Concetto By Saveur @ The Cathay

Sundays are movie nights with my children and last night was no different. We got tickets to the Edge Of Tomorrow starring Tom Cruise!

My children had gone out for food while I took a nap and so I had to dine alone. I reached The Cathay a couple of hours earlier (before the movie starts) and had plenty of time to enjoy a lovely Italian dinner. The children came by later and joked that Concetto lost seats to 5 people when there’s only one actual diner.

I made the mistake of associating price with taste. I couldn’t appropriately describe them to my children except for the fact that I am experiencing “fine” dining at very reasonable prices. And I was not wrong in that description. Higher end restaurant cooking technique is employed; for the founders of Concetto by Saveur paid their dues working at Guy Savor, Fifty Three, Jaan and Tetsuya’s in Sydney.

The seasoning and condiments were well balanced. Nothing overpowered the main ingredient or what I would term as the hero of the dish. The salads were freshly crisp. The seafood succulent. The dressing did not drown my food. The portions were not extravagant thus I did not feel ashamed about having two appetisers to start with. Ordering a dessert to complete my meal didn’t make me recklessly prodigal with my calories either. Who am I kidding?

Concetto By Saveur

I was loitering in front of this restaurant while waiting for the kids and decided to eat here.

Concetto By Saveur

Open kitchen concept on the lower floor of the split-level restaurant.

Concetto By Saveur

Grilled Octopus.
Fennel Salad and Anchovy Dressing.

Concetto By Saveur

Pan seared.
Served with some watercress, pickled radish and honey mustard.

Concetto By Saveur

Tuna was so fresh I suspect they were sashimi grade – not the top top grade but you get me 🙂

Concetto By Saveur

Funghi Risotto.
Suitable for vegans/vegetarians I think. Better ask to be sure.
Mixed Mushrooms & Pickled Shallots.

Concetto By Saveur

The portion seemed small but the rice was so rich in taste, it was satiating.

Concetto By Saveur

I was hoping that Vanessa would share a dessert with me and she obliged.

Concetto By Saveur

Pistachio Panna Cotta.
Pistachio-flavoured cooked cream and Pistachio Crumble.

Concetto Bill

2 appetisers, 1 main, 1 drink and 1 dessert.

Both the Grilled Octopus and Funghi Risotto are chef’s recommendations. On the menu, there’s a (V) next to Funghi Risotto and that should be a vegetarian dish. Depending on how strict a diet one is adhering to, the pickled shallot may not be a consumable option to some vegetarians.

I was prepared to wait up to 30 minutes for the Funghi Risotto but they served it pretty quickly. I did not regret ordering this dish. Every mouthful was sensuous!

Voluptuous thickly-cut Grilled Octopus coupled with the thinly sliced fennel – a match made in heaven. And no, the anchovy dressing did not stink and wasn’t too salty.

The Tuna, though not the top grade bluefin sashimi, was fresh and sweet.

The Pistachio Panna Cotta had a savoury crunchy twist to the rich but not too sweet curd. I love nuts and pistachio is one of them. I usually have fresh fruits and balsamic vinegar panna cotta but the flavours here reminded me of salted caramel and honeycomb crunch. The chopped nuts hit my umami spot!

This is definitely a place that’s offering value for money. An epicurean’s dream come true except for one big complaint, why no Italian brew? I could not believe my ears when the waitress told me they do not serve coffee. We had to make do with Starbucks, next door.

I shall return! The black risotto is calling me 😉

Concetto By Saveur

Concetto By Saveur.
Affordable Italian food.

Concetto by saveur
Address: 2 Handy Road.
#01-11/12, The Cathay.
Singapore 229233.

Tel: (+65) 6735 1141

Opening hours: Daily
12noon to 9.30pm

Happy discovering 🙂

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  1. Shanice Lim says:

    I’m heading over later tonight for a food tasting!

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