Dinner At Valerie’s!

I have been visiting Valerie more often these days as Taejin is getting a little “naughty”. He’s been a very good and cheerful baby but he is in that phase of his life where cutting his first tooth is becoming unbearable. He is also not drinking much, about 40ml at last feed. That’s a whopping 180ml drop in consumption! The young parents are very concerned.

I would call to enquire about baby TJ and that’s when Valerie said, “Why don’t you come on over?”

Last Saturday, Vanessa, Sam and I went to Ryan and Valerie’s to give them some moral support and Val whipped up a yummy dinner for us. Dinner was prepared at leisurely pace and everyone chipped in as usual. The TV was turned on so we watched movies, rocked TJ, caught up on family gossips and cooked in between the boring scenes.

When TJ took a nap, we worked with more urgency, hoping to get dinner cooked before he awaken so we can all sit down to eat at the same time. If he wakes up and is cool, he’ll be in his high chair with us at the dining table, otherwise, someone has to walk this little inquisitive fella around the house.

Recipe for the Japanese Maki can be found here:
Temaki TJ and Sushi Rolls Of Love – Family Bonding!

Japanese Maki-7922-

Valerie prepared the salmon and avocado maki.
Vanessa squirted the Japanese mayonnaise and topped the tobiko.
Nice team work, girls! Hahaha…

Japanese Maki-7923-

Ryan said we should get more sushi mats or better still a super long one and try our hand at Guinness Record. Lol…

2016-02-20 Korean Pancakes Buchujeon-7926-

Buchujeon (부추전) made by Ryan’s mom.

We also took the stacks of Buchujeon (부추전) made by Ryan’s loving mom out of the chiller to warm up at room temperature before pan-frying them to luscious jade-green and golden perfection!

Korean Buchujeon Collage

Buchujeon 부추전 is Korean Pancakes with Asian Garlic Chives.
They are vegan friendly.

Korean Pancakes (Buchujeon) Miso Soup Ig-7952-

The outside were nicely crisp and golden but vegetables kept the pancakes moist inside, giving them a favourable slight chewy texture.

What’s those bowls of egg ribbons, seaweed shreds and tofu cubes for? You may have guessed it already. Valerie also made some Miso soup which was simmering on stove to keep warm and she’ll ladle the hot broth into these bowls before serving.

Next stop in our cooking episode was Dwaejibulgogi-bokkeum 돼지볼고기볶음.

Korean Dwaejibulgogi-bokkeum 돼지불고기볶음-7970-

Dwaejibulgogi-bokkeum 돼지볼고기볶음 – Korean Spicy Stir-fried Pork. You may use Pork Belly for this dish.

Allow me to confuse you a little here… Gogi is meat and if used alone in a menu, it usually refers to beef. Dwaejigogi is pork. Bokkeum is pan-fry or stir-fry. Therefore, Dwaejigogi-bokkeum is pan-fried or stir-fried pork but! Dwaejibulgogi-bokkeum 돼지볼고기볶음 is (usually spicy) stir-fried pork where the meat has been marinated beforehand and therein lies the key difference – marination prior to cooking. This is wonderful for working couples without domestic help as Dwaejibulgogi-bokkeum 돼지볼고기볶음 – Korean Spicy Stir-fried Pork can be prepared in bulk, packaged into suitable quantity and chilled or deep-frozen till needed.

Korean Dwaejibulgogi-bokkeum 돼지불고기볶음-7977-

Dinner is served 🙂

I will be posting recipes for both of the Korean dishes Buchujeon (부추전) which is Pancakes with Asian Chives and Dwaejibulgogi-bokkeum (돼지볼고기볶음) which is Spicy Stir-fried Pork soon but first some detective work into Korean culinary. So follow my blog via email to receive notifications when the recipes are uploaded! Hehehe…

Happy cooking, eating and bonding 🙂

Recipe for the Japanese Maki can be found here:
Temaki TJ and Sushi Rolls Of Love – Family Bonding!

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