Kelly’s Luncheon Ham & Meiji Saltine Crackers

I woke up after more than 12 hours of sleep. I guess the two sequential macro outings on Thursday and Friday had tire me out. On hindsight, I am glad I purchased Kelly’s luncheon ham on Thursday night from Sheng Siong (the third largest chain of supermarkets in Singapore). Last night, I made some luncheon and saltine crackers to satisfy my hunger since there’s nothing else to eat except for instant noodles but I was too lazy to even cook that.

Kelly's Luncheon Meat & Meiji Saltine Crackers

Kelly’s Luncheon Meat & Meiji Saltine Crackers

Kelly's Luncheon Meat & Meiji Saltine Crackers

My midnight snack.

Kelly's Luncheon Meat & Meiji Saltine Crackers

Luncheon meat is finely minced cooked pork (mixed with cereal or modified potato starch), sold in a tin and typically eaten at room temperature or panfried for crispy texture.

Kelly's Luncheon Meat & Meiji Saltine Crackers

I had mine straight out of its packaging, sliced and laid on top of a small dollop of Japanese Mayo on Meiji’s saltine crackers.
Can you see the gelatine on the bottom cracker?

There are several flavours to choose from Kelly’s: Bacon Bits Luncheon Ham, Beef Pastrami, Chicken Lyoner and Picante Pork Luncheon Ham. I deliberated before picking out Bacon Bits for various reasons. As I mentioned before, I am more sensitive to red meats these days and canned beef is very likely to have stronger taste. I could be wrong but I am not taking any chances since canned food is usually an emergency item in my household (as with any, I’m sure) and I do not want to risk my only meal to be “hazardous” on my palate! Also, I am more a fan of pork than chicken. Since I do not comprehend picante, I chose what I did, Bacon!

I did not realise that Kelly’s a product of Singapore until I was peeling off the aluminium foil lid on the minced ham. I wondered if Kelly’s from the same manufacturer of the Singapore produced luncheon meat Golden Bridge which I bought some time ago. I had like that. It was a delicious and more importantly, a *safer alternative to the Chinese brand of luncheon meat which I grew up with.

Many of the Chinese luncheon meat lovers switched to Hormel’s Spam after the *Chinese Luncheon Meat Scare but there’s a difference in taste. Spam is **ironically more “atas” (high class) – made of pork shoulder with ham meat added, its meaty texture surpass the mushy luncheon meat we are accustomed to. Although this **wartime delicacy has better taste and quality; and quality comes with a price, which made Spam less popular with our average working class consumers.

Kelly’s taste is very similar to the luncheon meat I grew up with. The negligible bacon bits did nothing to add flavour or saltiness to the meat. The Japanese mayo did the trick to make up for my penchant for stronger seasoning. Still, it is as good as it gets with Spam considering the clean taste, snack size packaging of 100g and cheaper price tag. I would buy them again!

As for the Meiji crackers, I love them! There’s nothing to fault when it comes to Japanese foods and that of course, is my personal taste and opinion!

Happy eating and bonding 🙂

*Singapore has strict food hygiene in their f&b manufacturing practices and processes compared to China. I wouldn’t say that is a given but I have more confidence in our merchants. Read why I choose Singapore produced luncheon meat over the brand I grew up with here:

Update: Just went to Sheng Siong again on 21st Oct and there’s a promo until end of October 2015, so I have bought the Picante to try.

Kelly Luncheon Ham

Any two Kelly’s Luncheon Ham (100g – S$1.85) for S$3.35

2 Responses to “Kelly’s Luncheon Ham & Meiji Saltine Crackers”
  1. Hormel does a turkey spam … my favorite …
    Always a can in the pantry in case of lazy emergencies.. .ME

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