The Coastal Settlement

The first time I got to hear about The Coastal Settlement (TCS) was my very first photography outing in April 6th 2013 (Saturday), “When 19’s Not A Crowd!” This place, therefore, had some sentimental value for me in my hobbyist photography journey.

I was one of the appointed hosts. Yup, Semi is moi 😀 but Benny Ng and Washiyama Sen put in the most effort in coordinating this outing. Eugene Lim was one of the host but he had another event to attend to on that day so I did not get a chance to meet him but there will be other sessions.

The venue was set at The Coastal Settlement – an informal dining restaurant that offers Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, not forgetting aromatic coffees and alcoholic drinks (Happy Hours) from their cafe and bar as well.

Benny picked me up at my place at the appointed time except I was late. On the road, we took a wrong turn… still we were on time if not ahead when we arrived. A table for 15 had been reserved but in due time as the other members trickled in, we were split into 2 groups.

After the ice breaking introduction and polite chit chatting, the late lunches started streaming in and like a bee to the blossom or moth to the flame, my camera flirted among the tables.” – Semi Han (The Bonding Tool)

This year I went to TCS twice! Both times to take a break from my mundane weekdays and to escape Singapore’s humid weather. The latest visit was last week, 22nd October 2014, Deepavali Day, itself. It rained relentlessly that day and I was supposed to go for street photography in Little India. I didn’t want to get caught in the rain again and so I cancelled my outing. As if knowing that I had become free for the afternoon, a friend called to ask for coffee and I suggested The Coastal Settlement, a place I hope she would enjoy (as much as I did my previous trips) for its location offered tranquility not found in the city.

The Coastal Settlement

There are a few Beetles in the premise.

The Coastal Settlement

Tranquil settings that make you forget you’re in Singapore.

The Coastal Settlement

Old shutters that can only be seen in pre-war houses these days.

The Coastal Settlement

Service trays of the past cleverly made into lampshades to accompany the Davy lamp which I remembered being used in my grandma’s house.

The Coastal Settlement

Paraphernalia from the past.

The Coastal Settlement

Remember to look up when you’re there.
There’s lots of interesting things hanging on the ceiling.

The Coastal Settlement

I know these so well 🙂

The Coastal Settlement

This Chinese tea-set I totally dig!
I have a similar set at home which I used daily when living in Subang, Malaysia.

The Coastal Settlement

These were the type of furniture we had when we shifted from the kampong (village) to our very first HDB flats in the early 70s.
I remembered Dad sand-papering the skeletal frame of the wooden settee and re-varnishing them as CNY draws near each year until plush fabric-upholstered and leather sofas were introduced into Singapore.

The Coastal Settlement

Happy hours available at TCS.

The Coastal Settlement

If you practise teetotalism, a cup of java might provide you some high 😉

I didn’t want to be biased as there were some hits and misses in my previous encounter but I did like the Truffle Fries and Calamari Rings I had on my latest visit (was it the company I had? Don’t worry girls I’m still straight), so I decided to take two strangers’ reviews from Yelp Singapore (below):

“The food was so-so.

The prices are quite high considering this place is in the middle of nowhere. Then again, if you come here you probably drove and so can afford it.

The wagyu beef pizza was not bad: the beef was quite tender (even if less than what I expect from wagyu – then again since even Mos Burger can give you Wagyu Beef that name doesn’t mean anything nowadays). The Five Cheese pizza was okay. The pizza in general has a really thin crust – your mileage may vary.

The portobello fries were interesting, even if the name was misleading – they’re cut like wedges, and rather more moist than fries should be. Not quite enough truffle mayo was served with them.

The Nasi Lemak was bad. The chicken was flavorless and greasy with a weird stringy batter. The rice lacked taste and the sambal was flat. The prawns were okay but seemingly not seasoned. The sole saving grace was the ikan bilis which was quite crispy and very large.

Come here for the ambiance (won’t rave about it as I don’t go for that kinda stuff), or if you want to bring dogs: it’s very dog-friendly – but not for the food (or price).” – Gabrielle S

“Awesome location. Looks like I’m heading into a night safari and suddenly out pops a restaurant.

And a damn good restaurant I might add.

Based on the recommendations, I ordered the truffle fries, a pizza: we chose the half and half and went with the wagyu beef and garlic prawn. We also ordered a pot of mussel and clams.

Not disappointed. Its expensive but the food is great. I haven’t had food like this in ages…..

The truffle fries came good and crispy with an accompanying dip.
My highlight of the day was the pizza… It wasn’t just the toppings…it was the cheese man. Its all about the cheese. Oozing and soft and with the right balance of dough…I should’ve just had the magherita…

The wagyu beef and mushrooms was awesome…and filling!
I recommend sharing…if you want to that is.
The pot of clams and mussels were a pleasant surprise.
Weren’t…fishy? Is that the word to describe it and of course, no sand.
I always hated biting into a piece of sand…

The only spoilers was a lone fruit fly hovering around my clams and pizza plus being hassled by the service staff to order fast and to quickly get our orders moving because they’re closing……at 9.20pm

So yeah.

Overall food awesome. Setting awesome….great music too.” – Joan C

The Coastal Settlement

Photo taken by Benny Ng who has become quite a great event photographer!

The Coastal Settlement

I had a great time that afternoon and I think it is the company that makes a difference to the overall dining experience 🙂

The Coastal Settlement

Spending time with pals over a cuppa no matter how short the time is should be treasured.
Time flies and we may never walk this way again.

The Coastal Settlement

Ice lemon tea is a drink that is “fail-proof”.

The Coastal Settlement

The kitchen had not started the mains during the afternoon we were there so we had some finger food.
Calamari had a hint of sweet paprika although I’m not sure if that was it.

The Coastal Settlement

Truffle Fries – portion was more than enough for two.
The earthy essential oils pulled through and I liked it.

The Coastal Settlement

I seldom eat fries not to say the least dip them in sauces but the bright mustard coloured dip, what is it – aioli?

The Coastal Settlement

Need a break badly but can’t afford the time to fly away?
Head down to this retro yet hip place, right here in the far eastern side of Singapore.

The Coastal Settlement

The Coastal Settlement

The Coastal Settlement
Address: 200 Netheravon Road,
Singapore 508529.

Tel:+65 6475 0200

Opening hours: (Closed on Mondays)
Tues- Sun: 10.30am – 9.45pm

Happy bonding 🙂

Click here to see my very first visit to TCS and my initiation into photography “When 19’s Not A Crowd!” 🙂

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  1. Like … the company is always important …
    ME and the Boss

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