The Ultimate Proposal At Senso Ristorante & Bar

9th March 2014.

My mobile beeped. A text message.

“Hi Ms Han, can I reserve you for dinner this Saturday at 8pm?”

The message was from Ryan.

Vanessa had warned me last year before they left for Korea. “You must have seen it coming, mom.”

“See what coming?”

“They have been together for years!”

Ryan wanted to break the good news to me earlier, in Phuket, but he told Valerie he would wait till we got back to Singapore where he could ask me in a nice restaurant.

“Sorry, no reservations. Sorry, we are fully booked till infinity…” I was running scared!

Yes, I knew… Deep in my heart I knew but I wasn’t ready to let go of my little girl.

“Your little girl who is, now what? 25 years old?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I hear you.” That’s what I said to my girlfriend when we had dinner at En Japanese Dining Bar weeks ago.

“She’s not so little anymore. Be happy for her!” My friend begged.

And so I got myself ready for 15th March 2014. That week was an emotional roller coaster ride for me. I would be happy and then sad… Saturday made its entrance unceremoniously.

I woke up late in the afternoon. I deliberately took a long time to shower and change. I intended to text the children to tell them that there’s no cab and that I couldn’t make it on time and after a few minutes, I would tell them that I’d give up calling the cab company and that there’s no way I could go to Senso, the appointed venue.

In order not to feel guilty, I did drag myself to the street and waited for a cab. There were plenty of taxis that evening. Unusual. But the gods are on their side!

I arrived on time and was led to an elegant table near a corner. The cuisine? Italian. Fine dining no less! He’s trying to score points here. Don’t let your guards down now mommy. Dating is one matter but engaged to be married is another!

Since Ryan was trying to win my daughter’s hand in marriage with a dinner, I shall let the dinner be his fate.

“I hope you had bribed the chef, the maître d’ and the sommelier.” I smiled at Ryan from across the table while I whispered that thought in my mind.

Ristorante Senso

Warm dinner rolls.
Olio dip with balsamic vinegar upon request.
We loved the rustic warm rolls and wondered if these were made from scratch.
I didn’t asked. I had other questions for Ryan on my mind.

Ristorante Senso

Complimentary appetiser offered by the restaurant to “entertain the mouth”.

Ristorante Senso

Goose Liver ‘Rougié’ – S$32.
Goose Liver ‘Rougié’ is pan-seared with caramelized poached Pear in Spices, Wine and Balsamico di Modena Vinegar.
The sweet soft pear complemented the buttery smooth foie gras really well.

Ristorante Senso

Parma Ham 18 Months – S$26.
Pan-fried Buffalo Mozzarella wrapped in Parma Ham, served with Black Olives Tapenade.
I highly recommend that you try the soft chewy buffalo encased in crispy pan-fried parma.

Ristorante Senso

Linguine – S$30.
Linguine ai frutti di mare in Salsa al Vermentino Sardo.
Ryan had Linguine Pasta with mixed Seafood in Spicy Sardinian Vermentino White Wine sauce.
His preference is tomato-based but this one with juicy succulent seafood had him at hello.

Ristorante Senso

Taglierini – S$34.
Taglierini neri o bianchi fatti in casa all’Astice con Peperoncino e basilico fresco.
There’s a choice of white pasta (original) but I think Valerie made the wise decision to pair the Boston Lobster, Chilli flakes and fresh Basil with al dente Squid Ink (Black).
I had some of it and could taste the wondrous ocean in this seafood dish.

Ristorante Senso

Mash that came with my dinner was so light it’s almost like eating cotton candy.
No guilty feeling if I were to order panna cotta for dessert later.

Ristorante Senso

8-Hour Braised Beef Cheek ‘Al Cacciatore’ – S$38.
Guancia di manzo brasata “Alla cacciatore” con funghi, crostino di pane Carota glassata & Senso purea.

Ristorante Senso

The Beef Cheek was so delicate and fork tender that not only did it melted in my mouth, it managed to soften my heart.

Valerie knew I loved German Riesling, and made sure Fritz Hasselbach (2011) was served during dinner.

Valerie knew I loved German Riesling, and made sure Fritz Hasselbach (2011) was served during dinner.

The expatriate sommelier (I think he’s from Tunisia) came and chatted with me every now and then. He told me his daughter would be visiting Singapore and he would be having lunch with her at Senso, the very place he works at. He went on to say there’s nothing more important than family, blah, blah blah… A very nice and amiable man. Wait a minute! Was this conversation planned?

Yup, I got all teary during dinner so much so we couldn’t continue with dessert. There goes my panna cotta. The chief waiter came and asked if we cared for some of their delightful brew and sweets. I blushed in between embarrassed sobs and forced laughter, promising to return sometime for their Sunday brunch.

The food was excellent! It has to be in order to convert me… To give Valerie’s hand away, to give Ryan my blessings wholeheartedly. The ultimate proposal at Senso Ristorante & Bar.

Congratulations! Ryan was nervous.

Ryan was nervous.

축하해요! Congratulations!<br /> This time, the words sank in and Ryan broke into a big smile.

축하해요! Congratulations!
This time, the words sank in and Ryan broke into a big smile.

Ryan and Valerie got engaged on the 15th March 2014. The Facebook got the year wrong!

Ryan and Valerie got engaged on the 15th March 2014.
The Facebook got the year wrong!

We are counting down to the big day!

We are counting down to the big day!

Ristorante Senso

Senso Ristorante & Bar

Senso Ristorante & Bar
Address: 21 Club Street,
Singapore 069410.

Tel: (+65) 6224 3534.

Happy celebrating 🙂

4 Responses to “The Ultimate Proposal At Senso Ristorante & Bar”
  1. renxkyoko says:

    OMG, that’s so sweet ! Asking for her hand in marriage ! * swoons *

  2. wingedprisms says:

    haha – Yay! Congratulations Semi! This is an emotional and wonderful time of life. Your family has just grown.

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