Paris Baguette Is Korean? 파리바게트

Seoul Korea Day 3-8190-2

A street portraiture I took before we went into the Noryangjin Station.

Seoul Korea Day 3

Trying to sort out which line to take into town.

Seoul Korea Day 3

Yup, we finally found the line and got our train tickets.

Right after lunch at a restaurant in Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market, we took the train into town to meet Ryan’s cousin. The venue? 파리바게트.

Say what? Paris Baguette!

Paris Baguette is Korean? I had always thought Paris Baguette to be European. Who would have guessed based on the name alone?

Seoul Korea Day 3

This bakery cafe is quite complete except you have to request for keys to the toilet in a building next to the shop.

Paris Croissant is a South Korean franchise bakery that utilizes authentic French baking. In 1988, Paris Croissant launched Paris Baguette, which grew into a top bakery café franchise brand in Korea. With the expansion into the Chinese market in 2004, the company began going global and now has local subsidiaries in the US, Vietnam, and Singapore.

In the United States, Paris Baguette is named as Paris Baguette Café. – Wikipedia

Seoul Korea Day 3

A cozy bakery in town.

Seoul Korea Day 3

Danish and Pastries.

Seoul Korea Day 3

Cream Horns looked good.
Should I have one?

Seoul Korea Day 3

Crab Sandwiches.

Seoul Korea Day 3

Not interested in any of the above offerings?
How about some salad?

Seoul Korea Day 3

How about a whole cheery cake?

Seoul Korea Day 3

In the end, we got these and…

Seoul Korea Day 3

And some Coffee of course 😉

Seoul Korea Day 3

Paris Baguette Café.
This outlet is within walking distance to Lotte World Hotel

Paris Baguette Café 파리바게트
Seoul, South Korea.

Date visited: 3rd May 2014.

Happy eating 🙂

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8 Responses to “Paris Baguette Is Korean? 파리바게트”
  1. How could you want a pastry when every one knows that you are already sweet enough … lol
    My favorite line when the Boss and I go out to eat, when the waiter/waitress ask if we want dessert, I respond …No, we are sweet enough already.

  2. Kevin Hancey says:

    It just gets better and better … thanks for sharing Sam .

  3. Lignum Draco says:

    Street portraiture? Oh well, I better close my blog now. 🙂

    Have you removed the like button? I can’t see it.

    • Sam Han says:

      You are poking fun at me. I’m only a spastic street photographer, lol… 🙂

      Yes, I have remove the like button but I still see likes, wondering how they manage to circumspect that?

      • Lignum Draco says:

        You can remove the like button in your posts, but it will still appear in the WordPress Reader – you can’t escape it unless you change to a self hosted blog.

        • Sam Han says:

          It’s interesting to see who “liked” from afar, lol… Contemplated on selfhosting but the template I’m using is not available in so that’s a “setback” for me cos I really like this one 😀

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