Cafe Colbar

ColBar stands for Colonial Bar, which opened for business in 1953 as a canteen for the old British Army in the barracks located in Jalan Hang Jebat. Today, the rustic charm remains and you can even bring your pet dog along for lazy weekend brunch. Their current place at Wessex Village Square, retained the rather “ulu” character from its former premise – the Malay word similar to “laid back” or more accurately, remote! 😀


There’s an ancient looking weighing scale behind me.
I remember that there’s a model that dispensed fortune tickets and I would go weigh myself daily after school just to know my fortune 😀


This is where you place your orders.
Oh look! They’ve brought their old address sign along to this new premise.


Inside seating does not offer air-conditioned comfort.


So we sat out which seemed less claustrophobic to me.


Benny ordered a Fried Rice Special S$8 – which he didn’t rave.


Chicken Nuggets and Chips S$6.50 – both items are not essential on my makan menu.
I think sweet chillie sauce is a must when eating these. Otherwise I wouldn’t even touch them as I’m not a fan of these.


Poached Egg on Toast – S$6.50
Looked dry. Tasted dry and bland.
I had to sprinkle salt on them. The white pepper powder didn’t help either. They clumped into a blotch on the eggs.


This place has a very simple set-up and there’s nothing outstanding in the food we had that day.

A few readers from my Facebook Page recommended their Chicken Curry. Perhaps we had ordered all the wrong dishes (including my tea, not good) but I’m not in a hurry to go back.

Cafe Colbar
Address: 9A Whitchurch Road,
Singapore 138839.

Tel: +65 67794859

Opening hours: Closed on Mondays
Tue – Sun: 11am – 8.30pm

P.S. Although I said I’m not in a hurry to go back there, I will, just to try their chicken curry. And if that also fails me, I’m writing it off. This place is not public transport friendly.

Happy eating and bonding 😀

6 Responses to “Cafe Colbar”
  1. I believe this is the first “No Return” that I have seen you review.
    I was beginning to believe that you liked all food, everywhere, anytime, all the time.
    Pray that I hit the lottery … would love to give my opinion of a meal in Singapore…

    • Sam Han says:

      Lol… Michael, there were a few posts that I did not like the food but enjoyed the staff’s service. Always great to hear from you and I’ll be praying that you hit the lottery too! Would love to share a meal with meal 😀

  2. Food Esteem says:

    I have been there once and didn’t really find their food quite favorable. But environment wise is indeed unique – peaceful with rustic feel.

    • Sam Han says:

      Did you try their raved chicken curry? I may go back to try it. A few readers in facebook highly recommend that dish. Other than that, one experience of the place is enough for me. I prefer the food in Jubilee Coffee House and Bar in Changi 😀

  3. Lignum Draco says:

    The food doesn’t look that tasty, despite your good photography of them.

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