Hualong Fishhead Steamboat 華龍魚頭爐

We were supposed to meet a day before her birthday but I had overslept! She wasn’t angry leaving a text on WhatsApp, “You must be sleeping. We’ll arrange again.”

Who is this sweet lady? Space Donut (SD)!

The last time we met was in December, 3 days before my birthday where she gave me a treat at Le Le Hot Pot.

I woke up after our appointed time and cursed myself. Replied her message, managed to speak to her on the phone later and secured another appointment. I was very sorry about the incident and her magnanimous attitude didn’t help. I felt even more guilty!

SD suggested having fish head steamboat and her wish was my command 😉


Red Garoupa Fishhead Steamboat – S$28.80
This was small size.
Besides Garoupa, Promfet is also available.


Sambal Lala Clams S$10.
Not as spicy as they looked.


Guinness Stout Pork Ribs S$11.
Pulling away from the usual Pork Rib King (Pai Kuat Wong) which offers flavours like marmite and coffee.


Honeydew Prawns with Wasabi Mayo S$22.
A little too much mayonnaise for my liking.


White Beehoon S$6.50.
I’ve heard so much about “白米粉” ever since I got back to Singapore and never expected it to look like this.


Meal for 2.
We finished the Steamboat, the White Beehoon wasting some from the other dishes.
I did caution SD that we may have over ordered but I wasn’t going into an argument with her.
After all, it was her post BD celebration (she doesn’t know it) and I should be a good host.

1) Red Garoupa Fishhead Steamboat - S$28.80 2) Guinness Stout Pork Ribs S$11 3) Sambal Lala Clams S$10 4) Honewdew Prawns with Wasabi Mayo S$22 5) White Beehoon S$6.50 6) Wet Towels 40 cents

1) Red Garoupa Fishhead Steamboat – S$28.80
2) Guinness Stout Pork Ribs S$11
3) Sambal Lala Clams S$10
4) Honeydew Prawns with Wasabi Mayo S$22
5) White Beehoon S$6.50
6) Wet Towels 40 cents

We drove to Ang Mo Kio (AMK), the venue recommended by one of Sd’s girlfriend. The GPS on SD’s iPhone failed to give proper directions so I had to google for the postal code. We had the name of the stall and my search showed many reviews of Hualong Fishhead Steamboat. Most of the reviewers enjoyed the Honeydew Prawn claiming that its taste and presentation were good. I was reading the reviews to SD and we agree to try out this dish.

The road split at the junction and AMK Ave 3 was indicated on the left and right of the road signs. SD took to the right, “I’ll chance it”. We came to Ave 8 and thought we were lost but as luck have it, we were on the right track and found a multi-storey carpark just behind block 347.

There were 2 kopitiams but we only had to look out for the one crowded with diners. We waited a bit before we had a table.

The first dish that arrived on our table was the steamboat and SD quickly took a sip of the soup. She nodded her head to signal it was good. And it was but when we ran out of soup, the topping up wasn’t as tasty probably because the flavours from the fish were already infused in the first “brew”. The yams were “powdery” and we loved this kind of texture.

Clams and Sambal are one of my favourite ingredients and combining them would be heavenly but their sauce did not sit well with me. Also, I felt they were overcooked.

I liked the fragrant malty smell of Guinness Stout Pork Ribs. The tender ribs had some fats which we liked as they added extra oomph to the meat.

The Honeydew Prawns raved in the reviews… To me, it’s not a must-have. Sure, the prawns were big and fresh, came out hot and crispy and the melon and grapes were naturally sweet. I liked the savouriness of the bonito flakes. I found the dish to be overdressed, the sweet mayo overpowered the mentioned wasabi (in the menu). If you like it sweet, this is definitely for you.

SD did not want rice. No carbohydrates at night but when the lady offered White Beehoon, “It’s our signature dish”, SD relented. As for me, I wanted to try it badly. I have heard so much of it since my return to Singapore but never got a chance as You Huak’s Sembawang White Beehoon 三巴旺白米粉, supposedly the best place to eat White Beehoon, is so far from my place! Well, we did not regret ordering this – The braised vermicelli remained moist although they had absorbed the flavoursome broth almost entirely. And this was good as it meant the chef did not rush its cooking process. The dish had clams, pork slices, prawns, squid, fish and cabbage, topped with golden crisp garlic and a whole small lime. In fact, this was the best dish on our table. I wonder if SD would agree.

Now that I’m armed with a membership card, I would go back with my children, to try some dishes that I saw on others’ tables. The Salted Egg Yolk Chicken and Red Snapper with Eggplant in the claypot looked yummy. I must remember to ask them to tone down on the sweetness.

Membership costs nothing but entitles a 10% discount on future visits with a minimum spending of S$50 and above.

Membership costs nothing but entitles a 10% discount on future visits with a minimum spending of S$50 and above.


Lady on right in photo was the one who took our order and introduced us to White Beehoon.
SD and I are very pleased with her efficient and initiative service.

Hualong Fishhead Steamboat 华龙鱼头爐
Address: #01-2142, Blk 347,
Ang Mo Kio Ave 3.
Singapore 560347.

Tel:+65 6457 2275

Opening hours: Daily
11am – 2.30pm (lunch)
4.30pm – 11pm (dinner)

Happy eating and celebrating 🙂

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6 Responses to “Hualong Fishhead Steamboat 華龍魚頭爐”
  1. Lignum Draco says:

    You were concerned about over ordering ? Are you unwell? 🙂

    I hadn’t heard of white beehoon before.

  2. renxkyoko says:

    Everytime we dine at a Chinese reso, we always order a steamboat… without fail. Yummy.

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