Eggs Benedict & Gordon Ramsay’s Hollandaise Recipes

Remember Chef Sam who cooked Chicken Roulade (recipe link below) for us last year? Well, he’s “graduated” to cooking breakfasts and suppers for us, too! Hahaha…


A pagoda of Butter and Cheddar Sandwich with slices of pan-fried Luncheon Meat at the bottom of plate.


Toasts with butter and cheddar.
Grill till cheese melts.


Not just for breakfast but all day.
We had these for supper.


We loved the unruly looking whites.


Spoon as much Hollandaise sauce as you desire.


Top the bread with any cold cuts, crispy bacon, smoked salmon or none of it.
Sprinkle some coarse ground black pepper or chopped fresh chives if you have some.

Recipe for Eggs Benedict (serves 2):
Ingredients for Eggs Benedict:
4 large Eggs, must be fresh.
2-3 tablespoons Distilled Vinegar (can use flavoured vinegar or substitute with lemon juice, it should work).
2 slices bread of your choice (baguette, ciabatta, English muffins, French loaf slices).
Some cold cuts, bacon or smoked salmon (we used pan-fried spam or luncheon meat). If you’re cooking this as a treat for someone special, a spoonful of caviar may just do the trick 😉

Method for Eggs Benedict:
1. In a deep saucepan, bring 2 litres of water to the boil and add the vinegar (or lemon juice). Break the eggs into 2 separate small bowls (or one at a time into the bowl just before cooking while waiting for water to “re-boil”).

2. Slice whatever bread you are using (we used baguette and ciabatta on different occasions). Spread each half with unsalted butter and a slice of tasty cheddar (optional) and toast them till cheese melts. Warm some plates using hot water and dry off or keep them in oven’s warming drawer.

3. When the pot of water begins to “roll” (not fast boiling), swirl the vinegared water briskly to form a vortex and slide in an egg. It will curl round and set to a neat round shape. Cook for 2-3 mins, then remove with a slotted spoon. Cook one egg at a time, re-swirling the water as you slide in the egg.

4. Spread some butter on each half of the bread, add a slice of ham (smoked salmon, bacon, etc… we used pan-fried luncheon meat), then top with an egg. Spoon over the hollandaise and serve at once.

Basic Hollandaise Recipe by Gordon Ramsay:

Ingredients for Hollandaise Sauce:
*500ml White Wine Vinegar
1 tablespoon Peppercorn
1 bunch Tarragon
3 large fresh Egg Yolks (60g and above)
200ml melted and skimmed unsalted butter
A squeeze of fresh Lemon Juice

*The recipe says “500ml White Wine Vinegar” which seemed way too much! I think it could be a typo (50ml more likely) but I would suggest using 1 – 2 tablespoons of White Wine Vinegar instead.

Method for Hollandaise:
1. Boil the vinegar together with peppercorns and tarragon, reduce by half. Strain and reserve.

2. Boil a large pan of water, then reduce to a simmer. Using a large balloon whisk, beat together the yolks and 2 tsp of the reduced wine vinegar in a heatproof bowl that fits snugly over the pan.

3. Beat vigorously until the mixture forms a foam, but make sure that it doesn’t get too hot. To prevent the sauce from overheating, take it on and off the heat while you whisk, scraping around the sides with a plastic spatula. The aim is to achieve a golden, airy foam (called a sabayon), which forms ribbons when the whisk is lifted.

4. Whisk in a small ladle of the warmed butter, a little at a time, then return the bowl over a gentle heat to cook a little more. Remove from the heat again and whisk in another ladle of butter. Repeat until all the butter is incorporated and you have a texture as thick as mayonnaise. Finally, whisk in lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste plus a little warm water from the pan if the mixture is too thick.

* Plan to cook beef or salmon steaks the same day and keep leftover sauce for them. Yummy!

Curdling Tip:
If the sauce mixture starts to ‘split’ or curdle, immediately scrape the mixture into a clean bowl and whisk in 1 tbsp ice-cold water, then continue whisking in the remaining butter just a ladleful at a time.

Baker & Cook

My big breakfast of Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon from Baker & Cook.

Credits: Our meals were cooked by Chef Sam Poh. Hollandaise Sauce Recipe posted here is by Gordon Ramsay and is NOT what we had but the ingredients and method are similar.

Photographs of Eggs Benedict by Vanessa of Please visit her site for mostly fashion and other miscellaneous photography 🙂 All other photographs and post processing by me.

Happy cooking, eating and bonding 🙂

See Sam’s Chicken Roulade Recipe here:
Meet Sam Poh And Fall In Love At First Bite!

7 Responses to “Eggs Benedict & Gordon Ramsay’s Hollandaise Recipes”
  1. daniellajoe says:

    Sam i am really jealous now lol, i have always loved eggs benedict 🙂 Enjoy!!!

  2. Scott says:

    woah – you mean 50ml not 500ml of white wine vinegar???? Surely

  3. Haranii says:

    Thanks for the recipe. Been meaning to try this but nost recipes makes it seem super involved. This seems simple. Btw in the recipe ingredients section for the eggs it says 4 eggs instead of the 2 (for serving). Typo, no?

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