Wow Wow West Western Food – Serving The Lord On Sundays!

When we arrived at ABC, almost all the hawker stalls within sight were bustling except for one. That stall had a very long queue earlier and we wanted to wait out for it to be shorter but by the time Ross went over to place our orders, they just about half-closed their shutters. The lady boss apologised profusely saying that they had already taken their last order for the day and was waiting for the cooks to finish up dishing the last few plates. It was only nearly 8pm! Wow!!! I told May and Ross we must come back for it.

Wow Wow West (ABC Brickworks FC)

Jayden in the middle taking the final orders.

Well, we went back the following ***Monday. Ross and I tried to time our orders so that we could beat the dinner crowd while waiting for May to finish work. She made it in almost good time but I think the half eaten food (Fish & Chips and Chicken Chop with extra Chicken Cheese Sausage) was somewhat cold when May arrived. She didn’t mind at all.

May, “I thought you wanted to buy something?”

Ross, “Wait la… The queue so long.”

After a while, Ross got into the queue again at Wow Wow West to order a Beef Steak.

During dinner, our conversation naturally led to the topic of the relentless crowd queuing for western food at this stall. I wasn’t paying much attention until Ross mention the Yellow Ribbon Project!

After dinner, we saw the petite hawker going towards the carpark. That’s when I told Ross to “ambush” him. We did not properly introduced ourselves but instead told the stallholder that we came specifically for his food this night as we did not get to eat it the last time. I didn’t think he was surprised since he knew how good his business was but he remained humble. We chatted more and found out that Eric Ng has been training his son-in-law Jayden Cheong (who was in the banking line) to cook for about 2 years now. He intended for Jayden to fully take over the operations in the very near future.

Eric, “The youngsters have their ideas and ways of doing business.”

There has been serious enquiries and offers so franchising is going to be available pretty soon. Eric can then be able to spend his time doing more social work and fishing, both of which he is passionate about.

On the topic of social work, Eric recounted, “Once a phone call came while I was manning the stall. A depressed sergeant became suicidal and was at a block just around the vicinity. No one knew which floor exactly the sergeant was contemplating his jump, so I had to rush up the block floor by floor on foot. *By the time I was on the tenth floor, my legs gave way but I wouldn’t give up. A life was at stake!”

I then asked Eric what’s the connection to Yellow Ribbon. Although Wow Wow West is not a social enterprise, Eric hires ex-offenders let’s cut the bullshit and make it clear, shall we? Eric employs people with criminal records, people who has turned over a new leaf and **tattooed skins struggling to get back on track. Fraudsters and victims alike, he helps people in financial woes – gamblers who have gotten into trouble with loan sharks and drug addicts trying to walk the straight and narrow. “Anyone” he emphasised, “who is willing to work, I’ll hire them.”

Although Eric did not say anything else, I researched on him and found out more about his charitable heart:

* “By the time I was on the tenth floor, my legs gave way but I wouldn’t give up. A life was at stake!” We spoke in Hokkien and I thought it was funny at first when Eric said his “legs had gone soft” until I researched and saw the YouTube (Pt. 1 and 2) Postcard From The Heart (Walking With You) which I have posted below. You see, Eric himself was a suicide victim. By God’s grace, he was revived after 4 days.

Walking With You Pt. 1

Walking With You Part 2

Wow Wow West (ABC Brickworks FC)

According to Eric, “Wow Wow West” was named by a boy from Raffles Institution (an elite school) when he was operating there.

Wow Wow West (ABC Brickworks FC)

Chicken Chop S$6 not inclusive of the Chicken Cheese Sausage shown here.
I loved the sausage!

Listed on the menu which hang above the display shelf showcasing the cheese sausages, the Chicken Sausage meal is S$4. I don’t know if they come in a pair but I paid a total of S$14 for the Chicken Chop with Chicken Cheese Sausage and the Fish & Chips.

Wow Wow West (ABC Brickworks FC)

Dory Fish & Chips S$6.
This was also the dish I enjoyed best.

Wow Wow West (ABC Brickworks FC)

Beef Steak S$8.
When Ross asked me to try some of the beef, I asked, “Got gamey taste?”
These days, I am getting more and more sensitive to red meats.
Turn out pretty good on my end of the steak which was tender.
The other end which Ross ate was a little tough according to him.

Eric has appeared on TV and has unselfishly shared his recipes for Fish & Chips and Chicken Chop!

Wow Wow West Western Food.

Eric with his wife Kathy and myself at their stall, Wow Wow West Western Food.

Jayden’s name card read:

Tuesday to Saturday: 11am – 8.30pm
Sunday: Serves The Lord

There is always U turn in Christ!

How’s the food? With Singaporeans’ fussy tastebuds and the long queue serving as testimony, what do you think? Also, there’s franchise talks going on but you can judge for yourself by watching the video above (if you’re overseas) where Eric shared the recipes of food he prepares for his customers. Cook it at home and be wowed!

Wow Wow West Western Food
Address: ABC Brickworks Food Centre.
6 Jalan Bukit Merah. Unit #01-133.

Operating hours: (closed on Sundays and Mondays)
Tuesday – Saturday
Brunch: 10.30am – 2pm
Dinner: 5pm – 8pm

Saturday’s dinner queue is super long so go early or be prepared to wait or be disappointed!

Update: ***An ABC resident was puzzled when I said I visited the stall on a Monday (21st September 2015). Thank you for bringing it up as I had forgotten to mention that it was a special week with the stall’s schedule re-arranged to accommodate Eric’s fishing trip. On hindsight, I was lucky or it would be the second time I miss their food. So please take note of their operating hours listed above or you may check their Facebook page (link below).


Wow Wow West Western Food may be Serving The Lord On Sundays! But Eric is serving the Lord everyday by doing what he does. Amen!

Happy eating, serving and bonding 🙂

Other food stalls in ABC Brickworks Food Centre:

See other yellow ribbon/social enterprise here:

**Tattoos that are associated with triads and secret societies.

4 Responses to “Wow Wow West Western Food – Serving The Lord On Sundays!”
  1. ABC resident says:

    “Well, we went back the following Monday”. Reading at this sentence, im puzzled. Majority people here know Wild Wild West is closed on Sunday and Monday.

    • Sam Han says:

      Yes it is true that Wow Wow West is usually closed on Sundays and Mondays as stipulated in the operating hours. I should have mentioned in my post that this week was special as Eric had planned a fishing trip from Thurs till the weekend because of the long holidays (Hari Raya). I also did not realised they were closed on Mondays until I spoke to Eric that evening and forgot about the Monday thingy until you questioned. Thanks for reading and highlighting this point. I have updated the reason for its opening on this particular Monday on my post. Have a blessed Sunday 🙂

  2. Great post, here in the US one of our largest fast food
    franchises is Chick-fil-a, (Chicken only),
    they also close on Sundays to serve the Lord.
    They stress helping young people get an education
    and doing community service as a part of their enterprises.
    Founded in 1946, it has more than 1,900 restaurants,
    and is the top chicken fast food chain in the U.S.
    We don’t eat out that much and when we do we prefer to
    patronize the chef or Mom and Pop owned local restaurants.
    Love, hugs and eat more chicken …ME

    • Sam Han says:

      Mom and Pop shops still serve the best comfort food in my opinion. It is always a gem find when I come across kind-hearted folks in my blogging arena. Thank you Michael. Blessed weekend 🙂

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