You Will Always Be My Love!

Actions speak louder than words. Ryan’s determined love and patience finally won the heart of my precious Valerie. Here’s 2 videos to share the courtship and marriage of Ryan and Valerie.

Ryan & Valerie's Wedding

Ryan & Valerie registered their marriage on the 9th October 2014.
Photo courtesy of Kyung Hoon.

The first video tells the story of how Ryan first noticed Valerie and immediately fell in love with her. Time and distance did not deter him and finally, true love prevailed!

Falling in love is the easy part. Planning the wedding… Well that’s a different thing 😉

On the wedding day itself, our program went something like this:

The Bridesmaids also known locally as The Sister Troop arrived the night before and stayed with us.

At 5am, I began cooking tea for the bride’s parents tea ceremony, using the dried goods, “pin li” or presents given to us by the groom’s family presented during Guo Da Li in “I’m getting married in the morning” post.

Ryan & Valerie's Wedding

Hair & Bridal Make-up.

The Groom and his Brother Troop came to our place but they weren’t allowed to come up, not yet. They were downstairs of our condominium, planning their tactics on how to negotiate terms and conditions from the Sister Troop for the “gate crashing” aka “block the door”. This obstacle course process was to last a short time but Valerie’s sisters were brutal, hahaha… (see video below).

While the boys were preparing for war, I veiled Valerie. She had to remain in her room until her groom pass the tests set out by her sisters. Only after Ryan and his brothers have passed the obstacle course would he be allowed to come upstairs. That’s when more obstacles awaits, for example the haggling of bridesmaids’ hongbao. It was only when everyone from our side was appeased that Ryan got into the room to lift Valerie’s veil.

Ryan & Valerie's Wedding

I guess every mother in the world would think her child makes the most beautiful bride.
I am no exception.

Ryan & Valerie's Wedding

By early noon, Valerie changed into her hanbok and left for Ryan’s home where his parents, grandparents and uncle (they had flew in from Korea), to serve them sweet tea and do the customary Korean bow.

Ryan & Valerie's

Photo courtesy of Ryan’s grandfather.
Valerie’s new dad, Harry and mom, Sally.
Does “When Harry Met Sally”ring a bell?
They love her to bits, but please keep her in one piece, hehehe…

Ryan & Valerie's Wedding

Then it is back to our home to serve us tea.
As we are Chinese, Valerie changed out of her hanbok and got dressed into Cheongsam.

Valerie’ dad was overwhelmed but I guess he has to learn that his little princess has grown into a young woman. Ryan’s promise and his past actions has also made us confident that he will continue to treat her well.

“Ryan, I am proud and comforted to have you as a son even though you gave us burgers (and no traditionally required roast whole pigs) for lunch this afternoon, lol!” 😀

Afterwards, we adjourned (with our suits and dresses) to Parkroyal On Pickering Hotel where the dinner banquet was held. We were given a day room and bridal suite. My make-up artist was there waiting for me.

By 6pm, Ryan and Valerie served tea to our other relatives at the hotel. At 6.30pm, cocktails started flowing as our invited guests arrived.

Dinner started at 7pm and everyone stayed till the end, with some lingering longer. Kyung and Chris emcee-ed the programs while Vanessa with the help of the bridesmaid and best men ran the behind scene. Everything went smoothly with glitches unnoticed, if any.

Kyung did some amazing dances and beat-boxing which wowed the guests! Ryan’s dad and uncles (they brought their guitars along from Korea) sang two Korean songs for the newly wedded. The first song was specially written and composed by Ryan’s uncles. Thank you!

My mom and dad were happy as lark, of course! 🙂

Weddings are important since they are a higher form of happiness in commitment. A wedding celebrates life and possibility!

The real act of marriage takes place in the heart, not in the ballroom or church or synagogue. It’s a choice you make – not just on your wedding day, but over and over again – and that choice is reflected in the way you treat your husband or wife.

Below, the video showed some (there were more actually) obstacles the groom’s best men had to go through – eating raw bitter gourds stuffed with coffee paste (some of the boys had reflux and gagged throughout the day), searching for red toothpick in a bucket of ice water, eating chilli paste as punishment for incomplete assignments, etc… etc… All the boys had diarrhoea at least once that day. The things you’d do for your best friend, the groom. Some were ill and had to see their doctors the next day. The perils of marrying a Chinese wife 😉

Ryan & Valerie's Wedding

Thank you everyone, the best men, the bridesmaids, friends and relatives for sharing our joy this day!
Photo courtesy of Cannice, my make-up and hair artist.
The traditional costume I had donned on was a kebaya fastened with a 3-piece kerongsang and kain batik. It was appropriate since my grandma hailed from Indonesia.

Ryan & Valerie's Wedding

The Wedding Bouquet.
It is the time you have squandered for your rose that makes your rose so important.

Big big thank you to all the bridesmaids; Vanessa, Tammy, Joce, Beth, Fuyi, Shumei and Marcus (Marcus is not a maid of course but he’s Valerie’s very good brother since secondary days) and best men; Kyung Hoon, Sam Poh, Chris Kim, Trent Ng, Jeff Lam, Si Kai, Daryl Ong, Donavan Auyong and Zhen Hao, who went through incredible tasks to make this day possible for their good friends, Ryan & Valerie.

Special thanks to Sebbie Tan for drawing (within one week) and making the first video possible. Thank you istudio for making and editing the wedding day video on the spot so that our banquet guests can get to view the day’s activities.

I would also like to thank Raymond, the banquet manager, for his attentive help during the dinner. He did more than what is required to make my children relax and look awesome. Thank you Chef Ivan for the delicious meal that my friends gave feedback with their thumbs up! Thank you Parkroyal on Pickering Hotel (reception/front desk needs to buck up though) for making this day a wonderful memory for us.

There are lots of photos but they will only be ready in 3 weeks’ time. Photos above were taken by me unless otherwise stated and credits go to the respective photographers. I hope you have enjoyed the videos. Thanks for taking this ride with me!

Happy bonding 🙂

See Ryan and Valerie’s pre-wedding process here:

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The Honeymoon:
God Made A Swimming Pool None Can Rival!

16 Responses to “You Will Always Be My Love!”
  1. Beautiful … ME and the Boss

  2. Wishing Ryan and Valerie all the happiness and bright future.Blissful post.

  3. renxkyoko says:

    Awwwwwwww ! And I love the comics video ! !

  4. Lignum Draco says:

    Congratulations to the couple, and I’m glad it all went well.

    Of course, I always thought the toughest obstacle was the mother of the bride. 🙂

  5. wingedprisms says:

    Aww. congratulations to you all! Such a wonderful thing to hear about the traditions of marriage – wonderful post.

  6. Christo says:

    Congratulations to Valerie and Ryan. Valerie’s looks stunning in her bridal outfit and you look amazing too Sam. The courtship video was lovely.

  7. Angie Ng says:

    I am truly touched by your post Sam! My best heartfelt wishes goes to the couple Valerie & Ryan and you are indeed a blessed mother of all. Congratulations once again ^^ Angie

  8. dtong1068 says:

    Sam, that was such a beautiful video (by far the best I’ve seen) of Valerie and Ryan…., things that a guy has to go through to get married in Singapore … …oh and his friends too, no wonder they say, “choose your friend wisely”~~~David Tong

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