Light Trail Time Lapse At Marina Coastal Expressway

I am having trouble uploading new photos on Flickr (that’s where I link my blog’s photos) the whole of yesterday but here’s something I would like to share with you – my light trails photos taken last Saturday, compiled into a time lapse video. I think my tripod moved as I could see one of the buildings shifted in position nearer the end of clip, hahaha… Well, now that I got the gist of doing a time lapse, I will go back there one early evening to try to capture the changing hues and this time plant my tripod deeper into the soft ground for stability.

Light trails at Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE).

“The Marina Coastal Expressway (length 5km) is the tenth of Singapore’s network of expressways. Construction for the MCE began in 2008 and was completed at the end of 2013.” – Wikipedia

MCE Trails-7764

Marina Coastal Expressway.

I hope my connection issue with Flickr will be resolved soon.

Happy eating and bonding 😀

2 Responses to “Light Trail Time Lapse At Marina Coastal Expressway”
  1. michael_e says:

    Awesome and fun … ME

    • Sam Han says:

      Awesome and fun and tiring, hahaha… I did mostly time lapse that day. Thanks Michael, hope your weekend was good too. I will try flowers next time. There’s a garden I have yet to visit. I think you will love it 😀

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