Awesome And Magical Mt. Bromo! – Part 2

By the time you read this, I should be in the bus on the way to scale another mountain. This time to Sungei Lembing in Pahang, Malaysia, where food has been promised to be much better but let’s not jump the gun. Back to Mount Bromo. Day 2…

Before the not so happening breakfast back at the hotel, we journeyed to the Sea of Sand at the foothills of the mountains called “Whispering Sands”. There was “Human Interest” session where a local model was engaged for portrait shoots (2 sessions one before breakfast and another after lunch).

Mount Bromo

This “human interest” was a hot itinerary amongst the guys in the group. Lol…
They kept inching forward like guerrillas in a battle for the best spot.

Mount Bromo

Vanessa also took to it and so I tried my hand, too.
I am terrible at portraits but what the heck!

Mount Bromo

Well, here’s my take of the Bromo sleeping beauty 😀

Mount Bromo

I think I did better with this shot.

Mount Bromo

I’m imagining wild wild west with the theme “The good, the bad and the ugly” playing in my head, hahaha…

Mount Bromo

The sheer vastness of this land and the giant mountains kept me in awe!

Mount Bromo

I literally leapt with joy when we were going back to the hotel!
I’ve been denied nature’s call for almost 12 hours now!

The journey back was most welcome as some rest after brekkie was promised. We had been out since 2am and it was 10.30am before we finally settled down for our morning meal.

Bromo Food

The usual fare of breakfast serve – one rice and noodle dish and the live station of eggs.

Bromo Food

Adequate for sustenance but we didn’t come here for the food! 😀

Back at the hotel, we had some time after breakfast and before the afternoon photography session began so I roamed the grounds of the resort where we stayed. There’s an idyllic farm right next to us.

Mount Bromo

Isn’t this idyllic?

Mount Bromo

I asked the steward how I could go about to this place and he directed me.

Mount Bromo

This is so cool!
We don’t get to see this type of scenery or natural environment in Singapore

Mount Bromo

It was almost sacred to enter this surreal environment, uncorrupted by city dwellers.

Mount Bromo

If I had wings, I’ll fly away like these 3 little “dickie” birds 😀

Happy traveling and bonding 😀

6 Responses to “Awesome And Magical Mt. Bromo! – Part 2”
  1. Lignum Draco says:

    Sounds like you’re enjoying getting back to nature.

    But why is everyone so far away from the model in your first shot. Much better to put on a prime 50mm lens and stand about 1- 2 metres away from her, I think. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Sam Han says:

      We were doing star trails and sunrise earlier (since 2am), all weren’t expecting a model shoot. Change of plans midway (we were supposed to go back to the hotel first) and so most had to make do with long lens only but some were prepared and took along prime lens. They had beautiful portrait shots. I am not good with portraits so I took pics of the shooters instead 😀

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