Marutama Ramen @ The Central

This meal was eaten weeks ago. Washiyama said Marutama Ramen is one of his favourite shop in Singapore. Located in The Central, Marutama’s specialty is of course, Ramen!

There was a queue when we arrived even though it was after the peak lunch hours. We pre-ordered our meal while in line. The boys took the “everything” bowl and so I must have that, too. I’ve always prided myself in having appetite as huge as or even bigger than some guys 😉

We forego the side dishes and order iced O-cha for drinks. After 10 minutes’ wait, we were led into the very dim restaurant. First thought that came to my mind, bad lighting for photos, lol… We were seated at the bar and the ceiling spotlights were harsh. Yes, you’re probably right! I’m making excuses for my poor photos, they looked better after adjusting the white balance.

Marutama Ramen

The big bowl – Marutama’s Zenbu Ra-men.
All 3 of us had the Spicy Chicken stock.
The dish came with a whole half-boiled egg, pork belly, 3 slices of Japanese non-yaki charsiu, spring onions and seaweed.
Aosa Seaweed dissolved easily in the hot broth and that gave it extra sea taste and unique “heaviness” (surpassing body).

Marutama Ramen

Topped as much crispy fried garlic slices (on table with spices)  as you want but be forewarned, your spouse may not kiss you 😉

Marutama Ramen

味付け玉子 or Ajitsuke Tamago, also known as Onsen Tamago (Japanese Hot Spring Egg), a popular ramen garnish, is actually medium or half-boiled egg (with runny inside) marinated in sweet and savoury soy-based sauce.
Mine was a creamy soft on the inside, which I preferred actually (after all I’m not eating soft-boiled eggs) and Washiyama’s was too watery, seeping out as soon as he broke the white.
Inconsistency detected.

Good till the last strand :)

Good till the last strand 🙂

Marutama is famous for their springy thin Ramen and you have 4 stock options i.e. Chicken, Spicy Chicken, Nuts and Prawn. They claim their chicken stock is extracted entirely from chicken and contains no msg and preservatives. Some may disagree and say the stock is mild but I found it rather bodied and a bit salty. Perhaps the dissolved seaweed played a part. Needless to say, the flavour was awesome and the ingredients given were generous, which I expect them to be – S$18 for a bowl of noodles is expensive by Singapore standard. Overall, I liked my food and find value in it. Know why? Surprise, surprise… I was struggling to finish it. I need to share this bowl with someone so $18/2, that’s how my value-for-money derived, hahaha… But we’ll need sides 😉

The Marutama Ramen was S$18. O-cha was S$3 but I am not sure if there’s free refill.

Marutama Ramen
Address: #03-90, The Central.
6 Eu Tong Sen Street.
Singapore 059817.

Tel: 65348090

Opening hours: Daily
11am – 10pm (Last Order by 9.45pm)

Happy eating 🙂

If you are keen to make watch this near 3 minutes video below. You may eat them without marinating with packaged instant ramen, caesar/salads or sandwiches, perhaps? Whatever it is, do enjoy!

P.S. The boiling took about 6 minutes and produced a runny yolk, but I think I like it less runny so perhaps 7 minutes for me, if ever I cook 😉

4 Responses to “Marutama Ramen @ The Central”
  1. wingedprisms says:

    wow. Looks so good. The video of the egg cooking was great!

  2. Lignum Draco says:

    I always get an extra whole Nitamago (egg) with my ramen. Just habit now, and it bulks up the dish.
    No need to apologise – the photos are great.

    How come there’s no photo of you eating or the receipt? That used to be a regular feature of your posts.

    • Sam Han says:

      Thanks for the consolation. Food was paid through my friend’s card and I forgot to take a snapshot. As for me eating, hahaha… I look horrible lately 😦

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