Lady M® Confections @ One Fullerton, Singapore

I did an introductory post on Lady M® Confections @ Marina Square recently when Vanessa and Sebastian went there. The photos of the cakes looked so good I’d promised myself to visit it soon. Last Sunday after a family meal of Japanese steamboat at Orchard Central, I finally got to Lady M® Confections @ One Fullerton as this was the branch with last orders at 10.30pm. That gave us enough time to cab down and enjoy some dessert without having to rush.

Uber chic bakeries, cafes and pâtisseries are sprouting like mushrooms in Singapore these couple of years and Lady M® from New York’s Upper East Side (founded in 2001) has broken into Asia and Singapore like a whirlwind. Who is she? I have no idea currently but will find out for myself asap after this Easter holiday.

Lady M was founded by Kumi Romaniszyn and her son, Ken Romaniszyn. Pastry Chef Ken, who is half-Japanese, sets out to bring the subtly sweet delicate flavours of Japanese confections to the U.S.

“The desserts are beautiful and delicious, but not too sweet,” says Ken Romaniszyn.

And on that note, Lady M’s iconic Mille Crêpes with over 20 layers of handmade paper-thin crêpes interlaced with delicately whipped cream have become the bakery’s signature creation. Ken’s other recommendations are Mont Blanc (French chestnut puree and cream), Strawberry Shortcake (ultra-fine flour for the vanilla sponge with dice strawberries and fresh whipped cream), Gateau Nuage or “Cloud Cake” in French is a whipped variation on the traditional cheesecake – the cheesecake is covered with powdered sugar-infused sour cream. Another favourite and must-eat is Checker (see picture and description below).

Lady M @ One Fullerton-6903-2

The decor of Lady M Singapore stores are intentionally kept to barren white walls so that the cakes stand out the most and thus become the focus of the whole shop.

Lady M @ One Fullerton-6905-2

Lady M® from New York’s Upper East Side was founded in 2001.
The flagship store at Marina Square, a 56-seater, is twice the size of Lady M’s original New York outlet at 2,000 sq ft while this outlet in One Fullerton at about 900 sq feet is positioned as late-night dessert bar.

Lady M @ One Fullerton Cher-6907-2

Vanessa stuck to her favourite Lady M’s Signature Vanilla Mille Crêpes and Valerie was still deciding.
In the end, Valerie chose Green Tea Mille Crêpes.

2014-04-27 Lady M Menu

Lady M® Confections – Cake Menu.
Whole cakes need advance order with 5 days’ lead time.

Lady M Vanilla Mille Crepes-6913-2

Lady M’s Signature Vanilla Mille Crêpes features no less than 20 divine paper-thin handmade crêpes layered with delicate light pastry cream that is gently caramelized on top until golden which produced a brittle crunch.
I found this a tad too sweet but Vanessa had eaten it thrice like them. I guess taste is subjective.

Lady M Green Tea Mille Crepes-6908-2

Green Tea Mille Crêpes topped with matcha powder was less sweet than their Vanilla version.
I peeled the crêpes off the creamy layers and discovered that they really were paper-thin.
I was too lazy to count and so I could not verify but I’ll gladly take their word for it that there were at least 20 layers of handcrafted delicious light and fluffy crêpes.
In comparison to the Vanilla version, I do like this better.

Lady M Checker-6919-2

Accordingly, the aptly-named Checker is one of Ken’s favourites at Lady M.
The cake is assembled with vanilla and chocolate sponge and is covered with smooth dark chocolate ganache.
We liked the smooth chocolate covering but the cake itself seemed ordinary.
I also felt that there was too much cream in the cake.

Lady M Gateau Aux Marrons-6916-2

Gateau Aux Marrons.
Almond flour cake with whipped cream and chestnut cream.
I do find the whipped cream and cake ratio al little off for my liking but I do like their chestnut cream.

Lady M Tarte Aux Fruits-6923-2

Tarte Aux Fruits.
This is not a must-try recommended by Ken but I ordered it for the lovely colourful presentation that was catchy to my eyes.

Lady M Tarte Aux Fruits-6925-2

Tart pastry topped with vanilla custard, blueberries, strawberries, raspberry, mango and kiwi.

Lady M Tarte Aux Fruits-6929-2

The financier base was a little dense and dry for my taste.
I preferred it to be “crumblier” with more organic almond taste in their base and more generous serving of the vanilla custard.

Our bill totalled S$50 exactly after taxes.

Our bill totalled S$50 exactly after taxes.

The overall experience was not earth shaking for me but I know that if Vanessa is craving for Vanilla Mille Crêpes, this is the place she’ll come… For now. And I still do not know who is Lady M 😉

Lady M® Confections @ One Fullerton
Address: 1 Fullerton Road, #01-10,
Singapore 049213.

Tel: (+65) 6820 0830

Happy eating 🙂

P.S. Yesterday, I attended Hermès Event 29 April 2014 – Men On The Move. I was sick halfway through and had to leave earlier. I am now hoping that Vanessa may have some spare photos for me to do a post.

I will be flying off to Seoul later in the day. See you soon. Have a great week ahead.

5 Responses to “Lady M® Confections @ One Fullerton, Singapore”
  1. laurasmess says:

    Hm, interesting. I’ve never heard of Lady M and upon reading the post I don’t feel inclined to visit. But then again, I’m not really a cake person (more into chocolate and… chocolate. Yum). I did get a little excited about the prospect of ‘crepes’ but a cold cake version is a little disappointing! There’s nothing like fresh ultra-thin crepes wrapped around warm Nutella and strawberries, straight from a crepe vendor! Glad that you guys had an opportunity to try the famed confectioner though! The minimalist branding is rather classy 🙂 Sorry to hear you were sick during the Hermes event! Poor thing! xx

    • Sam Han says:

      Hi Laura, thanks for your concern. It was really bad as I blacked out twice. My children freaked out. I am all better now after lots of fresh air, water and some sleep. Looking forward to my travel later. Have a great week ahead 🙂

  2. Mr. Masayuki Sato says:

    Thank you very much for promoting us! Kumi-san will be happy for your article!

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