Andy Mao San Wang Durian Stall

Immediately right after lunch at Xiang Ji Roasted Chicken Rice Noodle 香记烧腊鸡饭麵, Yama left with the dabao-ed roast meats for his mom. Benny, Seow and I proceeded to another block in Bukit Batok for dessert. Durians!

It’s weird to have durians right after lunch as durians can be very filling. I was not too keen as I just had durian dinner at Sands Fruit Festival the night before but the boys were enthusiastic. Absolute durian lovers they are!

Durian - MSW

Most of the good durians were sold out when we arrived.

Durian - MSW

Meet Andy, the honest durian vendor!

Durian - MSW

Seow – my durian poster boy with MSW.

Durian - MSW

A re-take with Benny in this photo 😉

Durian - MSW

猫山王 (MSW) or Mao Shan Wang literally translating to Cat Mountain King.
It is a translation from the Malay name of the plantation in Malaysia where the fruits come from Gua Musang (meaning “civet cats’ cave” in Malay), Kelantan, where the first MSW was cultivated.
This cultivar evolved from Raja Kunyit (Yellow King) to Musang King (Cat King) before finally settling down to its current Chinese name Mao Shan Wang.

Durian - MSW

I do not know how much this fruit weighed but it cost us S$27.

Durian - MSW

Benny – Ardent durian lover!

Durian - MSW

This seed is not as small as those we had at Sands (smaller seeds meant “meatier” fruit) but these we had were creamy and fleshy, too.

The durian vendor said he had nothing to sell us. Did I hear right? I saw some durians in front of us. “Come back at 6pm this evening. The truck from Malaysia will bring fresh stock.”

We told him we do not stay in this vicinity and would not be able to make it back as we had other commitments. He then asked two elderly ladies seated a nearby table enjoying some durians if they would let us have some of their reserved fruits. The kind ladies obliged. So we had one MSW to eat there on the spot. Seow’s daughter wanted to eat Golden Phoenix (another durio breed) but it was not available so he bought another MSW back for his family. The total bill for 2 fruits was S$54.

We paid up after we had the fruit. The vendor seemed apologetic and was still trying to persuade us to come back later when his fresh crops would have arrived. He wasn’t pleased to have sold us the remains of that afternoon’s stock. We could tell he was sincerely particular about quality. We told him we would come back again next time and asked for his name. Andy. I did not get his calling card (he said he has a Facebook Page) and had a bit of trouble finding out his address so I searched online for Andy’s Durian Stall.

It took me a while as the name was different. The search pulled through under “Any Durian Sellers In The West” and this funny review in the blockquote below caught my eye.

bukit batok east blk 274 there got one stall, sell MSW at 10/kg and they have other types too. just be there at 7+ and see which stall is with the most cust can liaoz (theres a few stalls there).

be early if not all gone liaoz. best time is to reach at 7+ coz the boss told me tat durian truck arrive at 6+ so at 7+ will get the “freshest”.

got 1 time reach at 8+ all sold out liaoz. haha so i believe that *not all $10/kg MSW is overnite one.

o ya… the reason why i go to them is that in my opinion they are honest in doing their biz. coz if u check liaoz and see that its ripe, but when they open all and see some sctors nt reach standards, they will “compensate” with other diuran, if not they will just change the whole fruit. ( i always ask them to box it so tat can see all the “sectors” if u noe wad i mean )

then they also use electrical scale, and they put in a place where u can see the measurment, so i think i would kana tok ba….

lolx they provide “call to order” also lolx … that is if u trust them enough.

ps: not related to them in any other way just a regular cust. if u think i’m doing an adv for them, PLS DO NOT VISIT THEM! lolx (sorry for the powderful england coz mi no study high high)

I had highlighted * “not all $10/kg MSW is overnite one” in the blockquote above as comments online from serious durian connoisseurs who knows the market price that “there are up to 15 clones for 猫山王…so the quality is different for each type…prices can be from $12-18 depending on the variant” and that “at $9 or $10 MSW are those that already on the shelf for 3 or 4 days that’s why going lelong (forced sale) at that price” which is not recommended for ideal consumption. The prices quoted here are in SGD.

With that said, I also want to mention that until last Sunday, I haven’t had durian for the longest time and am not a fan of durian. I think I have had my durian quota used up for the year, perhaps even this life time. I am under the weather now with running nose and fever, was it the rain or durian (heatiness) or both? But if you love durians and are staying near Bukit Batok, give Andy’s a try. Let me know what you think of his service, goods quality and pricing if you do.

After drafting this post, I posted Andy's photo in a photography group and immediately Shao Ken recognised him. He later gave me this snap shot - Andy's card.

After drafting this post, I posted Andy’s photo in a photography group and immediately Shao Ken recognised him. He later gave me this snap shot – Andy’s card.

Happy discovering 🙂

Andy Mao San Wang Durian Stall
Address: Block 278, Bukit Batok East Ave 3.
(outside a hair salon).
Singapore 650278.

Tel: (+65) 98124148.

Click on links below:

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Those in Serangoon area may want to buy from Mr. Goh – Click here to see 717 Trading who supplied Sands Fruit Festival 2014.

To become a durian expert, lol… watch the video below (a very in-depth tutorial):

6 Responses to “Andy Mao San Wang Durian Stall”
  1. Lignum Draco says:

    I blame the durian for your illness. You must be overdosed on it. 🙂

  2. well, for me durian is durian and i guess there’s only delicious durian and bot delicious ones, forgive my of taste buds lack of competency
    but i thik i love em all, the delicious ones goes straight to the tummy while the not delicious ones used to be added to dessert

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