I had used more cornflour the first time and slapped the meat. The cornflour made it too soft or in other words, a tad mushy. Mixing the meat too well also compromised the meat texture which became too firm and smooth, like those factory-made meatballs. If you like that, then mix that way. But I like my meat hunky, a texture similar to those that have been hand-chopped. My family also agreed the latter cooking had better mouthfeel.

Happy cooking, eating and bonding! 🙂

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