Pizza Hut Delivery Singapore

I haven’t eaten pizzas from Pizza Hut in Singapore for the longest time and this round was good although those from Melbourne were undoubtedly better 😀

We had 3 flavours – Hawaiian, Curry Chicken and Chicken Alfredo, tonight.

“Pizza Hut is an American restaurant chain and international franchise, known for pizza and side dishes, it is now corporately known as Pizza Hut, Inc. and is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc., the world’s largest restaurant company.” – Wikipedia

Founded: June 15, 1958, Wichita, Kansas, United States
CEO: David Gibbs
Founders: Dan Carney, Frank Carney

Pizza Hut Delivery


Pizza Hut Delivery

Chicken Alfredo

Pizza Hut Delivery

Curry Chicken

When I shared the photos on my FB account, Justin Choo (JC) asked,” Huh? Pizza hut pizza nice?”

I relied, “This round not bad Justin Choo. We had the “3 large pan” specials for $48.”

JC: “OK thnx. I never been there in over a decade. Last experience was super ahem. Will check it out”.

Me: “I know what you mean ;-)”

You see Singaporeans are picky about their food. Satisfying hunger is a necessity but most want something more than that. Taste and quality are equality important and if they had an “ahem” moment, it could be a lost income for F&B establishments for 10 years!

Whenever people talk about pizzas from Pizza Hut, I would bite my tongue so as not to say anything rude. I have experienced, like JC, a few “ahem” moments with the quality of the ingredients. Ham tasted off on several occasions and I had had enough of Pizza Hut.

The trouble was, my bad opinion of Pizza Hut wasn’t confined to Singapore. When my children ordered pizzas from Pizza Hut in Melbourne, I shuddered. They delivered a wrong half and half we ordered and when we called to tell them, they didn’t question us but promptly delivered the exact order within half an hour. The quality of the ingredients were great! I started to form a bias. Pizza Hut Aussie, good. Pizza Hut Singapore, bleh!

Last night, Valerie texted, “Will anyone be at home to open the door for Pizza Hut Delivery at 9pm?”

I heard myself saying, “Oh no!”

The pizzas came, and of course I had to take photos of them. They were very warm and had no bad smell. In fact, they look luscious! I wanted to eat them immediately but I refrained and put them in the oven to keep warm at 180*C till Ryan and Valerie gets home. Meantime, I sent Vanessa off. She’s heading for Shanghai with Sam P.

Pizza Hut Delivery


Pizza Hut Delivery

Luscious chunks of chicken!

Pizza Hut Delivery

Curry Chicken had a unique curry taste unlike what we usually experience.

Pizza Hut Delivery

Chicken Drumlets – not spicy at all.

Valerie brought out shredded parmesan and chilli flakes from our pantry. Guess that spruce up our dinner a little bit 😀

Pizza Hut Delivery

Large Pan Specials at S$48

I hope they keep up their standards. I had ahem moments and like Justin, I have shunned away from Pizza Hut Singapore for almost a decade, too! But this round sort of change my mind. Not gourmet pizzas but good enough for home delivery

Our bill inclusive of the chicken drumlets ($5.90)

Our bill inclusive of the chicken drumlets totalled: S$57.40

Pizza Hut Delivery
Tel: (+65) 62353535

Happy eating 😀

P.S. This and the next few posts are scheduled. I have left for Segamat in Johor Bahru for macro photography. My friend asked, “Will you be climbing Mount Ophir?”

What mountain??? What have I signed up for? This is definitely a year of mountain trekking for me! I’m still injured – my knee is not fully recovered from Pantai Glagah (3 weeks ago) which you will find out in the next few posts.

2 Responses to “Pizza Hut Delivery Singapore”
  1. Too many pizza places in Florida …
    the Boss and I choose to use local Mom and Pop
    as opposed to chain stores.
    Once a month whether we need it or not…
    Love, hugs and think Italian … ME and the Boss

    • Sam Han says:

      We do not have Mom and Pop pizza shops, only chains or gourmet Italian eateries, so we’re rather limited. Glad you’re bonding over pizzas, hahaha 😀

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