East Ocean Teochew Restaurant 东海潮州酒家 @ Ngee Ann City

Guess who’s back? Back again… It’s not Shady, for sure!

Jerry was back from Switzerland in the early morn so he thought to go to work but he suffered desynchronosis, gave up working for the day, went home, got showered, had 40 winks and flew off to Perth all within 12 hours.

No wonder his eczema broke out! I shouldn’t be teasing because this skin inflammatory condition can be painful and a serious bout of dermatitis like the one Jerry had can leave scars behind after suffering from red, swollen, itchy and oozing blisters to crusty plaques of skin. Did you know that stress can cause eczema to flare up?

Jerry will be traveling on an insane schedule again pretty soon and before he goes, we met up for dinner. During after dinner coffee, I reminded him to see his skin specialist to get more cream for his “angry” condition.

Okay, enough of distaste. Back to food! I made a reservation at East Ocean Teochew Restaurant at a time Jerry suggested “as soon as they open”. That’ll be 6pm, sir!

East Ocean Teochew Restaurant 东海潮州酒家

I arrived 5 minutes earlier and was told to take a seat at the waiting area reserved for East Ocean’s patrons.

East Ocean Teochew Restaurant 东海潮州酒家

We were the first diners to arrive but the place filled up quite quickly.

East Ocean Teochew Restaurant 东海潮州酒家

Live seafood holding tanks and the HK Roasts station to my right.

East Ocean Teochew Restaurant 东海潮州酒家

Remember I mentioned about this tea being served (a practice in fine Teochew restaurants) before meals?
Well, I enquired about it today.
These are 铁观音 (tieguanyin) also known as Iron Goddess of Mercy (grown and produced in Anxi, Fujian, China).
When you drop the processed hand-rolled compact ball of tea into a pot, it’ll ping back just like an iron at the bottom of the pot and that’s how it got the name “iron” 铁 in Chinese.
Hokkien tea in Teochew restaurant is almost a joke to me but humour aside, Tieguanyin, a slightly fermented tea, is one of the most famous, most sought after and most revered Oolong Tea.
Sitting between the highly fermented black teas and unfermented green & white teas, it has an amazing floral aroma and earthy taste with great health benefits of the latter two teas – high in amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants.

East Ocean Teochew Restaurant 东海潮州酒家

3 kinds of Assorted Roasts – Charsiew (BBQ Pork), Siew Arp (Roast Duck) and Siew Yoke (Roast Pork Belly).

East Ocean Teochew Restaurant 东海潮州酒家

Poached Luffa Melon (Angled Luffa) with Conpoy (Dried Scallops).
I think it is more appropriate to term this as quick stewed.

East Ocean Teochew Restaurant 东海潮州酒家

Poached Kurobuta Pork with Golden Mushroom (Enoki).
I wonder if the meat can be likened to Korea’s Black Pig.
A very simple dish – quick boiled pork slices and enoki, doused with light soy and a sprinkling of chopped scallions.

East Ocean Teochew Restaurant 东海潮州酒家

Teochew Oyster Omelet.
More like crispy oyster pancake to me.

East Ocean Teochew Restaurant 东海潮州酒家

See the tiny bowl at 1 o’clock behind the lifted metal spoon?
Well, we each had a bowl of steamed rice that size.
That equates to maybe 2 or 3 tablespoons of Jasmine grains.
Jerry thought it’s a miracle I could finish mine.
Needless to say, he didn’t, and that made me looked hungry or greedy. Not good either way!

Jerry felt he had a good deal for this meal.

Jerry felt he had a good deal for this meal.

Jerry was on the phone with his Japanese client so after requesting for the 3 Assorted Roast Platter, he left me to do the rest of the ordering. I was reading the menu out loud when he heard the magic words “Kurobuta Pork”. It is a must-have for him. So I ordered it without knowing what the fuss was about.

Apparently, Kurobuta Pork (definitely not the ordinary “white meat” pork) is the most highly prized pork in Japan and comes from the ancient breed of pig known as Black Berkshire, which not only has finer intramuscular marbling (where the meaty flavours and juiciness reside) but also shorter muscle fibres, which means more tender meat. In the Japanese orbit of haute cuisine, kobe beef, jidori chickens and kurobuta pork reign supreme. Now that was a mouthful!

The first dish was the HK Roasts since we didn’t have soup tonight. The Charsiew was tender but not fantastic! Roast Duck with visible fats under the crisp skin was yummy enough but the star of the platter has to be the Siew Yoke with crunchy crackling.

Luffa Melon was quick stewed with conpoy. Conpoy is dried scallops and there was so much of it in this dish, you can taste the fresh sea flavour in this dish. My only wish was for the luffa to be cooked longer. I like them soft and spongey.

The Kurobuta Pork with Enoki, once you pop you can’t stop!

The Teochew Oyster Omelet must be eaten as soon as it is served. Although it was crispy and fragrant, the cooling down of the dish somehow made the omelet slightly rubbery and dry. I would prefer it to be cooked less crispy, more fluffy like the “Oh Jian” or egg fuyong kind of texture. Also, it would be better if the restaurant had served this dish with some tangy zesty chilli sauce instead of soy (or fish, couldn’t make out) sauce.

This was a treat from Jerry. He was happy with bill. I was happy with the meal.

East Ocean Teochew Restaurant

East Ocean Teochew Restaurant serving Hong Kong style Teochew cuisine.

East Ocean Teochew Restaurant 东海潮州酒家
Address: 391 Orchard Road.
#05-08/09, Ngee Ann City.
Singapore 238872.

Tel: 6235 9088

Opening hours: Daily
Monday – Friday:
11.30am – 3pm (Lunch)
6pm – 11pm (Dinner)
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday:
10am – 3pm (Lunch)
6pm – 11pm (Dinner)

Happy eating and catching up with friends 🙂

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  1. Lignum Draco says:

    I’ll be on the look out for Kurobuta pork if I see it on a menu. Thanks. 🙂

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