Nana Teh Tarik @ Killiney Road

It was about 2am in the morning when Vanessa came in to ask if I wanted to join them for supper.

“What are you going to have?”

“Roti prata.”

“At Upper Bukit Timah?” I was thinking that that was the only 24 hours operating place near our house. The other at River Valley was nearby too but I didn’t like the way they had tweaked traditional Indian fare to suit their mostly western expatriates’ tastes – sweetened curries.

“Nope, we are going to Somerset (in Orchard Road).”

New place to me although I’m sure Nana Teh Tarik has been operating there for some time.

Nana Teh Tarik

Nana Teh Tarik at Killiney Road.

Nana Teh Tarik

Teh Halia Tarik (pulled tea with ginger).

Nana Teh Tarik

Cheese and Chicken Murtabak.
Murtabak shares the same dough as Roti Prata but has fillings in them.
There are several choices (savoury i.e. chicken, lamb and sardines; sweet i.e. banana & chocolate, etc… etc…) to choose from.

Nana Teh Tarik

Melted cheese makes this dish so rich and flavoursome.

Nana Teh Tarik

Coin Prata (6 pcs).
Super loved these – crispy and doughy; superb with the two curry gravies on the serving tray!

Nana Teh Tarik

Roti John with Chicken.

While eating Roti John, I asked Ryan if he’d heard the story of its origin. He shook his head and that gave me a chance to share more of my childhood stories.

‘Roti’ is the Malay word for any bread-based food, including sandwiches and pancakes. The origin of ‘John’ in the name is allegedly due to a western man asking for a hamburger. The Malay street vendor in the early Singapore days did not know a hamburger is, but proceeded to make a sandwich with scraps of chicken meat, omelet and onions he had on hand from the description the western man gave. The Malay vendor then laced the pan-fried omelet baguette (no hamburger buns then) with tomato ketchup. The westerner loved it and approved its modification. The Malay asked the westerner for his name. You guessed right! John. From then on, this sandwich dish is called Roti John (John’s bread).

Well, the story may not be true but it made interesting conversation among us. My stories and myths never fail to elicit giggles and the word “lame” from my children 😉

Nana Teh Tarik

Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis (Fried Rice with crispy Anchovies).
Best loved dish besides the coin pratas.

Nana Teh Tarik

Nasi Goreng Chicken (Fried Rice with Chicken).
Not the one Ryan wanted.
This, however, was not the fault of the waiter as Ryan did not know the name of the fried rice dish he had previously here and could only described it.

Our bill totalled S$45.80

Our bill totalled S$45.80

I must say that the food and service were commendable. The wait staff was friendly and tried their best to cater to our needs. There was only one table with two men eating and after them, it was just us. Perhaps it was the reason we got more attention. They also printed proper receipt for me when I asked for one coz usually, these type of joints would scribble the prices on a wad of papers and show to the customers, that’s their billing system, hehehe…

After a very satisfying meal, we walked over to 7-11 store front, that’s where we parked the car. Valerie got in, closed the door, shrieked and literally jumped out of the car. The culprit? A baby roach. Wahahaha… She adores snakes but not bugs.

A quick survey of the area and I told Valerie that she shouldn’t park near rubbish in future. There were two huge green garbage bins in front of the convenient store.

Ryan and Sam spent a good 25 minutes trying to catch the roach but alas it was hiding too well. In the end, I had to take over the wheel (in case Valerie goes berserk and swerve on the road, should that pest decide to make an encore appearance) or we’ll be stuck here till eternity.

Searching high and low for the baby roach, lol...

Searching high and low for the baby roach, lol…

We loved the pratas here. Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis was good. Nana’s Teh Tarik was absolutely my cup of tea!

Nana Teh Tarik
Address: 65 Killiney Road.
Singapore 239524.

Opening hours: 24 hours.

Happy eating 🙂

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  1. There is a special pleasure to read and enjoy the beauty you bring in every post.Jalal

  2. Liked…. ME and the Boss

  3. LFFL says:

    2AM is SUPPER EATING?!!! Oh my.

  4. pearlsbounce says:

    Ive got to try the coin Prata! Looks awesome!

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