Wanton Mee @ Guangdong Mian Shi

“Mom, do you want us to dabao wanton mee for you?”

“From where?”

“Tanglin Halt”

If I were to live on wanton noodles for the rest of my life, it has got to be from Guangdong Mian Shi.

Wanton Mee from Tanglin Halt Road. Block 48A. Market and Food Centre.

I have eaten countless times and never tire.
Wanton Mee from Tanglin Halt Road. Block 48A. Market and Food Centre.

Guangdong Mian Shi is a small hawker stall located inside the Tanglin Halt Market & Food Centre (also affectionately known as Tanglin Halt Chap Lau or 10 storey HDB flats). Madame Chan Yoke Chan, in her 50s, has been helping out at her father’s stall since the tender age of 7, and nothing about the recipe has changed since she took over.

When the food centre was still operating under zinc roof before its facelift, I have been eating Mdm Chan’s wanton mee for supper almost daily until I left Singapore. This is the only wanton mee stall that I swear by even without the charsiu and wontons. Her recipe is old school but the flavour has withstood the test of time.

Old world charm food employed lard and without exception, Mdm Chan’s noodles are tossed in lard with crispy pork fat croutons, soy sauce, sesame oil and an old-style chilli paste. Her noodles are so full flavoured, they inevitably hit you with delectable mouthfeel that’s quite unforgettable. I could the taste the tartness of the chilli sauce made from pounded dried chilli paste. Mdm Chan confided that a little amount of haebee (dried shrimps) are used to make the sauce.

I am not a fan of sui kow (bigger crescent shaped dumplings similar to wantons) so we usually have a bowl of wantons instead. The savoury soup is packed with flavour that is undeniably of baby anchovies.

Earlier, I said I could eat the noodles without charsiu and wantons, and that’s because the latter two weren’t spectacular. Good as in ordinary but nothing outstanding. The noodles had none of the eggy fragrance and sometimes clump together but after a good mixing, the lard coated strands become more manageable. So what’s so great that I could live on it? It is the ineffable leading sauce that made this stall’s wanton mee a champion in my humble opinion.

Guangdong Mian Shi

I already had noodles for lunch but when Vanessa said she was getting wanton mee from Guangdong Mian Shi, I could not refuse.
So I had oodles of noodles that day!

Guangdong Mian Shi

Wanton Soup.
Ryan thought there were herbs in the soup which tickled us pink.
Valerie defended that Ryan thought all tasty soups contained herbs.
Ryan grew up primarily on Korean food but that’s going to change. In fact, he’s being exposed to all sort of cuisines since he and Val got together and he loved them all – Indian, Japanese, Thai and Western.

Guangdong Mian Shi

Wanton Mee – S$3.
This was a S$3.50 pack.

Guangdong Mian Shi

This bowl of wanton mee had been tossed so you can see the delicious sauce.
Isn’t it tempting?

Guandong Mian Shi (Wanton Mee 吞面食)
Tanglin Halt Market & Food Centre
Address: 48A Tanglin Halt Road.
Stall #01-04.
Singapore 148813.

Opening hours: Closed on Sundays and Mondays.
5.30pm to 3am (Tuesdays to Saturdays).

Happy eating 🙂

P.S. I heard from a friend that they are operating round the clock, but I have not been there during day so I cannot verify it.

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2 Responses to “Wanton Mee @ Guangdong Mian Shi”
  1. Gained another two pounds … great photos…
    Love, hugs and good eating …
    ME and the Boss

  2. wingedprisms says:

    Yes, it is tempting! 😀

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