To Daddy With Love – Happy Father’s Day 2014!

The greatest gift everyone has received must have come from a higher power who knows what we need – DADs!

The Great Ocean Road

FATHER is a guiding light whose love shows us the way…

A FATHER is neither an anchor to hold us back,
nor a sail to take us there,
but a guiding light whose love shows us the way…

Last week when I was at my parents’ to celebrate my Dad’s 80th birthday, I showed my family some photos (on Flickr) of the bugs I took. After scrolling through a few pictures, my audience started to dwindle. One by one they had a “legitimate” excuse to leave the room. Guess this genre of photography is not appreciated by all. Too squeamish!

Only Dad stayed on. Was he being polite? My dad is a very tactful guy. He doesn’t scold us much using reasoning instead, treating us with respect even though we were very naughty in our younger days giving him and mom cause for concern.

He moved closer to the screen to check out my bugs when the others scattered! We even had a small discussion of my subjects. He spoke so genuinely I couldn’t doubt his sincere interest in my new found hobby. I could sense that he’s proud of me and my bugs. Now you know why he’s my hero. He doesn’t judge that I am a beginner but he subtly motivates with a few compliments here and there 😀

What’s so great about my Dad? He believes in me!

My Dad loves me not because I’m perfect but because he sees beyond my imperfections.

My Father means so many things to me; an understanding heart even in silence. He is my source of strength and support.

My Daddy is a wonderful cook :)

My Daddy is a wonderful cook 🙂

Right from the very start, I know he is my constant help. My very first taste of western meal was prepared by him. My Dad took the initiative to cook all my meals during my confinement period. No matter what comes my way, he is always ready to encourage and forgive. My Dad’s life philosophy is “活到老, 学到老” or simply lifelong learning. He tries to learn something everyday.

My Dad is my teacher!

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!

Here’s a few bug photos I’m sure he would appreciate 😉

To Daddy with love!

Macro In Singapore

Rain or shine, my Dad will always be there for me!

Happy Father's Day, Everyone!

Happy Father’s Day, Everyone!

Happy Father’s Day to you!

Happy celebrating 🙂

See my Dad’s 80th birthday celebration here.

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2 Responses to “To Daddy With Love – Happy Father’s Day 2014!”
  1. Lignum Draco says:

    You and your bugs! 🙂
    You have a wonderful sounding father. I hope you had a great day together.

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