Starker Fresh Beer Singapore (Stärker Frisches Bier) @ Zhongshan Park

Ever since Vanessa started work, I haven’t been able to spend much quality alone-time with her but I was fortunate last night. We happened to be online at the same time and I asked her where she was.

“At work, but I can leave any time”.

“Nom nom nom?” I typed into the chat box, not really expecting her to oblige an old lady but she replied “Where, eat what?”

It was already very late in the evening and we would not be able to make it in time to any proper restaurants so my mind was racing to find a place that would be opened till late yet has a menu to keep her interested.

“Zhongshan Park, there’s a pub I’ve been wanting to check out. I hear the food is great.”

“Okay, see you there in 15 minutes.”

Whoa! That’s a bit of a hurry. I’m not attired to go out immediately. To cut the long story short, we went to Starker Fresh Beer Singapore and reached there around 9.10pm.


Starker Fresh Beer Singapore at Zhongshan Park.


Beer drums decorating the wall on the stairway leading to the second floor.


The upper level – where there’s low tables and seats conducive for dinner.


According to the waiter, Beer (stock) arrives twice weekly from Malaysia and if the batch was not right, there would be days when beer is not served.


Pint of Aromatics – S$14.90


Derived from the German word that means ‘stronger’, Starker literally revives an old world style of beer drinking, offering you a strong, unrivaled taste of truly fresh beer that many beer connoisseurs have missed for generations.

Traditionally brewed from malted barley and wheat, the German-style fresh beer has a Malty-sweet taste with fruity hints, and blends delicately with the herbal aroma of the traditional German hops. When left unfiltered and unpasteurised, it gives way to a full-bodied, clean and crisp after-taste that smoothes all the way through to take down the toughest thirst.

Brewed for a shelf-life of only 7 days and served straight from the keg, Starker is best consumed at 3°Celsius for your maximum pleasure. Beer so cool and taste so revitalising, let the ‘fresh’ experience begin right away.

Gold award for Lager Beer Fest Asia 2010,2011,2012.

Gold award for Dunkel International Beer Fest 2012.

– Starker Fresh Beer Singapore

As we were settling down at our table, someone came up to me. It was my cousin! She was surprised that only Vanessa and I came (without Valerie and Ryan). After a couple minutes of small talk, Sharon prescribed Aromatics (beer) for a start, food wise, she endorsed the Sampler Platter but was quick to say they ran out of it tonight. Hmmm… My cuz was so familiar with Stark’s menu, you would think she works there. Back on track, she recommended the Baby Back Ribs, Lamb Shank and I interrupted… I told her I am a little conscious of lamb’s gamey-ness these days and would sit out on the lamb.

The waiter came and since we were adequately prepped by my cuz, we wasted no time in ordering our food. The last mains took a bit of time as Vany and I couldn’t decide if we should have the burger, the beef tenderloin or… I was doing a quick scan of the plethora of listed items on the food menu when finally my roaming eyes rested on Seafood Aglio Olio. The drinks menu remained untouched.


This was the last item we order but first to arrived.
It was also the best executed dish on our table.


We requested for the food to come at the same time and they did.


Freshly Baked Bread – S$5.80


Calamari – S$8.80


Baby Back Ribs – S$22.80

I liked the food and the service.<br /> Half way through our meal, the waiter came with a frozen beer mug and transferred my beer into the new glass.<br /> That's what I call good service!

I liked the food and the service.
Half way through our meal, the waiter came with a frozen beer mug and transferred my beer into the new glass.
That’s what I call good service!


Seafood Aglio Olio – S$24.80

Bill totaled S$92.50 after taxes.

Bill totaled S$92.50 after taxes.

Interestingly enough, the beer my cousin urged me to try was Aromatics and not Lager or Dunkel, both which had won gold awards. If you have tried Hoegaarden wheat beer before, Aromatics tasted similar but had more body and hinted lightly of sweet fruits. This alcoholic beverage was smooth and not too gassy. My kind of beer. Cheers, Sharon!

The Fresh Bread offered two types of dough, sliced and toasted Ciabatta and Focaccia, with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar. Not bad but we preferred them to be in the form of warm crusty dinner rolls.

The Calamari was ordinarily above average. Lightly battered and deep-fried till golden without being greasy. Served with a wedge of Lemon, negligible side of Mesclun and not too rich Tartar Sauce. I liked the tartar.

The Baby Back Ribs came on a bed of British Fries (thick-cut), salad and a small pot of BBQ Sauce. The meat was fall-off-the-bone yet it wasn’t very tender. Slightly dry on the ends but luckily not stringy. The BBQ sauce (basted on meat and the extra given) was not great. No socks came off.

The crowning dish, Vany and I both agree, was the Seafood Aglio Olio. The Capellini was al dente, the dish spicy and flavoursome. I especially liked the texture of the Scallops (not a favourite food) which bothered near that of a squid (a favourite food). The Mussels were succulent but the Prawns although very fresh was not firm enough for my liking. The Rockets gave this common dish a different twist and aroma when eaten. This is definitely a dish I would go back for.

After dinner, Vany and I sat by the beautifully landscaped park. We talked about her work and things on a more personal level. I’m really grateful she made time for me.


Starker Fresh Beer Singapore.

Starker Fresh Beer Singapore (Stärker Frisches Bier)
Address: 1 Jalan Rajah (Balestier Road),
#01-02, Zhongshan Park.
Singapore 329133.

Tel: (+65) 6734 1810.

Happy bonding 🙂

4 Responses to “Starker Fresh Beer Singapore (Stärker Frisches Bier) @ Zhongshan Park”
  1. Great post Samantha. The pasta is making me very hungry and the beer looked delicious. All your description of Singapore is making me reminisce my short stay over January. Can’t wait to go back!!!

  2. Lignum Draco says:

    nom nom nom 🙂 The food looks delicious.

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