The Bonding Tool @ The Shilla Seoul 서울신라호텔

Our trip to Korea in May was for the purpose of taking pre-wedding photos of Ryan and Valerie but that didn’t stop us from exploring Seoul with whatever time we had on hand. In fact, we lived the days as if Armageddon was around the corner. The few days passed very quickly. It was, in every sense, Seoul Nice!

We were originally booked into a boutique hotel in the city but the air conditioning was not working so we went hotel hunting. With most of the hotels fully booked on such a short notice, we had to make do with available accommodation to our liking even if it meant out of the main city area.

The hotel we booked into was The Shilla Seoul. Although it is off the city grid, we had a comfortable stay there. We regret we did not get a chance to dip in their pool, shop at the DFS or dine in some of their fine dining outlets – I hear Palsun serves one of the best *Jjajangmyeon 짜장면 in Seoul, but we managed to have tea at the lobby while waiting for our transport on two occasions. If anyone is looking for a nice place to stay in Seoul that is not located in the city, this is definitely a place to book into.

Seoul Korea Day 1

Entrance at The Shilla Seoul.
This was where would we wait for our transport.

Seoul Korea Day 1

Following the road on the right is a DFS.
In the day time, you can see busloads of tourists shopping there.

Seoul Korea Day 1

Title: An Aggregation 130121.
Description: Like the Milky Way, the aggregation creates the sense of infinity where the end becomes the beginning.
Materials: Clear acryl beads, nylon strings, etc… etc…

Seoul Korea Day 1

Artist Profile: Seon Ghi Bahk is a world famous installation artist who has pioneered Asia’s contemporary art.
In 2005, Bahk was awarded the Kim Ching Yung Art Award and since 2006, The Shilla Seoul (the hotel we stayed whilst in S Korea) has been presenting the signature artworks of Seon Ghi Bahk that mirror the The Shilla’s unique take on seasonal decoration.

Seoul Korea Day 1

Corridor to our rooms.

Seoul Korea Day 1

The room is a comfortable size for two.

Seoul Korea Day 1

View from my room.
We did not get a chance to dip into this lovely pool.

Seoul Korea Day 2

Talented musicians playing in the day time.
We did not get to visit The Library at night.
Wondering why so dim then? The guy’s white tennis shoes were so jarring I turned down the lights, lol…

Seoul Korea Day 2

A quick cuppa before we rush off (on two occasions) for the fitting and wedding photo taking.

Seoul Korea Day 2

Coffee had the strength that I fancied.

Seoul Korea Day 2

Raspberry Macaron gratis with coffee.
Loved the not too sweet chewy jam-like bits sandwiched in between the melt-in-your-mouth meringue.
It is by far the best macaron I have tasted (Australia and Singapore)!

It was very late into the night (during this trip) every time we returned to the hotel and by then the Pastry had closed shop for the day. That, however, did not deterred me from gazing and drooling and feasting with my eyes the magnificent cakes and pastries the boutique displayed.

Our days were strictly scheduled with the couple’s pre-wed itineraries, every little bit of time we had together as a family was treasured. Nerves were ruffled at times, patience tested but in the end, whenever we sit down for a meal, food has proven to be a great bonding tool 🙂

Seoul Korea Day 2

I have never seen so many colourful and fruity Eclairs on crispy puff pastry before.

Seoul Korea Day 2

Whole and sliced cakes available during operating hours.

Seoul Korea Day 2

The white chocolate ribbons looked gorgeous!

Seoul Korea Day 2

Who can say no to chocolate?
I can’t!

Featured in this post are F&B outlets The Library (Lounge & Bar) and Pastry Boutique (Bakery) both located on the first floor in Hotel Shilla.

Hotel Shilla started operations in March 1979. In January 2008, The Shilla was selected as one of the top 500 hotels in the world by Travel & Leisure.

Hotel Shilla (The Shilla Seoul 서울신라호텔)
Address: 249, Dongho-ro,
Jung-gu Seoul 100-856,
South Korea.
Tel: (+82) 2-2233-3131

Happy holidaying 🙂

Click here to see Ryan & Valerie’s pre-wed photos.

*We had cravings for Jjajangmyeon 짜장면 for supper and most of the shops do delivery to hotels but The Shilla prohibits such actions according to the shop we called, so remember to eat whatever you crave for while you’re outside the hotel.

I’m going for an appointment later today that will be life changing to me. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will work out fine 🙂 Oh, don’t worry, it is supposedly good news and has something to do with Vany. After that, I have to meet Valerie for her local wedding dress fitting. Have a great day everyone 🙂

7 Responses to “The Bonding Tool @ The Shilla Seoul 서울신라호텔”
  1. Lignum Draco says:

    Dessert! My favourite food. 🙂

    Will the wedding be in Korea or Singapore?

  2. Kevin says:

    This place looks great and the photos look inviting.

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