Hiap Hwa Coffee Shop @ Ang Mo Kio Ave 8

Last week’s diet consisted mainly of noodles until the Teochew Muay I had on Friday! I was just telling Benny on Thursday that I needed rice as I am quite the “png tang” (literally meaning rice pail) but when we arrived at the kopitiam, I changed my mind and had Tomyum Ban Mian.

Benny who had chicken rice said to me, “I thought you wanted to eat rice?”

“Ya, but there’s only chicken rice and nasi padang, both not to my fancy today.”

Three of us ate from different stalls in Hiap Hwa Coffee Shop but unfortunately, nothing was enticing enough for us to make a second visit in future. Even the hot tea that Zexsen ordered looked like it had more milk than tea. I asked him about it and he agreed.

Since there was no major complaints nor minor compliments about the average tasting food we had, I did not bother taking note of the names of stalls except for the curry puffs whose signboard caught my attention. I love old school signboards. As for the dim sum which we had dabao-ed (originally to visit and partake with Cynthia but she closed Ho Tit Coffee Factory that day as her brother in law unexpectedly passed on), I noticed the plastic bag with addresses of the many branches found island-wide. Luckily I didn’t buy too many as Valerie did not like it. The deep-fried shrimp rolls were good though, albeit a little oily.

Chicken Liver and Wings

Benny’s meal of Chicken Rice with poached chicken wings and chicken livers.

Fishball Soup

Zexsen’s Fish Ball Soup.

Tomyum Ban Mian

Tomyum Ban Mian – S$3.30.
I asked for additional ingredient, the Pork Belly at an extra cost of S$1.

Tomyum Pork Belly Ban Mian - S$4.30. Tomyum premixed paste was used. Not sure if the paste was home-made or commercially bought.

Tomyum Pork Belly Ban Mian – S$4.30.
Tomyum premixed paste was used. Not sure if the paste was home-made or commercially bought.

Tip Top Curry Puffs

Tip Top Curry Puff started off as a family-run business in 1979.

Remember, how I mentioned that one could smell the curry puff from afar. You can literally smell your way to the shop if you can’t locate it. Now, you would not be able to do that. – FoodieFC reviewed on 18 Feb 2013 (HGW).

Tip Top used to be my favorite curry puff. However, since a transfer of ownership to Swenson group, the standard has dipped tremendously. Long gone are the puffs richly filled with chicken. What presents now seems to be commercialized puffs which cost $1.10, meant for maximum profit. – Lee Wei Lun reviewed on 15 Nov 2013 (HGW).

Well, it is S$1.40 a piece now and I think the standard remained dipped. I heard it from the grapevine that the previous cook has started his own stall at Toa Payoh Central in front of KFC.

Tip Top, The Puff Factory, is now halal certified so their customers base is extended to the Muslim community.

Tip Top Curry Puffs

Friendly staff.
There weren’t any crowd earlier but as we were leaving, a few came by to buy.

Tip Top Curry Puffs

Sardine (left) & Curry Puffs at S$1.40 a piece.

Tip Top Curry Puffs

There was a promotion that day.
4 puffs at S$5.
I bought 4 sardine and 4 curry flavoured puffs.

Kimly Big Bao

The Big Bao looked tempting and I dabao a couple together with 4 pieces of deep-fried Shrimp Dim Sum items.

Kimly Big Bao

The buns were huge and could be a meal by itself for the small eaters.

We had already bought the puffs and bao to visit Cynthia but just as we were driving out, Benny received the bad news. In the end, we went to the market to have kopi and ate the puffs there. I brought the bao home.

Kimly Big Bao

Valerie took a bite and claimed the seasonings to taste weird or rather she was not used to it.

Although brunch wasn’t great, the company I had that afternoon more than compensate.

Hiap Hwa Coffee Shop
Blk 722, #01-2843,
Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8.
Singapore 560722.

Happy catching up 🙂

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  1. Lignum Draco says:

    Every now and then you get a dud meal. As long as you don’t get sick from it, at least you can write about it. 🙂

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