Happy Chinese Valentine’s Everyone!

十五晚 (“Chap Goh Mei” in Hokkien dialect) is a term used to mark the end of the Chinese New Year celebration.

Chap Goh Mei is literally the 15th night of the 1st month of the lunisolar year. It is the last day of the Spring Festival (CNY) and also known as 元宵节 (Yuanxiao Jie) which is the Chinese version of Valentine’s Day.

Do you know the story of 元宵 (Yuan Xiao) and why we eat them? In Singapore, eating 汤圆 (Tangyuan) is more common than eating Yuan Xiao as most of our Chinese ancestors were from Southern China.

Click here to read the interesting stories on Yuan Xiao.

Coincidentally, this year’s Yuan Xiao falls on the same day as the Gregorian calendar’s Valentine’s Day.

Does it mean I’m going to eat a big feast to end the CNY celebration, be invited to a candlelight dinner and get two gifts for Valentine’s? Fat hope 😉

And talking about hopes fat or skinny, the toto (lottery) for today’s draw is S$10 million dollars! I am very tempted to go out and get myself a ticket but I think I stay home and be contented with eating this box of chocolate.

Happy Valentine's Everyone!

Happy Valentine’s Everyone!

As promised in my previous post, here is the story of 月下老人 (Yue Xia Lao Ren) – The Old Man Under The Moon.

月下老人 or 月老 (Yue Lao) for short is the Chinese equivalent to the West’s Cupid. He was the so-called god who unites people in marriage and had the power to make people fall in love like cupid. In modern times, when a person (male or female) is called 月下老人, s/he is likened to the legendary matchmaker from ancient China.

Story has it that once upon a time in the Tang Dynasty, a promising young man named Wei Gu was spending time in town with his servant when he ran into an elderly man who was then reading a book under the moonlight. Wei Gu asked what the book was about. The old man replied that the book was magical, “this book in my hand tells whether a person will get married or not and if so, who he will marry.”

Of course, Wei Gu did not credit the old man and mocked him. Slighted, the old man took Wei Gu to meet his future wife. She was a 3 year old girl carried by an older woman coming towards their way. Seeing that the girl was so ugly, Wei Gu, although disbelieving, decided to get rid of her for good measure. He instructed his manservant to kill the little girl. The servant thrust a small knife into the little girl and ran away.

Fourteen years later, Wei Gu finally got married to the daughter of the prime minister. Her beauty was beyond description and they lived happily for many years.

One day, while they were at the pavilion watching the full moon, the wife signed heavily. Wei Gu asked her what’s wrong. She related to him that she remembered a night just like this. The moon was shining brightly and her nanny maid had brought her out to town when a mad man tried to hurt her. She was 3 years old then. That’s when Wei Gu realised that the elderly man was right.

Do you believe in 缘分 (Yuan Fen) – predestined relationship?

Happy Valentine’s Everyone! 😀

Check out the recipe for Love at First Bite here.

Enjoy what SIA, our national carrier, has put up at Changi International Airport Terminal 3 for you.

11 Responses to “Happy Chinese Valentine’s Everyone!”
  1. laurasmess says:

    What a cool story. Thanks for sharing it Sam! Hm… as for predestination, I don’t really believe it in personally. My husband and I both feel that there are probably many people in this world that we could commit ourselves to, for better or for worse… but we’re more compatible with some people than others. That doesn’t sound very romantic, does it? I guess I should add that for Aaron and I, we had no doubts that we wanted to marry each other… which was a first for me. We felt like we just ‘clicked’ and we’ve been happy ever since! Hope that you have a wonderful Valentines and last day of CNY! Double the food and celebration definitely sounds grand! xx

  2. Lignum Draco says:

    I didn’t know that story. I hope you do have a Happy Valentine’s Day.

    • Sam Han says:

      Happy Valentine’s Draco!
      Like I said, fat hope. My camera’s SD card slot is not working and I have been out of action. I tried using the Fuji 100s but was an idiot with it. No camera, no dinner 😦
      Hope you had a better evening 😀

  3. I bought 3 Sys 7 for tonight’s toto! Huat ah! Happy Valentine’s Day to you too 🙂

  4. Thai Village says:

    Happy valentines and happy lantern festival.


  5. Jessica says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day a little late, Sam!!

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