Oh, The Good Life!

During Lao You Ji‘s dinner, Adrian arranged for our next gathering to be at his house. It would be a poolside party! We should each bring a bottle of wine and food would be provided by Ade. Very quickly, that day arrived…

Ade Poolside Party July 2015

I had wanted to bring Moscato but I saw Ade’s alcohol provision, there were some pink moscato already so I took this SB from my chiller.

Ade Poolside Party July 2015

Yap brought this bottle because coincidentally, PAYS is the acronym which we used in our group chat.
You may have already guessed, it stands for “Paulina, Adrian, Yap and Sam”.

Ade Poolside Party July 2015

I don’t know why but this photo reminded me of the song The Good Life by Sacha Distel.
I loved Dionne Warwick’s singing…
“Oh, the good life, full of fun seems to be the ideal…
Mm, the good life lets you hide all the sadness you feel.
You won’t really fall in love for you can’t take the chance…
So please be honest with yourself, don’t try to fake romance.
It’s the good life to be free and explore the unknown…
Like the heartaches when you learn you must face them alone.
Please remember I still want you, and in case you wonder why…
Well, just wake up, kiss the good life goodbye!”

Ade Poolside Party July 2015

Store-bought nacho chips and Adrian’s secret recipe mayo dip.
Wait a minute, he said there’s no mayo in this!
I had asked Adrian to contribute the recipe for this delicious dip which he refused 😦

Ade Poolside Party July 2015

I love pink moscato!

Ade Poolside Party July 2015


Ade Poolside Party July 2015


Ade Poolside Party July 2015


Ade Poolside Party July 2015

Adrian’s dad was on his way out to play bridge but we convinced him to have some sandwiches before the game.

Ade Poolside Party July 2015

One for the record.

Ade Poolside Party July 2015

Let the party begin!

Ade Poolside Party July 2015

Adrian made these ham and cheese sandwiches using a dinosaur cookie cutter.
Aren’t they cute?
I jokingly told uncle Oh that these were made specially for him, the dinosaur in our group.
Thank goodness he didn’t catch on what I meant!

Ade Poolside Party July 2015

Uncle Oh said he’ll skip the wine and sushi as he would be driving and that the recent rumours of eating raw fish making people sick had him worried.

Ade Poolside Party July 2015

No one seemed to be very interested in these supermarket mass produced sushi so I had most of them.
They weren’t the standards I’m accustomed to (yes, I’m a sushi snob) but even though I hate to waste food, I could not eat the sweet beanskin sushi.

Ade Poolside Party July 2015

All of my friends knew never to eat before my camera but Adrian just had to have a few to “mess” up my shoot.
Good old Paulina came to the rescue by rearranging the strawberries.
She knew I wanted “height”.
Such an attentive sweetie!

Ade Poolside Party July 2015

Adrian provided whipped cream and fine sugar for these berries.
“Sugar? How come not icing sugar?”
“Aiyah, you damn ma fun (troublesome)!”
I’m always the unappreciative guest but luckily I have adoring friends that didn’t kick me out.

Ross worked on the night shift and had just woken up from his slumber. He returned Adrian’s missed call and was now making his way to Ade’s house.

Adrain, “I’m going up to bring the beers down for Ross.”

“Ross doesn’t like beers. He would love some whisky, instead.” I went on to relate how I discovered that Ross didn’t like the former.

“I have some whisky.”

My lips curled with satisfaction.

I knew Adrian “collects” spirits and if I played my cards right he might bring out the better, if not best, ones.

“Got a friend to bring back half a dozen from Japan.”

Dang! I was hoping for Aberlour A’Bunadh Batch 50. Was that asking for too much?

The pinks and whites were consumed and so we moved on to deep reds and rich ambers.

Ade Poolside Party July 2015

Nikka Whisky From The Barrel.
Nose: Medium-body with good balance.
There are notes of cut flowers and fresh fruits, spice and a little oak.
Palate: Full-bodied and punchy. There is plenty of winter spice and toffee, a little caramel and vanilla and a good mouthful of fruit.
Finish: Long, warming and fruity with a little oaken spice.

So I didn’t get my Speyside single malt scotch but Nikka Whisky From The Barrel is a real star in its own category. It won top prize at the World Whisky Awards not once but twice, in 2007 and 2010!

There’s a certain procedure for me to enjoy single malts. I would have a small sip of whisky and chew it with my molars before swallowing. If it’s not too robust, I will have it on rocks with tepid water on the side. My personal preference in drinking this Nikka, is to swirl it with ice and a few drops of water, to dull the alcohol which helped discriminate between gentle flavours from brioche to cherries. I found that on its own, it has very dry finish from pine to cocoa smokiness. Since we were still far from going home, I’m not going to let the high alcohol content of 50cl / 51.4% get to me before I had the chance to savour the famous Zion Road Char Kway Teow (CKT), the stall which is located within walking distance.

We have been talking about it (CKT) since we arrived in the early evening but it wasn’t until May came from work that we finally got the chance to hit on this meal. We had been “squabbling” who should go and buy. There’s always a long queue at the stall and none of us would move our butts citing we were already high. Ross was the kind soul. He had not had his drink yet and offered to go buy the cockles fried rice noodles for us. We even had special orders; Paulina wanted white kway teow (no dark sauce) and I wanted more cockles. It took a very long time before Ross came back with 6 packets of the upsized noodles.

“Wah, the wait is so long ah!”

Ade Poolside Party July 2015

The hero who volunteered to buy our dinner and had no dinner for himself.

Ade Poolside Party July 2015

May came from work and was just in time for dinner.

Ade Poolside Party July 2015

Paulina’s “White” Char Kway Teow.

Ade Poolside Party July 2015

The standard CKT but with extra cockles.
This was a S$4 packet but I did not feel there was extra cockles in them.

I’ve always felt that eating char kway teow on the spot where it is being prepared is tastier. Don’t get me wrong. This CKT was not bad tasting. I had eaten it at the hawker centre with May before. It’s just that the journey back took some time and the noodles had dried out. Still, there’s the lardy, slight wok hei fragrance and it wasn’t too oily. My only grouse besides the weakened temperature was the lack of cockles even though we paid more for it.

From the picture below, you could have guessed we didn’t bring tea-lights and we had to eat and pop wine corks with torchlight apps from our mobile phones. But I didn’t have to see it, I knew I only tasted 2 and to give benefit of doubt, 3 cockles!

Ade Poolside Party July 2015

Oyster Bay Sparkling Cuvée.
“Champagne” after Char Kway Teow???

Sparkling wines and champagnes should be drunk in the beginning but I think we must have finished everything and the girls went out to get more. I’m not going to let any sparkling wine make me throw up. I stuck with less gassy drinks and had the red that Yap brought.

By now, Adrian’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Oh were back from bridge and mahjong games, respectively. Mrs. Oh came to join us. The sweet lady (no pun intended) also brought us Corbeille Goncharoff baked goods!

“How’s the taste?”

“I liked the crumbly pastry but both the white and milk chocolate fillings were a tad too sweet for me.” I quipped. Forever, the demanding one… Sorry! But madame agreed with me 🙂

Ade Poolside Party

Corbeille Goncharoff Baked Goods (yup that’s the name).
Offered here only White and Milk Chocolates.

Ross had disappeared. He had had his fill of indulgence and went to sleep in the car. The rest of us continued to make merry until we heard a loud shout from a disgruntled neighbour. It was already past 1.30am. We’ve been at this since 4pm. It was time to go home. After all, it was midweek. People have to work the next day, you know? Lol…

I thank Adrian for hosting the party, bade his awesome parents and my dear buddies goodbye. May, the non drinker in our group gave me a lift home.

The next day Adrian texted, “I know Sam will be busy because of her grandchild due in August but if can find a date… I’ll do the *Abalone Maggi Mee.” Oh, the good life!

No. 18 Zion Road Fried Kway Teow 炒粿条面
Address: 70 Zion Road,
Singapore 247792.

Happy eating, drinking and bonding 🙂

*Abalone, whether canned or dried, is an expensive food item that required some care (esp. the dried) in preparation. Maggi Mee is the brand name of instant noodles most Singaporean grew up eating. These days, Maggi Mee is said to mean instant noodles although we might use other brands.

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Char Kway Teow Stalls I’ve blogged:


Paulina was picking out all the yellow noodles before eating. I’m sure she would love Penang Char Kway Teow, which is white and has no yellow noodles.
Click here for PENANG CHAR KWAY TEOW 檳城炒粿條 recipe.

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