Rich & Good Cake Shop

Yesterday, I had an appointment with a visiting Indonesian friend. We knew we were going to meet after 3pm but we did not know where and when exactly. He had several meetings and could not be contacted when I left the house. Since I was early, I went to Sejong Korean Language School. In the admin office, I saw a box of swiss roll. The cake belonged to Zhen Ren but I unabashedly told her I want to take photos of her cake. She let me have my ways, such a sweetie 🙂

I wasn’t really interested in eating it because we (Ryan, Valerie and I) just had lunch. Besides, I had swiss roll from Polar Puff (bought from Esso gas station) the morning before but Valerie convinced me that Mdm Lily Liu from Rich & Good Cake Shop sells traditional swiss roll like no other. So I asked Zhen Ren if I could have one piece. No one had eaten it yet, how dare I ask 😉

Rich & Good Cake shop

No fancy pancy decoration on all the different flavoured rolls.
There’s Blueberry, Chocolate, Coffee, and Strawberry for sale at S$7 a roll.
And then there’s Durian, Kaya, Mandarin Orange, and Mango sold at S$8 a roll.
Did someone mention Green Tea with Red Beans flavour, too?

Rich & Good Cake shop

Kaya Swiss Roll – S$8

Rich & Good… Is it really? IMHO, the swiss roll wasn’t as Rich as I expected but the overall taste balanced out quite nicely. The moist sponge was velvety soft, had tender and mildly springy bite to it – a wonderful mouthfeel. The kaya although fragrant, was not the rich type that we get from kaya toasts. It was unruffled in texture unlike the coarser grainy lemak pandan kaya I had come to expect from traditional bakeshops and kopitiams. I had the cheek to complain to Zhen Ren (after robbing her the privilege of having the first slice) that the cake was not sweet enough! Pardon? Haha… (sheepishly) but do ignore me as I admit that this past year, my penchant for sugar has soared. As for Good, two thumbs up! Two thumbs up was given after some consideration on hindsight – now actually when I am doing this post because I am missing it. I think I do like it. Do I???

Hmmm… Oh well, I’m definitely going back to get some strawberry and coffee rolls from Mdm Lily Liu!

You interested, Benny?!!

Rich & Good Cake Shop

Rich & Good uses durians like D24 and MSW when they are in season to make the creamy filling for the durian rolls but I’ll skip. Any takers?

Rich & Good Cake Shop
Address: 24 Kandahar Street,
Singapore 198887.

Tel:6294 3324

Happy discovering 🙂

Oh, thank you Zhen Ren for this delicious treat 😀

2 Responses to “Rich & Good Cake Shop”
  1. There is a correlation between alcohol (made from fermented sugars)
    consumption and sugar from food intake. When one limits the alcohol intake
    the sweets consumption begins to rise. The body trains our minds so well.
    Love, hugs and sweets for the sweets. ME and the Boss

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