From A Distance!

I went to Gardens by The Bay (GBTB). Actually, I did not step foot in it. I was in an area not quite within the compound, to capture some Mid Autumn Festival Fireworks photos. I met some friends at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) and they brought me through a “maze” to get to this place.

“Some people, though, are there strictly for the photography, and I’m totally cool with that. What I’m not cool with, though, are those photographers who get frustrated and pissed off that too many photographers are taking the same photos they are, from the same angles and locations. What did you think was going to happen when you ventured out with 30 other photographers? Did you think nobody else was going to notice the way the light was falling or the shadows it was creating? Were you under the mistaken impression that you were the only creative shooter in the bunch? I actually once saw a fight break out over this.” -Willie Foo

Well, there were at least 20 if not 30 enthusiastic photographers that Thursday evening (4th September 2014) and everyone was cramped in the lofty patio with cameras poised towards the same direction, tripods criss-crossing one another, in anticipation of the fireworks. None of us bitched and no one fought. There was no need for these childish acts because we see things uniquely and people are drawn to post processed photos differently. The sky was not orange nor pink, yet I saw it lit that way in my mind’s eyes. Have I gone crazy? Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps… 😀

P.S. All shots taken at the same angle – You just have to pray you’re in the right spot once you’re set-up. There was simply no room to move about. Sardines in a tin? You can say that again 🙂

Gardens by The Bay (滨海湾花园)

Supertrees are iconic features of Gardens by The Bay (滨海湾花园).

Gardens by The Bay (滨海湾花园)

Opening of Mid-Autumn Festival 2014 @ The Gardens.
We were atop near the Dragonfly Bridge while Paul was ahead and just below the Supertrees.

Gardens by The Bay (滨海湾花园)

There’s an entrance fee chargeable if we were to go up the Supertrees.
Chu Chen liked this tone and gave me the thumbs up.

Gardens by The Bay (滨海湾花园) is a park spanning 101 hectares (1,010,000 m2) of reclaimed land[1] in central Singapore, adjacent to the Marina Reservoir. The park consists of three waterfront gardens: Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay Central Garden.The largest of the three gardens is Bay South Garden, standing at 54 hectares.

Gardens by The Bay is an integral part of a strategy by the Singapore government to transform Singapore from a “Garden City” to a “City in a Garden”. The stated aim is to raise the quality of life by enhancing greenery and flora in the city.

First announced to the public by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong during the National Day Rally in August 2005, Gardens by The Bay is intended to become Singapore’s premier urban outdoor recreation space, and a national icon. – Wikipedia

Gardens by The Bay (滨海湾花园)

The fireworks started without aplomb!
But Vincent noticed what I didn’t, “Come with love tunnel?”

Gardens by The Bay (滨海湾花园)

This was the best shot I had captured on a single photo.
Seow Hong did the black card system. I wonder how his turned out. I could not master that technique.
Washiyama had a better shot and the envious me wondered if he blended a couple or more photos to achieve that.
“A most spectacular evening of fireworks.. NOT! It was a huge disappointment as the fireworks this time round were small scale and hiding behind the trees. This is a superimposed image where the fireworks were taken at previous events and implemented into this base image at Garden By The Bay!” – Washiyama
Great job Washiyama, so stop lamenting about the measly sparkles! Hehehe…

Gardens by The Bay (滨海湾花园)

Douglas liked this cropped picture from above.
Doug commented, “this one is good… a bit of sci-fi excitement in there and the blue tones … you should go into movies lol!”

Gardens by The Bay from a distance.

Gardens by The Bay from a distance.
Vincent loved this and wanted a framed picture of it.

Gardens By The Bay

Washiyama on this photo, “Super love this.”
The same photo with different post productions yielded different responses.
I must go back to GBTB again to see the Supertrees up close.
Perhaps, something magical might transform me if I touch their trunks, like the Tree of Souls in Avatar, hahaha… 😉


Washiyama wasn’t happy with the earlier illuminations at GBTB.
He wanted more fire flowers but there’s nothing we could do.
As we walked back into MBS building, he whispered, “Come on. I’ll show you my secret place for Singapore’s CBD night scene!”


City of Lights.
We were actually on a floating platform so we’ll need plenty of shots and select the best from the lot (those without shakes).
Photo taken by Washiyama and post processed by me.

Seow’s family, Zexsen, Washiyama and I went for dinner at Din Tai Fung Restaurant 鼎泰豐 (upcoming post) after a disappointing session at GBTB. Afterwards, we parted ways but Washiyama and I lingered at MBS. We had some beers and chatted a bit.

Washiyama was sharing new ideas on photography. I wasn’t listening attentively… I have short attention span but I got the gist of his revelation – outlandish hobbyist photographer’s dream from a distance! One day, we might backpack to outre corners of the world, somewhere inspirational that offers pristine nature with breathtaking landscapes. Oh yes! Throw in their local vibrant culture and of course food, glorious food!

Happy discovering 🙂

You must be wondering why no food pics. There was a ham and cheese sandwich from Toast Box (S$6.20 with a cup of coffee from MBS outlet) which I gobbled before anyone could take a snapshot 😉

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