Five & Dime Eatery

I was actually surprised that Mrs. Oh would stay out for coffee this late but we had room for some cakes after Chao Yue Xuan. We took the back lane but couldn’t find any parking along the residential estate so we went back onto the main road and voila, a spacious private free parking lot for Five & Dime’s patrons was found just immediately after the eatery.

Five & Dime Eatery

Mrs. Oh does not fully comprehend what I was doing.
She must be alarmed when I walked across the road (Yap was on the slope and the car reversed slightly nearly banging into me) to take this picture.

Five & Dime Eatery

Step inside and soak in the fusion vibes!

Five & Dime Eatery

Lunch and Dinner are served too.
I heard the Mentaiko Pasta and Braised Pork Belly are good.
Will have to brunch here sometime.

Five & Dime Eatery

Very old school treat which I used to eat during kindergarten days and is now getting the attention of retro-seeking youngsters.
These are Iced Gem Biscuits (花占餅).
In Malaya (S’pore & M’sia), we nicknamed them “Belly-button or Navel Biscuits” because of the semblance, topped with fairly lethal twirled pointy sugar icing which can easily hurt one’s upper palate if gobbled whole (and too many at one go).
Which would you start eating first? The biscuit or the icing?

花占餅 or Iced Gems, in English, were an accidental creation in 1850 by Huntley and Palmer which was then the emerging biscuit giant, in the town of Reading, Berkshire. Thomas Huntley liked the unexpected shrunken biscuits from their gone awry baking experiment that he christened them as Gems. In 1910, icing was introduced and Iced Gems became almost a must-have in every children’s birthday parties. It is now produced by Jacobs in the UK. In Singapore, these are manufactured by Khong Guan Biscuit Factory, our local biscuit giant, and packaged as Fancy Gems.

Five & Dime Eatery

Cafe Mocha served with a few Belly-button Biscuits but Adrian popped some into his mouth before I could take the shot.

Five & Dime Eatery

Adrian was teasing the friendly staff by telling her that Yap wanted a different “drawing” on his cafe mocha to distinguish it from Adrian’s latte.

Five & Dime Eatery

Mrs. Oh had a Long Black in short cup (background, coffee not shown) while I opted for timeless Earl Grey.
Tea? I’m surprised, too 😉 But there’s a reason.

Five & Dime-9581

Carrot Cake.
Agreeable but personally, it could be nicer if the cake was more moist, spicier and slathered on thicker cream cheese icing.

Five & Dime Eatery

Truff’s Earl Grey Chocolate Tart.
Limited portions available.
The crumbs atop were very crunchy and quite hard but I loved them to bits, literally!

Five & Dime Eatery

Did its name ring a bell?
I had earlier ordered a Ceylon Black Tea infused with bergamot oil and cream to match this tart that I was eyeing.

Have some? :)

Have some? 🙂

Five & Dime Eatery

This little booklet (Drinks Menu) brought me on a nostalgic trip to a time where my mom would send me grocery shopping in our estate’s provision shop, and debts were recorded in booklets like these until we pay up at the end of each month (dad’s pay day) – a common practise during the mid 90s.

If you had noticed, a coin is used as a visual representation of the Eatery's name. Five & Dime refers to a variety store where everything is sold for 5 or 10 cents. As such, a series of cheap goods are sold in the restaurant.

If you had noticed, a coin (rather abstract here, the circle where the & is inside) is used as a visual representation of the Eatery’s branding design.
Five & Dime refers to a variety store where everything is sold for 5 or 10 cents.
As such, a series of cheap goods will be/are sold in the restaurant.

Five & Dime Eatery

Five & Dime.
Lunch and Dinner are served, too.
I heard the Mentaiko Pasta and Braised Pork Belly are good.
Will have to brunch here sometime.

I like this place. Not only the tea, coffee, chocolate tart and service was good, it brought me back to my carefree days where a handful of Gem Belly-button biscuits cost only 10 cents!

Five & Dime Eatery

Address: 297 River Valley Rd,
Singapore 238338.

Tel:(+65) 9236 5002

Opening hours: Daily
Mon – Thu: 12pm – 10pm
Fri: Noon – Midnight
Sat: 10am – Midnight
Sun: 10am – 10pm

Happy eating 🙂

3 Responses to “Five & Dime Eatery”
  1. Looks like an interesting place … thanks for sharing a nostalgic memory.

  2. laurasmess says:

    Looks like a lovely place, despite the dry carrot cake! Retro cafe design is really big over here in Western Australia, too… it’s funny as the light fittings and some other fixtures at Five & Dime made me think that you could very easily be in a cafe right here in Perth! Glad that you survived the photo opportunity up the top (yikes!) and secondly, that the Earl Grey tart lived up to expectations! xx

    • Sam Han says:

      Thank you Laura. It was lovely to be in the cafe and think of daily my coffee break with my younger daughter when we were living in Melbourne. Thanks for the concern, I wasn’t entirely shaken afterwards but I should be more alert next time. Choco tart was delightful 🙂

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