Awesome And Magical Mt. Bromo! – Part 3

We started at 3am on the last morning of our trip (25th January 2015), this time to shoot star trail but the sky was cloudy, not a perfect condition but the flickering lights in the distance were awesome! I couldn’t get all 61 frames into this short video but here’s what I could squeezed in.

*This is supposed to be part 4 (and Final) of my Mt. Bromo trip but I don’t have the software to render the time-lapse clips which I took while the others in my group did more model shoot. I’ll post them when I get them done in future.

Immediately after the dawn, almost blurring out the morning blue hour (it was there but I nearly missed it), a magical hue of reds and mists started to dance on my right.

Mount Bromo

This scene was my right.
Recap: Starting from the one in the very front is Gunung Batok, Gunung Bromo (the one on left with vapour coming out of its crater), behind is Gunung Semeru and to the right is Gunung Widodaren.
Gunung means mountain in bahasa Indonesian.
Mount Bromo last erupted on 28th January 2011.

Mount Bromo

And so I turned to my left where the source was and saw the most glorious!

Mount Bromo

I was getting pretty excited to witness the colours changing hue.
The blue hour was just about to end and I’d missed it.

Mount Bromo

Don’t you agree that this was awesome and magical???
I’ve never seen anything so mystical like the vermillion clouds and misty village that looked like Chinese art painting!

Mount Bromo

The red sky lasted quite a while before making way for a bright sun shiny day!

Mount Bromo

Mountain village – Cemoro Lawang.

Mount Bromo

After breakfast at the hotel, we went to Mount Bromo!
See the little specks on the lower third on far left?
Those are jeeps and people!
I’m atop Mount Bromo!

Mount Bromo

And this was how far I had to climb for the shots.
Vanessa cheered me on, “You’ve made it mom!!!”
I nearly died!

Mount Bromo

The crater of Mount Bromo.
Yes! I’ve made it! 😀

Mount Bromo

Now you didn’t think I had walked from the where the jeeps parked all the way to the peak of Mt. Bromo did you? Lol…
Still the climb was about 20 storeys high from where I started. Once is enough!

This photography outing was the first hiking trip Vanessa and I shared. We had quality time bonding over our common interests – chasing moments and pushing pixels!

Happy traveling and bonding 😀

7 Responses to “Awesome And Magical Mt. Bromo! – Part 3”
  1. daniellajoe says:

    Absolutely beautiful photography Sam, that sky blew me away, thanks for the trip 🙂

  2. Awesome … children can be a mountain of joy … at times …
    Love, hugs and keep on pixeling… ME

  3. Josephine Li says:

    Hi which tour did you go with? 🙂 And what camera are you using to shoot all these awesome photos?

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