Rich & Good Cake Shop With An Attitude!

Quote taken from yesterday’s post:

Hmmm… Oh well, I’m definitely going back to get some strawberry and coffee rolls from Mdm Lily Liu!

You interested, Benny?!!

I wasn’t very sure about the nagging feeling… Did I really liked it or was it just a fleeting temptation? I had to find out! So Benny and I went there for other flavours.

Rich & Good Cake Shop

It is quite difficult to find a car parking lot.

Rich & Good Cake Shop

Simple menu of few variations showed that Rich & Good specialises in Swiss Rolls.

Rich & Good Cake Shop

We bought 6 boxes of Swiss Rolls with flavours (some repeat): Chocolate, Coffee, Durian, Mandarin Orange and Mango (x2).

Rich & Good Cake Shop

Chocolate – S$7

Rich & Good Cake Shop

Durian – S$8

Rich & Good Cake Shop

There’s no durian pulp in the roll but the fragrance was strong (I could smell it, too), according to this taster.

Rich & Good Cake Shop

Mango came with chopped fruits.
I had a very thin slice and I liked this best even though it is not sweet.

Rich & Good Cake Shop

Coffee – S$7
On the left is Mandarin Orange – S$8

Rich & Good Cake Shop

Mandarin Orange had some pulpy fruits but the taste is again bland.

Rich & Good Cake Shop

Benny enjoying the slice of Mango roll.
Both Benny and I did not try the Durian but we definitely liked the Mango, all 3 of us.

First and foremost, I would like to amend that Josh was the one who bought the Kaya Swiss Roll yesterday to share with Sejong’s admin but it was on Zhen Ren’s table so I assumed it belonged to her. Lesson learnt: Never assume or presume 😉 So, it’s thank you, Josh! 😀

And now moving forward…

The shopfront was a tiny space cordoned off by a table for servicing walk-in customers. The shop was filled with rows and rows of rolls!!! Business is definitely brisk even though there was no queue at the time we were there.

I wonder if that, good business, is a reasonable excuse for the staff to be rude, (okay, I’ll be lenient) impatient! I have not finished telling them my orders and the server walked away after putting some boxes on the table, and the cashier had already punched in the bill, 6 boxes! I’d asked for 2 mango, 1 durian, 1 chocolate, 1 coffee and then there was an extra chocolate in my package which I had not placed an order for, but Benny had already paid for all of us midway through ordering, as the cashier was heaving a huge sigh when I asked for split billing.

I didn’t want chocolate, I had strawberry in mind and in a haste to “get out of her way”, I blurted Mandarin Orange. That would cost me a dollar more and I was almost waiting for her to scream at me for being troublesome. She said “no receipt will be given.” Duh! Who can I claim from? So no receipt posted here 😦

Are you following my rant? Lol… Don’t worry, Im confused, too! 😉

Accordingly, the Kaya and Durian are the signature flavours (heard it from the grapevine). The kaya did not impress me as I mentioned yesterday that the texture and taste was not what I am accustomed to or expect of the traditional rich egg custard (kaya) but I would never know of the durian’s roll as I am officially sworn off that fruit since the last time I tried (click here to see my post). I’ll just have to take my friend’s word that it is good and I like to think he has pretty good tastebuds.

I did not try the chocolate flavour as Benny brought that home for his wifey – she loves chocolate! I wonder if it is good. Must ask Benny about it but whatever the answer is I do not think I will make purposeful trips to buy any of these rolls anymore because my boxes of Mandarin Orange and Coffee did not fare well. The coffee buttercream filling hardened after refrigeration (had one slice this morning) and I had to (and could literally) break the bland coffee-free tasting cream off my sponge.

After tasting the swiss rolls, I confirmed that I only like the sponge and not the fillings. I supposed these would be very suitable for those on “sugar-free” diet.

Rich & Good Cake Shop

Rich & Good Cake Shop but poor staff attitude!
I am not the only one saying… Just ask anyone who has visited the shop personally.
Some comments on my FB walls went: “Staff very snobbish. Impatient when taking orders” and “Sometimes the staff very attitude one”.
Yup! Encountered that already!

Rich & Good Cake Shop
Address: 24 Kandahar Street,
Singapore 198887.

Tel:6294 3324

Happy weekends ahead! 😀

Yesterday’s post:
Rich & Good Cake Shop

2 Responses to “Rich & Good Cake Shop With An Attitude!”
  1. Iris says:

    Don’t like food nazis. Haha 🙂

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