Home Is Where My Dad Is

Usually, a “reunion” dinner is served on the night of Mid-Autumn Festival just before the indulgence of mooncakes, pomelo and Chinese tea, but my dad cooked us lunch on Sunday knowing that we’ll all be working on Monday.

Valerie came into my room and announced that it was time to go to Gong Gong’s house for curry. I had been craving chicken curry the past few days and was wondering if dad had telepathic powers.

Dad's Cooking

Dad loves to cook for us.
This afternoon, he’d prepare 2 mains and 3 sides for us.
My brother said Dad sometimes Youtube and try out recipes he found interesting.

Dad's Cooking

It is confirmed that my daddy is perspicacious 😉
How does he know I adored for chicken livers (not a norm) in my curries? 
The surprise was that this isn’t even a chicken dish.

Dad's Cooking

It’s Pork Ribs Curry with Potatoes!

Dad's Cooking

This Hainanese staple Chap Chye (Chop Sui) did not fall into the category of standard Hainanese nor Peranakan cuisine.
The taste was refreshingly unique and robust.
There’s canned button mushrooms, cabbage, carrots, lily buds, firm tofu, glass noodles, pork belly, and wood-ear fungus.
He garnished it with some cilantro to add more vibrance to his home-cooked meal.
Mommy says we must eat more colourful foods.
Was this provisions from one of dad’s web-surfing ventures?

Dad's Cooking

Here’s one of the dish he painstaking toiled over the stove – Spicy Shrimp or Haebee Hiam in Hokkien.
Toil because this dish takes hours to slow cook but which he knew was Val & Van’s favourite.
Thank you daddy!
A (grand) dad’s love can be as great as a mom’s 😀

Dad's Cooking

I highly suspect that this Acar (vegetables brined in vinegar that goes very well with spicy dishes) was store-bought but who knows?
My dad is retired and has plenty of time on hand.
I’d mentioned he constructs Sudoku puzzles in one of my posts.
I wouldn’t be surprised if he said he’d pickled them himself.
Could it be? Nah!!!

Dad's Cooking

We devoured the delicious comestibles with brown rice.
This must be mom’s instruction.
She’s into healthy nutrition and was “peddling” products like propolis, etc… etc… after lunch.

Dad's Cooking

While we were still enjoying dad’s cooking, he was busy cutting papaya for us as dessert.

Home is where my dad is!

A daughter needs a dad to be the standard against which she will test all men.

I may have found a prince but my daddy will always be king!

Happy bonding 😀

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6 Responses to “Home Is Where My Dad Is”
  1. kudos, looks every bit as good as those pics
    from the fancy restaurants and your favorite food stalls.
    Love, hugs and happy solstice day… ME and the Boss

  2. wingedprisms says:

    Wonderful! And all looks delicious – even the livers – which I once loved but no more…….;)
    I’m still trying to figure out what mid-autumn is………. we haven’t even officially entered autumn yet….. do I have to google or did I mis a post?
    😀 Your American Friend,

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