Announcing The Arrival Of Tae Jin 태 진

On 12th August 2015, my grandson Tae Jin is born!

I am jubilant!

My first grandchild, an SG50 baby! He may be one of Singapore’s golden jubilee children but he is the one and only grandchild I have to date so you can imagine the kind of fuss and love I will be showering upon him.

Tae Jin-1439376702313

I will be busy taking care of my daughter’s special needs during her after birth confinement period of 30 days or as she puts it, she’s under “house arrest” but I want to share my joy with you now by sharing a few photos of my darling grandson! 🙂

Tae Jin-200329

Vanessa asked about the white spots on Tae Jin’s nose and eye regions, to which I answered “Those are milia seeds”. She then further queried that Tae Jin has lots of fair coloured facial hair and wondered if it was normal for him to be like a fuzzy peach. Lol…

Well, that hair is called lanugo and it’s normal. Lanugo is the first hair the body makes, and *in utero, it covers the developing child. The hair is meant to regulate the baby’s temperature in the womb. It is a little freaky to know that if the baby is born lanugo-free, it means he had shed the hair in the uterus and then ate it during the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy! Lanugo will go away on its own in a few weeks so there’s no need to purchase a lifetime’s waxing package.

Tae Jin-183528

Tae Jin-549221006402

Time permitting, I will blog more details later.

Meanwhile, Tae Jin says “Hello everyone! I have arrived. The world out here is excitingly vibrant. I see and hear with acute clarity – a little too loud for my comfort but I am adjusting to my new environment quite nicely. I hope to see you again soon.”

I am grateful for my friends’ and relatives’ well wishes and blessings.

Thank you for sharing my joy!

Happy bonding with your loved ones 🙂

* “In utero” is a Latin term literally meaning “in the womb”. In biology, the phrase describes the state of an embryo or fetus. In legal contexts, the phrase is used to refer to unborn children. Under common law, unborn children are still considered to exist for property transfer purposes. – Wikipedia

12 Responses to “Announcing The Arrival Of Tae Jin 태 진”
  1. Congratulations on your first grandson! I smiled from the beginning of your post to the end and I am still smiling:) I love the pics and the video. Tae Jin is a very cute baby, but you know that already! My congrats to your daughter and son-in-law. Let your daughter enjoy her 30 days of “house arrest”, she’ll forever be grateful that mama tended to her needs and helped with baby. Sending hugs for baby Tae Jin!

  2. Glad for you and yours,
    Love, hugs and blessings … ME and the Boss

  3. Edwin Tan says:

    Congrats on your new ‘status’. Exciting times ahead.

  4. wingedprisms says:

    Congratulations to all of you! Oh Semi, he is perfect and beautiful! Enjoy him and spoil him. 😀 Welcome to my world – the best yet!

  5. Lignum Draco says:

    Congratulations to all, Grandma. 🙂 Busy days ahead.

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