Noo Na Hol Dak 누나홀닭 홍대점

The eating never ends… We were really on a binge! Would this be the final stop after Samgyetang? You’ll find out soon enough but for now, we’d continue strolling the Hongdae Area for some “it’s-now-or-never ” shopping as we leave the next day! – Semi Han in “Seoul Eats – Pojangmacha 포장마차

We were walking out onto the main road to look for a cab. Everywhere we went, within a stone’s throw, we saw small and cozy Korean-style pubs serving fried or oven-baked chicken and draft beer (some are freshly brewed, too). – Semi Han in “치맥 – Chimeg Anyone?

So at this stone’s throw, we chanced upon another KFC! Not Kentucky but Korean Fried Chicken, remember?

Seoul Korea Day 3

Stumbled upon Noo Na Hol Dak 누나홀닭 홍대점 and decided to give it a try!
Oven Chicken & Beer.

Seoul Korea Day 3

If you visit this place next time, you’d know where I was seated, next to the entrance and facing the clown 🙂

Seoul Korea Day 2

Sweetcorn on hotplate.
Super rich creamy sauce.

Seoul Korea Day 3

Black Sesame Mayonnaise.
Literally, sweet and cool.

Seoul Korea Day 3

We ordered half Original (crispy) and half with BBQ Sauce (shown in the fore).

Seoul Korea Day 2

Time to dig into the Originals which we preferred.

Seoul Korea Day 3

Ryan enjoying his chicken and corn.
See how tired he was but still not willing to go back for we have only one more night in Seoul.
We’re eating to our hearts’ content!

Seoul Korea Day 3

He was, perhaps, a vendor in Hongdae shopping area.
I hesitated but Vanessa said if I don’t ask, I’ll regret!
This was the second time we approached someone for street portraiture in Seoul, Korea.
Sure glad I took her advice for this friendly chap graciously granted me a few clicks.
Nope, he didn’t dance for me but he displayed!

Seoul Korea Day 3

This make of car is a common sight in Seoul.

Seoul Korea Day 3

Hongdae also known as Hongik University Street; the area provides street art festivals and performances, as well as music concerts by independent artists and mainstream entertainers.
These buskers attracted quite a crowd that night!

Click on picture to be redirected to the Map.

Click on picture to be redirected to the Map.

Seoul Korea Day 3

Premium Oven Baked Chicken
Framed specially for you :).

Seoul Korea Day 3

치맥 – Chimeg Anyone?

The skin on these chicken pieces were not as crunchy as the one we had previously (see link below) but they were still very crisp and flavoursome, tender and juicy. The sweet sauce was well… Sweet! So I preferred the original but it was good to have tried the basted ones.

The black sesame mayonnaise was chilled and lent a different mouthfeel when dipping the hot chicken into it. They gelled well but again, sweet! When it comes to sugar, my quirkiness act up – sometimes I like it sometimes I don’t. I’ll never know till I put them into my mouth.

The sweetcorn on hotplate was a novelty but I would not order it if I’m on my own because…. You got it right, sweet! 😉

Noo Na Hol Dak 누나홀닭 홍대점
Address: 서울시 마포구 동교동 164-8
164-8 Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu,
Seoul, South Korea.

Date visited: 3rd May 2014.

Happy eating 🙂

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Click here for Modak Modak located at Hongdae.

2 Responses to “Noo Na Hol Dak 누나홀닭 홍대점”
  1. Lignum Draco says:

    Your first sentence, “the eating never ends” would make a great name for a food blog. And now that you’re doing street portraiture and photography, maybe that’s what I’ll have to start doing. 🙂

    Fried chicken… *drool* 🙂

    • Sam Han says:

      Lol… And why not? After all you do eat everyday. And then you can teach me how to take great food photos! 😀

      I went for fireworks yesterday, managed to get a good shot if I may say so (shameless, i know) but I don’t know how to remove the smoke away 😦

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