Liang Zhao Ji Duck Rice 梁照记卤鸭粥鸭饭 @ Whampoa Makan Place

James had no time to put on his make up so brunching in trendy Orchard Road was out of the question 😉 We ended up eating at Whampoa which is about 10 minutes’ drive from my house.

When we arrived at the food centre, James asked, “What is good here?” I breathed the words “卤鸭饭” in Hokkien as my eyes glued in the direction of the long queue. It should be good right? I was quite sure no one would waste precious time lining up for something mediocre. This is also not a new stall, it has been around for decades and had a reputation for snaking queues.

James filed in and after 20 minutes, he came back with several plates; 2 duck rice, 1 duck porridge with a side of duck neck and gizzards. When he had a few mouthfuls, I asked if he liked his meal. James confided that he usually eats braised duck rice (鸭饭) from Serangoon. It was perhaps a friendly way to tell me that he wasn’t impressed with the clumpy flavoured rice (no yams detected on my plate). He did offered that the duck meat was surprisingly tender and moist despite the look.

Practising grandma-hood with Jameson while my friend, James Ng, queue for food.

I haven’t held a child for more than 20 years and it is time I re-learn how to babysit.
While my friend, James, queued for food, I took care of his son, Jameson.

Whampoa Mkt Duck Rice Stall-9164-2

Perpetual snaking queue at Liang Zhao Ji Duck Rice 梁照记鸭饭 @ Whampoa Makan Place.

Whampoa Mkt Duck Rice Stall-9149-2

Teochew Braised Duck Rice and Duck Porridge.
Side order of Neck and Gizzards.

Whampoa Mkt Duck Rice Stall-9147-2

Teochew Braised Duck Rice.

Whampoa Mkt Duck Rice Stall-9153-2

Braised Duck Neck and Gizzards.

Whampoa Mkt Duck Rice Stall-9155-2

Teochew Braised Duck (drumstick) with flavoured Rice

Whampoa Mkt Duck Rice Stall-James-9159-2

No flashing allowed but you can be my model.

Whampoa Mkt Duck Rice Stall-James and son-9163a-2

James and son waiting for me at a nearby grass patch when I went to do some take-aways for my children.
Interesting nugget: Whampoa is a romanisation of 黄埔, the name of an region of Guangdong, China. Since the adoption of pinyin in the People’s Republic of China in the mid-20th century, “Huangpu” has largely replaced “Whampoa”.
In Singapore, Whampoa is a district of the city. – Wikipedia
It is also a matured heartlanders’ housing estate.

Whampoa Mkt Duck Rice Stall-Jameson Ng-9158-2

Jameson is a very gentle child and perhaps James could loan him to me for practice every now and then.

To me, braised duck is quintessentially a Teochew dish. I am not sure what constitutes a delectable Teochew “Lor” (卤 – braising liquid) – is it supposed to be thick and syrupy sweet or is it supposed to be more watery and savoury with spicy (as in spices and not heat) undertones? At Liang Zhao Ji, the subtlety of 5-spice aromatics failed to permeate through the rice. The viscosity of the “lor” that was ladled onto the rice and duck meat was gooey thick but the taste, weak. It would be unfair to pronounce the duck as insipid and its texture did not require laborious mastication. Overall, this plate of duck rice had failed to wow me with their rice and gravy but I would buy the duck as a standalone dish. Oh yes, pack in those zesty chilli sauce, too!

Whenever I cook Lor Bak (卤肉 – the stewing liquid employs similar spices), Valerie will always remind me to go easy on the star anise, one of the 5 spices used. Likewise, if you prefer mild tasting less spicy “Lor”, this stall may prove ideal.

Liang Zhao Ji Duck Rice 梁照记卤鸭粥鸭饭
Address: (Whampoa Makan Place)
Block 90, #01-07,
Whampoa Drive.
Singapore 320090.

Happy eating 🙂

P.S. I found a very interesting stall (#01-54 Ah Hock Fried Oyster Hougang) in the middle row of Whampoa Makan Place selling Oyster Omelet – a local delight that most foreigners also found favourable. The tapioca solution is kept in an urn and the packaging for takeaways are Opeh leaves (which are the inner sheaths of the betel tree bark) that invariably invokes nostalgia tastes. I must return for it.

9 Responses to “Liang Zhao Ji Duck Rice 梁照记卤鸭粥鸭饭 @ Whampoa Makan Place”
  1. renxkyoko says:

    Valerie was right. Always go easy on the star anise. haha

  2. Lignum Draco says:

    That’s a lot of duck. I wouldn’t say no.

    Yes, get some practice holding babies again. 🙂

    • Sam Han says:

      I realised I do need lots of practise after taking care of him for 20 min. Lots of squirming in my arms. Must learn a trick or two to calm active children. Feeding them… That’s another story. Lol… 😀

  3. I agree with you! The duck rice fails to live up to its name.

    • Sam Han says:

      Actually I like Lim Seng Lee at S Buona Vista which closed and saw Derrick Tan’s review on the Sam Leong stall operated by Mr Ang. I might try there one day 🙂

  4. Food Esteem says:

    I can see why the queue… The gravy is sooooo omg..!!’ Hahah.. I must try too!

  5. Alan says:

    Decided to get 3 packet of duck rice from this stall. A bit reluctant at first as few experiences after eating you will feel very thirsty so u know what they put inside their food. Noticed she was placing a 20 cent coin size sambal chilly sauce in every pack so clearly you that it’s not going to be enough. She then place 2 packet of the sour chilly for a 3 packet rice. I asked for a packet of sambal chilly she rejected. She begin open up the packet and trying to explain all sorts of explanation. I argue the case politely that it’s 2 pack chillies for a 3 pack of rice. I offered to pay for a packet of the sambal chillies and she said it’s not a matter of cost. So if it’s not matter of cost then why can’t you give or sell me a packet of chilies then? A matter of weather? A matter of humanity? A matter of life and death? This is what is happen to our F&B industries, other than lack of service, overrated food and now sensitive to costs. Do I get a discount if I don’t want your chilly?

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