Everton Food Place

I am having tremendous fun in Project X (the job I’ve recently taken on) and acquiring lots of new photography and post processing technique along the way. I am back in “school” again but this time, the learning institution is more modern; not confined to a classroom, accessible any time and you can even choose the lecturers. My school is Youtube, lol… And if I still have any problems after the tuts, there’s my sympathetic friends, Y and Z, to count on for further explanation.

The monsoon season is about starting over here and I am unable to fully recover from my illness – keep getting caught in the rain. I simply do not have hands for an umbrella and it is not the culture for adults to wear raincoat here. I get home tired but happy everyday. I calculated that I should be able to finish my work by mid September so I’ve booked a nature park trip in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, for macro photography. I miss my macro sessions. I’m pretty sure the bugs miss me, too!

Anyway, I was on location and after a frustrating first shoot, we took a break and went to Everton Park for lunch.

Everton Food Place

Fish Briyani – S$5
The younger Indian man who served me was very polite.
The meal itself was pretty standard, fluffy basmati, fried fish with thick gravy and I requested for a side of fish curry.

We were meandering through the tables and I noticed a lot of office workers eating Briyani so I decided to try it. As we walked farther, we saw that there are more offerings. Z decided to have steak and finished everything on his plate except for the garlic bread. He didn’t even touch it. The bread looked good but I was too shy to ask if I could have it. Shy? Nah, I was too tired to eat by then.

Everton Food Place

Beef Steak – S$7 or was it S$7.80?
I forgot the price of his meal but it was definitely below S$8.
Lack of sleep equals bad memory and so I’ve been told.

After our lunch, we walked to our next 3 project locations. We spent nearly 7 hours climbing, standing and walking, with most of the time under the harsh weather – high humidity, hot sun and intermittent drizzles. My feet blistered. I’m totally worn out. That night, I slept like a baby. Didn’t even turn on my laptop. My children were surprised not to see me at my table. I’m usually editing till the wee hours. My body aches (am still sore) but it feels damn good to be useful and recognised! 😀

Everton Food Place
Address: 7 Everton Park,
Singapore 080007.

Phone: (+65) 62201615

Opening hours: 8am – 12am

Happy working 🙂

See other eateries in Everton:
Polish Dumplings @ The Provision Shop At Everton Park

6 Responses to “Everton Food Place”
  1. Like …
    Love, hugs and blessings … ME and the Boss

  2. Lignum Draco says:

    I’ve never seen steak and chips served in a bowl before. Always on plates. Interesting.
    Sounds like you’re a photo pro now. 🙂

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