Homestyle Char Bee Hoon 炒米粉

As WordPress users, you know that there’s a section in the dashboard that shows you the most popular post for the day, week, etc… etc… And for every week since I started The Bonding Tool (TBT) Blog, Char Bee Hoon Recipe 炒米粉 has always been the top 3 most viewed post without fail. It also tops the chart about 95% of the time, maybe more!

Recently, Vanessa has been craving for Homestyle Char Bee Hoon. She bought the ingredients and kept them in the larder. Last week, I had the time and cooked for her this evergreen favourite dish of hers. While frying the rice sticks, I was reminded of the time when I cooked a huge batch (to be frozen) just before I left Melbourne.

Click here to see the story of Dick Hoyt and what he’s got to do with my Homestyle Char Bee Hoon. Also, look out for another recipe there 🙂

Char Bee Hoon (char 炒 = fry, and bee hoon 米粉 = rice sticks, vermicelli) is a very popular meal prepared by Singaporean housewives for their family especially on days when the wifey runs out of idea cooking 3 dishes 1 soup set dinner. You will frequently see fried bee hoon in a housewarming, baby showers and children’s birthday parties. Since this was the last dish (and one of those prepared meals for deep-freezing I cooked for Vanessa the dawn I left Melbourne), I might as well share the recipe here. – TBT’s post on 8th Feb 2013

Char Bee Hoon

Ingredients needed for Char Bee Hoon 炒米粉.

Char Bee Hoon

Always cook the ingredients that needed most time to become tender first.

Char Bee Hoon

When all is half done, add the prepared rice sticks.

Char Bee Hoon

I like my Char Bee Hoon moist but Vanessa liked them dry and fluffy.
Guess she wins :p

Char Bee Hoon

Still too moist for her but a little airing will dry out the Char Bee Hoon in no time.

Click here for CHAR BEE HOON RECIPE 炒米粉食谱.

Happy cooking, eating and bonding 🙂

One Response to “Homestyle Char Bee Hoon 炒米粉”
  1. Lignum Draco says:

    I thought the kids did all the cooking for you these days? 🙂 Nothing like a home made meal from mum, and a family recipe. Hope you’re having a great weekend.

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