Poulet – French vs Italian!

I was given a free ticket to the Singapore Selection VS Juventus FC 16 Aug 2014 game held at our new Sports Hub at Kallang, Singapore. It was the first time I did the “Wave” as well as being assigned to looked after Zhi Qi, Seow Hong’s 8 year old son (haven’t been entrusted to babysit for more than 5 minutes without the child’s parents in sight).

We got tickets to Singapore Selection VS Juventus FC 16 Aug 2014.

My date for the Singapore Selection VS Juventus FC 16 Aug 2014.

Juventus Football Club S.p.A., commonly referred to as Juventus and colloquially as Juve, are a professional Italian association football club based in Turin, Piedmont. – Wikipedia

Juventus vs Lions 12

Juventus already scored 1 goal and this was a close call to a second goal.

Juventus vs Lions 12

This was the second goal and in the end, Juventus scored 1 penalty and 4 game goals.
5-0 to Juventus!

The Singapore Selection VS Juventus FC game started late in the evening so we had about 90 minutes on hand. For Singaporeans, food naturally comes to mind whenever there’s time to kill. We strolled through the new mall Kallang Wave at the newly constructed Sports Hub. Every F&B outlets were filled with football enthusiasts having their fill before the game. We walked further along and found one without queue and had tables available in the restaurant, Poulet.


My concern was not so much the price; which we speculated as the reason for the lack of diners here compared to the other F&B outlets but rather the time it would take for table service, this being a French restaurant, albeit not fine dining.


Zhi Qi is an active boy and he makes intelligent conversation.
I was very relieved he was easy to babysit.


I didn’t get to taste these so no comment.

Tiantian (my photography kaki cum god-daughter) took picture of me taking pictures of her dad's starters.

Tiantian (my photography kaki cum god-daughter) took picture of me taking pictures of her dad’s starters.


Salad de Canard Fume.
Chopped Garden Salad, Smoked Duck Slices, Tomato, Roasted Pine Nuts and Orange Wedges served with Raspberry Dressing.


Chestnut Rice.
I’m not too sure but I think the rice was cooked in broth.
Yama preferred stronger and richer flavour, aka more butter please 😉


Poulet Roti.
My first thought was roti like roti kaya or roti prata, lol…
I suppose it means roti as in rotisserie?


I normally shun breast meat but this was so tender!
The meat wasn’t exactly juicy but it is definitely not dry.
When I gave some to my little date, Zhi Qi, he said “Geez, it’s really tasty”


Pissaladiere is an open faced pastry resembling pizza, which is often referred to as French Pizza.


The distinguishing feature is its flaky pastry crust compared to the bread-like (dough) crust on Italian Pizzas.
Also, Pissaladere is served without cheese.
Poulet uses their “home made” French Onion Jam and Black Olives for this dish.
Poulet’s Pissaladiere comes in 3 different flavours – Mushroom, Shredded Chicken and Smoked Duck.
We had the chicken.


Poulet at Kallang Wave (10th outlet)

This was my first visit to Poulet and I liked their efficient service. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable, able to communicate in Mandarin when Mr. Zhang asked what’s “chestnut” in the rice dish. As for food, I like the French pizza which was still crisp and flaky when I had it much later, after I was done eating the roast chicken.

The affordable pricing and generally good quality food I have tasted that afternoon means they will get repeat business from me.

As for the French vs Italian pizzas, I think I like the French version better. Think, think, think… Yup, I do!

Amazing French roast chicken? I think so, too 😉

Address: Kallang Wave @ Sports Hub
1 Stadium Place #01-17
Kallang Wave.
Singapore 397628.

Tel: (+65) 6702 7342

Happy eating 🙂

P.S. As for my little charge/date, he said I was fierce but he would like to see me again, hahaha…

3 Responses to “Poulet – French vs Italian!”
  1. Our American football season is about to begin … speaking of the worst food in the Universe … hot dogs, beer and terrible pizza (American), meaning mostly artificial flavorings, colors and ingredients with names longer that most alphabets. French pizza … need the recipe …
    Love, hugs and may your favorite team always win … ME and the Boss

    • Sam Han says:

      Same food inside the stadium Michael, but we had time to roam the mall annexed. I think you can just substitute the base with flaky puff pastry. How about trying that and instead of tomato sauce, use French onion jam 😀

  2. Lignum Draco says:

    Sounds like you won a heart. That little guy will be wanting more food next time too. 🙂

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