Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice @ Katong Shopping Centre

Keef has mentioned he liked Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice in Katong Shopping Centre when I returned to Singapore in 2012. He said the ko lei chye tng (cabbage soup) was good and it came free of charge! 3 years later I’m here with a huge appetite. The queue was long, and that’s a good sign!

Katong Shopping Centre is a shopping mall located along Mountbatten Road in Singapore. Established in 1971 and opened to the public in 1973, it is the first air-conditioned mall in Singapore. – Wikipedia

Delicious Boneless CR @ Katong

Tommy (left), Mark (right) and Alvin playing waiters of the day.
Alvin was still at the stall getting more food!

Delicious Boneless CR @ Katong

We tried to squeeze everything onto one table but it was not enough.
Alvin and I sat at adjoining table to partake our meal.

Delicious Boneless CR @ Katong

More rice please 🙂
The bottom front plate of acar (pickles) with abalone slices was complimentary from the stall owner.

Usually, when we go out eating, the guys would split up the task – one would do the queueing up and ordering, one or more would help to get the sauces, cutleries so that when food came, we could start ‘stying’ and the rest be seated or try to find a table (when extremely busy i.e. lunch time). We managed to be seated outside, quite far away from the stall.

This particular day, Alvin was the one getting the sauces. He took so much the stall helper “chided” him. Alvin told us later that he understood why the stall helper was “frustrated” – there was a long queue and taking all these sauces before our turn would disrupt his workflow of refilling fast enough and holding up patrons who were in front of us. I use quotation marks in the words chided and frustration as it wasn’t an unpleasant or rude encounter but for lack of better vocabulary on my part (my mind is in Hokkien mode now, lol…). I think the owner felt bad and gave us a complimentary acar with Thai-style sweet chilli sauce dressing as a kind gesture of apology for his assistant’s remark. Thank you! 🙂

There were standard freebies that come with the chicken rice meal here i.e. acar and the cabbage soup which Keef raved about. I don’t know how they apportion the free soups but we ordered two types of chicken yesterday, the poached and the roasted and we got another bowl of soup with melon chunks, pork ribs and chicken feet.

Delicious Boneless CR @ Katong

Free Cabbage Soup.

Delicious Boneless CR @ Katong

I like the winter melon soup but when eating chicken rice, cabbage soup seemed more appropriate.
Behind is the complimentary Acar (pickles) we got with quite a lot of abalone slices.
On left was the “oily rice” which is chicken rice cooked with chicken broth and some extra ingredients like ginger and garlic, etc… etc…

Now for the non freebies, hehehe… We ordered the following which cost us a total of under S$55 inclusive of 4 plates of chicken rice.

Delicious Boneless CR @ Katong

Chicken Gizzards and Livers.
I found the gizzards a little “gamey” but I have always preferred livers to gizzards.
I did enjoy the velvety texture of the livers with some chilli sauce and ginger mince.

Delicious Boneless CR @ Katong

Boneless Chicken Feet was succulent and crisp with a hint of sesame oil.

Delicious Boneless CR @ Katong

We found most of dishes that were laden with the same dressing to be a tad on the sweet side (for our taste) so that when we had this blanched Beansprout, the savoury sauce was a welcome change.

Delicious Boneless CR @ Katong

I don’t know why we call this Roast Chicken when it is actually deep-fried.

Delicious Boneless CR @ Katong

Poached or Boiled Chicken.
I like this better than the roast.
The skin was slippery smooth without visible fats.
I had spooned some sauce over the chicken before we started to eat but when dining, I skipped the extra sauce (as I found it sweet) and had chilli sauce mixed with ginger mince and *premium dark soy.
The dark soy for chicken rice is thicker in viscosity and richer in taste than the standard soy we use for cooking.

Review from my pals:
Tommy revealed that it was a different kind of Chicken Rice (CR) experience, “The soups, acar with abalone & beansprout dish stood out more than the chicken itself!” He liked the savoury crunchy beansprout dish most. Mark liked the fried garlic bits on the chicken and loved the chicken feet. Alvin was not blown away by the chicken rice but he was impressed by the generous serving of soup (with lots of ingredients) and acar. I liked the soups, beansprouts, poached chicken sans the dressing sauce and livers. The rice was fluffy but not as fragrant as expected. The chilli sauce was not spicy enough for my taste but better than most other CR stalls. Nevertheless, Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice was the most popular stall judging by the longest queue formed in this tiny basement food court. Overall, we did enjoy our lunch. It was a good thing we sat outside as I reckoned it would be warmer and noisier inside.

And oh! The chicken is not boneless by default, you have to ask for it but I like mine bone-in.

The queue kept building up during lunch time.

The queue kept building up during lunch time.

Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice
Address: #B1-85/87, Katong Shopping Centre,
865 Mountbatten Road.
Singapore 437844.

Opening hours: Closed on Mondays.
Tues – Sun: 10am – 8pm

Tel:(+65) 97896073

P.S. Did you notice we had no drinks? Probably because we had free soups and limited table space, we didn’t order any. So! That was an excuse for round 2. Coming up next post, coffee with nonya kueh 😉

10 Responses to “Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice @ Katong Shopping Centre”
  1. And a good time was had by all …
    Bon appetite … ME

  2. Jljoyjoy says:

    Check out the chicken rice at Thien Kee Steamboat Restaurant, Golden Mile Tower basement. Much better than Katong Shopping Center chicken rice. Katong Shopping Center chicken rice is over rated and over priced, service and attitude really bad.

    • Sam Han says:

      Thank you Jljoyjoy. I have heard a lot about Thien Kee’s chicken rice and steamboat but haven’t had the chance to visit. Thank you for reminding me about this place. I should really make an effort to go. 🙂

  3. TK says:

    $55 for 4 pax is rather expensive. innards, chicken feet and bean sprouts are cheap ingredients so i guess they overcharged on the 2 plates of chicken. If you like chicken rice, then you have to try Sin Kee at 159 Mei Chin Road.

    • Sam Han says:

      I have tried Sin Kee before but it didn’t impress me because there was “raw” chicken smell the last time I ate it. Maybe that’s a one-off thingy but phobia, lol… Is there other lesser known CR you can recommend? Thank you. 🙂

      • TK says:

        Actually it’s true that Sin Kee are not as good as they used to be back in Margaret Drive days. One could even ask for “old mother hen” meat if he/she prefers the traditional hainanese taste. And there wasn’t a need to queue; they would bring the food to your table. Oh well, times have changed and i will only queue up at the Mei Chin stall after lunch hour.

        If you happen to be in Pasir Ris, go to Block 443 Pasir Ris Drive 6 coffee shop, there lies my personal favourite neighbourhood lesser known CR.

        My other favourite CR stalls, if i pass by those areas, are Nam Kee at Upper Thomson, Thien Kee at Golden Mile, and Pow Sing at Serangoon Gardens.

        IMHO, Tian Tian at Maxwell takes the cake for most overhyped and overrated CR.

        • Sam Han says:

          My family also don’t like Tian Tian as my elder one felt the sauce on chicken “slimy”. Lol…

          Nam Kee is Wee Nam Kee? They are no longer at Novena (original shop). I ate at I12 Katong food court.

          Pow Sing I used to go for their nonya food and instead of plain rice, their CR. I haven’t been there for a long time and have been wondering if they are still as good (last eaten more than 10 years ago).

          Thien Kee will be on my list to try but the pne that intrigues me in your post is the Pasir Ris. I will definitely try this first as many people have claimed that there are no good food in Pasir Ris. It is a shame the residents have to go to Tampines or Bedok just to have a decent meal. If you know more good food places in Pasir Ris do let me know Thank you very much for your kind response and foodie information 🙂

      • TK says:

        Ming Kee at Bishan kim san leng coffeeshop and Yishun 925 CR are pretty good as well.

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