Ju Feng Garden Kitchen 聚丰园小厨 – Crab Promotion

Singaporeans, in general, loves seafood and crabs seemed to be an all time favourite. Some of my friends saw my posting of Ju Feng’s crab promotion on Bonding Tool’s Facebook page and got excited. They wanted to know if S$29 for 3 crabs is a worthy deal. “How big are the crabs?”

What you see is what you get I told them but it was difficult to judge the size from photos so I made an arrangement for dinner on Sunday, a day after I’d return from Kukup, with Desmond, Gean and Jel.

Desmond was working late that night and by the time he arrived, we were the last cze char diners along with a few scattered people ordering one dish meals, probably their supper. Luckily, I had called Mdm Zhao in advance to “chope” (reserve) 3 crabs. That’s very important if you are going to Ju Feng specifically for a crab meal as when I called an hour later (7pm) to ask for another set of 3 crabs, all had been sold out.

I had conditions that night, lol… I told my makan kakis that I would like to have different dishes from my recent trip here so I could review Ju Feng’s other items on my blog. They were very nice about it and let me have my way.

Ju Feng Garden Kitchen-6472-2

Crispy Skin Tofu (S$8) is one of Chef Ah Liang’s specialty.
I had this as a complimentary dish last time and they were so good I felt my friends should eat this as they are not available else where.

Ju Feng Garden Kitchen-6477-2

Steamed Baby Squid – S$10.

I got very excited when Mdm Zhao said that they had the baby squid in stock. I love squid of all sizes cooked in any style!

One can have deep-fried baby squid from a cze char anytime but in the case of any steamed dishes, total freshness of the ingredients make a huge difference and steamed baby squid is no different. The only setback is that fresh baby squid is a rare find.

Ju Feng Garden Kitchen-6483-2

Quick stewed Spinach with Silver Baits – S$10.

The “cooked-just-right” vegetables retained their vibrant dark green hue. The crispy fried silver baits lent the broth a sweetness we were happy to consume it as standalone soup. There were diced century egg, hen eggs and wolfberries in this delightful semi-tonic dish.

Ju Feng Garden Kitchen-6488-2

滑蛋米粉 – Wahd Dan Maifun (S$4).
Literally means Vermicelli with smooth egg.

Jeline was craving for horfun (broad flat rice noodles similar to kway teow) but it was sold out. We had to make do with maifun (beehoon or vermicelli) and I asked for the addition of egg ribbons.

There’s sliced fish cakes, tender pork, a couple of prawns and nappa cabbage instead of the usual mustard greens (chye sim). The ingredients/noodle ratio and seasoning were good but it could do very much better had there been a nice wok hei.

Ju Feng Garden Kitchen-6500-2

Herbal Chicken – S$18.

I must have a meat dish in any cze char and Ju Feng’s crispy Har Jiong Gai (Fermented Shrimp Paste Chicken Wings) which I had the last trip was one of the better ones if not the best that I have eaten.

Naturally, I informed Jeline of it as a must-try item and she was eager to have it but Mdm Zhao informed us that Ju Feng introduced the Herbal Chicken today and so I had to try it.

Last month, I had “Yao Cai Ji” (Emperor Chicken, that’s what Malaysians called it) from two restaurants in Johor Bahru and was eager to taste Ju Feng’s new launch for comparison’s sake.

This dish did not fail me. It was just as good, even better I should say but my personal preference was for them not to add too much starch in the gravy as I would love to drink it as a tonic soup since Ju Feng did not stinge on the herbs. The medicinal aroma was filling the air and warming our body as we tucked in.

Ju Feng Garden Kitchen-6495-2

Creamy Butter Crabs is not the same as Butter Crabs which we had the last trip.

When I arrived at Ju Feng and went to Mdm to confirmed that 3 crabs had been reserved, she said, “Yes, yes, I have them reserved and this time round you’ll be having it creamy butter style?” She remembered!

Ju Feng Garden Kitchen-6493-2

The promotion on crabs are still ongoing at 2 crabs for S$25 and 3 for S$29.

The Creamy Butter Crabs were delicious! There were two cooking method involved. The deep-frying of the lightly flour dusted crabs and then mixing it up in the delicious sweet and savoury velvety smooth sauce. It is not as innocent as it sound “creamy butter” for the crabs can be really spicy if one is not careful enough and bite into the chilli padi seeds. The employment of curry leaves heightened the aroma of the dish. The initial enjoyment of the crustaceans slowly build up its tempo until they reach a climax and hit my friends’ umami spot over and over again. My only grouse? Not enough sauce for us to mop up the delicious gravy with our mantou. Please load up on the sauce!

We had 6 mantou (Chinese buns) and 2 plain rice not shown in post.

We had 6 mantou (Chinese buns) and 2 plain rice not shown in post.

Ju Feng Garden Kitchen 聚丰园小厨
Address: Block 7, #01-105,
Tanjong Pagar Plaza.
Singapore 081007.
Tel: (+65) 9325 7816

Operating hours: 11am – 11pm
Economic Rice starts from lunch till early evening.
Cze Char is only available for dinner now (5.30pm – 11pm)

Update of address as of 2016:
Address: Blk 318 Jurong East Street 31 #01-40 Singapore Singapore (7 minutes walk from Chinese Garden MRT station)
GPS: 1.347477, 103.730766 / 1°20’50.9″N 103°43’50.8″E
Hours: 11:00am – 2:30pm, 5:00pm – 11:00pm
Tel: 9325 7816

Happy eating 🙂

See my recent visit to Ju Feng Garden Kitchen here.

P.S. I am getting lots of enquiries from friends about Ju Feng that I may frequent there more than I intended. I wonder when my dream dinner at Sik Bao Sin will be realised and I sincerely hope the eatery would not disappoint when I finally have a chance to visit.

4 Responses to “Ju Feng Garden Kitchen 聚丰园小厨 – Crab Promotion”
  1. audreyyoung7 says:

    That crispy tofu looks AMAZING!

  2. sgfoodonfoot says:

    The food here really looks good. I should plan a day to makan here.

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