Thai Pavilion Restaurant

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful festive season. I have been taking a break from blogging and now it’s time to get back on track!

My first meals in 2016 were coincidentally modern Thai cuisine! The first day of new year was suggested by Vanessa and the second day was a dinner hosted by Taejin’s great grand aunt! If anyone asked me, “How’s 2016 going so far?” I would tell them I was Thai-ed up! Hehehe… Yea, yea, my kids think another one of nana’s lame jokes only TJ can appreciate these days 😉

Thai Pavilion was an impromptu lunch venue. Sam P., Vanessa and I woke up late and this eatery is opened daily and throughout without observing restaurant hours (which is a couple or three hours of break in between lunch and dinner).

Thai Pavilion-4839-

Luncheon Meat Fries.
Nicely crisp but on the salty side.

A lot of places are offering luncheon meat (spam) chips these days as bar snacks but I do like them in this “fries” form as they possessed more bite.

Thai Pavilion-4833-

Cha Yen.

The colour of this drink was not as orange as those sold in the streets of Bangkok and perhaps different tea leaves were used? I understand that the signature orange colour of cha yen comes from the C Yellow Number 6 (which is apparently the same food dye that was in Kraft’s Macaroni and Cheese, before it got outlawed). So those with food colouring allergy please take note!

Thai Pavilion Tom Yum Talay Clear-4849-

Tom Yum Talay Clear Soup.

We opted for clear broth which means no addition of coconut cream. My family has always preferred tom yum that way. The tom yum was better than most mid-price eateries but in my humble opinion, it could do better. The prawns were “powdery” but the squid and fish were very fresh. The broth was tasty but not spicy enough for my taste (that’s a personal take). I felt it could have more citrusy punch and stinging kick to it. Vanessa reminded me that my heat threshold is higher than normal diners, so… Also, if they were to serve the soup in this steamboat, they should at least light it up to keep warm or at least for visual impact. Otherwise, they could have serve the soup in a huge bowl which makes it a lot easier for scooping.

Thai Pavilion Green Curry Chicken-4843-

Thai Green Curry Chicken.

I am not a fan of green curries but my children seem to like it. Valerie cooks a mean one as she does a fiery pad krapow. Okay, sorry I deviated. Anyway, this green curry was normal to me, which is good because although there weren’t anything spectacular to shout about, there was nothing to fault as well!

Thai Pavilion Yellow Curry Squid-4870a-

Thai Yellow Curry Squid.

I am a fan of sotong (squid) and Thai yellow curry and this stimulating combination had me at hello! Although I find the gravy a tad thinner than I preferred initially, I began to appreciate its viscosity as lunch progressed and I was beginning to feel a little “jelak”. This was after all my breakfast, lol…

*Jelak is a Malay/Indonesian adjective and it means “satiated by a food, particularly a food that is too rich, to the point that one feels repulsed by it”.

Thai Pavilion Whole Fried Fish-4852-

Deep-fried Whole Sea Bass.

Thai Pavilion Fried Whole Sea Bass-4863-

Sweet & Sour Sea Bass.

The Sweet & Sour Sea Bass had a clean crunchy bite with moist flakey flesh. Vanessa liked it that she didn’t have to fight with tough soggy fish skin. The sea bass was not fishy (fishy here means gamey in a bad way), so it was delectably fresh. The sauce was piquant although I find it sweet; if they can tone down the sugar, it would be perfect – again this is my personal taste preference.

Thai Pavilion Minced Pork Omelet-4845-

Fluffy Minced Pork Omelet.

We loved the minced pork omelet. Usually, very fluffy omelet sits in residual oil oozing out on the plate but this one was not too bad. I thought Vanessa was done eating when I saw a small piece on her side plate and “stole” it. She uttered “thief”, lol…

Seeing some plants being delivered and fussed over where to place them,  we asked the waitress how long the restaurant has been in operation. She told us that the restaurant has been around but had just changed boss. The old staff and chef stayed on. The chef has 10 years of experience and is also winner of the Epicurean Star Award. They were celebrating their first (or was it second?) day of operation and we were entitled to a 20% discount. Yippee! A great start to 2016 🙂

We did enjoy our lunch and I would like to go back to try their Mookata and Red Ruby dessert, soon!

And oh yes before I forget! You can order online for home delivery with FoodPanda!

Thai Pavilion Restaurant
Address: 283 Changi Road,
Singapore 419762.

Tel: (+65) 6842 3090

Operating hours: Daily
11am – 11pm

Happy eating and bonding 🙂

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