A Tribute to Tony’s New Blog ING

Now you may wonder what ING is… It is Instant Noodle Grader, my friend and blogging idol, Tony’s new project!

By now most of you are familiar with Tony of Johor Kaki Blog. I have been to Johor several times with him and have always enjoyed good food there because of his guide.

Why does Tony want to eat and grade Instant Noodles? Here’s what he has to say…

I am Tony, born and bred in 1960s Singapore.

Like anyone from this region, I grew up with instant noodles alongside food from a rich melting pot of Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, Indian, other Asian culinary traditions, as well as Western cuisines.

We are accustomed to riots of colours, tastes, flavours, fragrances, aromas and textures.

Coming from a region of rich street food culture, freshly cooked food whipped up by street hawkers would always be my first food choice. But, instant noodles are hard to beat during emergencies and snack attacks, anytime of the day or night. Indeed, many of us have tales about how instant noodles had been our life saver in such times.

Love it or loathe it, many of us have eaten lots of instant noodles in our time.

During our years in school, for instance, instant noodles were the staple food of hard pressed, cash strapped students because it is cheap and convenient. Instant noodles, though a modern invention, enjoy a status like rice in our communities.

I’ve lived in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and Canada as well as travel frequently, especially in the Asia Pacific. Instant noodles were and still are my familiar travel companions.

As I still enjoy instant noodles regularly, I decided to keep a systematic record and rigorously grade the noodles that I have eaten. Hopefully, this makes choosing instant noodles easier, for you and for me.

For this blog, the noodles are prepared following the instructions on the packet to the letter. I use only what is provided in the packet. Nothing is added.

I assign the noodles a grade on a scale of 10 points. The perfect instant noodle scores 10 points. I assign points based on the quality of noodles, broth, sauce, ingredients, garnishing, flavours, aromas, ease of preparation, healthfulness, pricing and a few other factors for a balanced, rounded assessment.

I hope that Instant Noodle Grader enhances your enjoyment of instant noodles. – Tony’s ING Blog

I do not know how to grade instant noodles or any food systematically but I will just describe my taste experience.

Seafood Party

Seafood Party

Ingredients, cooking directions and nutritional value on back of packaging.

Ingredients, cooking directions and nutritional value on back of packaging.

The white package contained dried vegetables and some squid.

The white package contained dried vegetables and some squid.

The block of noodles was a decent serving for a meal on its own.

The block of noodles was a decent serving for a meal on its own.

If I am not mistaken (my Chinese is not fantastic), the serving size for this 62.5g is supposedly two servings.

If I am not mistaken (my Chinese is not fantastic), the serving size for this 62.5g is supposedly two servings.

The packaged garnishing ingredients and seasonings.

The packaged garnishing ingredients and seasonings.

4 minutes at 850 watts in microwave oven.

4 minutes at 850 watts in microwave oven.

My camera is down and needed repair work to which I have been procrastinating (sending it to the service centre) for the longest time so I have been out of action lately (no makan outings) but where there’s a will there’s a way. Last night or rather this morning since it was after midnight, I managed to dig out an old point and shoot from yesteryears, a Canon Ixus, and although it does not produce photographs with the clarity I had hoped for, it gets the job done for now. I was wondering what I could do with it, the camera, and saw some instant noodles in my kitchen. Yes, my house is well-stocked with instant noodles, especially the Korean variety. So this post is born 😉

I wanted to take pictures according to what I think Tony might be doing for his blog but I got lazy, lol…

Anyway, let’s get to the taste!

I didn’t follow the instructions to the letter as Tony would. I didn’t use stove cooking method and I didn’t follow the water amount either. Instead I had cooked my noodles with about 400ml of water in a bowl, microwaved at 850 watts for 4 minutes, turning the block once half way through the cooking duration.

The seasoning powder was a little “fishy” when I poured them onto the noodle but it turned out okay at the end of cooking. The noodles were chewy as is the expected characteristics of Korean ramyun. The spicy soup base had acceptable heat and perhaps because I did not use as much water as indicated, the broth was slightly murky (thicker viscosity – which I don’t really fancy) and saltish, but not overly, which I liked.

I wasn’t hungry when I cooked this packet of noodles but I managed to eat all of it so that said something. The Seafood Party brand was delicious enough!

Is this packaging really two servings??? Now I know why its a decent size!

See Tony’s new blog Instant Noodle Grader here.

See Tony’s Johor Kaki Blog here.

See Instant Noodles post here.

My most recent instant noodle meal prior to this was on 14th Feb 2014:

This what is you get when you don't have a Valentine's date.

This what is you get when you don’t have a Valentine’s date.
This photo was taken with a Canon 5D MkIII and Sigma Art Lens 35mm.

Happy noodling 🙂

9 Responses to “A Tribute to Tony’s New Blog ING”
  1. Laura Lynn says:

    I like the look of your noodle dish. I had tortellini for dinner tonight so we are simpatico, friend!

  2. alamak, i had the same idea. But I was thinking of doing 1 blog post only.

  3. Lignum Draco says:

    OK, how on earth can he grade instant noodles? Aren’t they all the same.

    You mean I’ll have to start buying a different brand from my chicken flavoured Nissin Damae Ramen noodles? I always add to it though – plain is too plain. 🙂

  4. Lignum Draco says:

    I just took a peek at his blog – he must love instant noodles. 🙂

  5. Went to Tony’s blog…no follow button…why I use WordPress not Blogger…
    Lazy as I am, never did too many instant noodles and with the sodium levels
    in these products I don’t think my cardiologist would approve.
    Love, hugs and blessings…ME and the Boss

    • Sam Han says:

      Lol… Michael. I find blogspot a little difficult to use although many of my blogger friends find it easier. You can follow Tony on google+ or subscribe to his blog or simply bookmark it. 😀

      Because they are unhealthy, that’s precisely why Tony is doing the taste testing for those who “needed” to eat them occasionally and why not the best?

      Thanks for letting me know what you thought 😀

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