Cross Way Bay Hong Kong Roasted Meat 尖沙嘴港式烧臘 @ Tampines, Singapore

As healthy and careful as Singaporeans are with their diets, Siew Yoke (烧肉 or roast pork belly), to the Chinese, is still a hot favourite!

Uncle Smart said he knew of a place that serves very good Siew Yoke in Tampines. This claim had the attention of Kf Seetoh, who responded by joining us for lunch on this day.

Cross Way Bay Roast Meat

Kf Seetoh and Uncle Smart.

It had better be good… For Kf Seetoh is THE Guru of Grub.

Today, Seetoh and Makansutra collectively is a Singapore food institution, with books, television programs, websites and an app. His makan-team consists of 30 full-time employees plus a cadre of volunteers who are profoundly passionate about food. It’s uncontested that Seetoh’s contributions to food knowledge and accessibility is unparalleled in Singapore. He has promoted the nation’s cuisines into the world-renowned phenomenon that it is today. Many say that this accomplishment alone puts him in a special, iconic place. “Anyone who’s anyone in the world of Singapore food knows Seetoh,” says irreverent food rogue, Anthony Bourdain. The New York times has written about him. Martha Stewart insists that he be her guide whenever she visits and has had him cook laksa live on her TV show. The list goes on and on. – Foodwalkers

Cross Way Bay Roast Meat

Uncle Smart chatting with hawker Martin, owner of the Cross Way Bay Roast Meat.

KF Seetoh & Sam Han-8854-

It’s time to chow down and give verdict after that.
Drum roll please!

Click on the galleries below for full view and some commentary:

Cross Way Bay Roast Meat

A typical Hong Kong style Roast Meat stall in Kopitiams.

Cross Way Bay Roast Meat

Roast Duck.

Cross Way Bay Roast Meat

Roast Pork Belly a.k.a. Siew Yoke.

Cross Way Bay Roast Meat

Tony Johor Kaki, Kf Seetoh and Yummicraft (first row) & Soundman and Pinky Piggu, in pink, of course!

Cross Way Bay Roast Meat

Dipping sauces for the different roast meats.

Cross Way Bay Roast Meat

Chicken Rice is also known as Oily Rice (油 饭) a literal translation from the Cantonese dialect.

Cross Way Bay Roast Meat

Duck Soup with Radish.

Cross Way Bay Roast Meat

Charsiu – Chinese BBQ Pork.

Cross Way Bay Roast Meat

Roast Chicken.

Cross Way Bay Roast Meat

Roast Duck.

Cross Way Bay Roast Meat

Siew Yoke (烧肉 or roast pork belly)

Cross Way Bay Roast Meat

The legendary Kf Seetoh (of Makansutra) – the Shepard of Singapore’s Street Food.
His most famous Singalish quote “Die Die Must Try” means you have to eat it 🙂

Cross Way Bay Roast Meat

It was and always will be an honour to be able to eat with Kf Seetoh.

Chicken Rice a.k.a Oily Rice was not oily even though the name suggests that. There was distinctive gingery aroma from the rhizome used. If I had not eaten earlier (we had chicken rice half an hour earlier in another food court), I would gladly have a second helping of this delectable fluffy rice dish. The two types of Chilli dipping sauces complemented the roasts well.

The savoury Duck & Radish Soup was gratifying except for the radish, which was bitter tasting.

Roast Duck – unfortunately, I did not get to taste this dish and so cannot comment on it. Can you believe that this platter eluded me???

Roast Chicken, according to Yummicraft, “So delicious indeed! I like the sauce, which is not the usual soya sauce and sesame seed oil combo.” I agree with him wholeheartedly that this was one of the better roast chicken I have tasted to date.

Although the marination and char-grilled Brazilian pork was well executed, the Charsiu, though not overly dry, was nothing to shout about. It was too lean for our liking as we preferred marbled meat. Few of us was debating if the wrong cut was used on this day. Still, it was a tasty treat and good news for those on non-visible fat diets.

Roast Pork Belly, the reason for this outing, passed with flying colours! Everyone nodded their head in agreement that it was the best they had eaten. The crackling was light as air (Tony JK’s description) and crumbled instantly in my mouth. The meat was juicy, and tasted both sweet and savoury at the same time. Every mastication dispatched absolute satisfaction. The pleasure of hitting the umami spot over and over again sent all at the table to high heavens.

Kf Seetoh did enjoyed himself and even had a take-away of the Siew Yoke.

Thank you, Smart, for this recommendation 😀

Cross Way Bay Hong Kong Roasted Meat 尖沙嘴港式烧臘
Address: (Inside Food Loft Kopitiam),
#01-205, Blk 476,
Tampines Street 44.
Singapore 520476.

Happy discovering 🙂

Tong Tong Cross Way Bay Hong Kong Roast Meat 糖糖尖沙咀港式烧臘. Click on picture to be redirected to Map.

Tong Tong Cross Way Bay Hong Kong Roast Meat 糖糖尖沙咀港式烧臘.
Click on picture to be redirected to Map.

Update: Cross Way Bay has moved to JB, Malaysia and is now called:
Tong Tong Cross Way Bay 糖糖尖沙咀港式烧臘.
Address: 125, Jalan Keris Satu,
Taman Sri Tebrau,
Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Opening hours: (Closed on alternative Mondays)
10am – 9pm

To read Tony’s review click here.

Click here to see write-up on Kf Seetoh (Singapore’s Sheperd of Street Food).

Click here to visit Makansutra’s site.

Click here to see the World Street Food Congress Teaser held earlier this year.

Click here for Laksa recipe contributed by Kf Seetoh on Martha Stewart’s site.

17 Responses to “Cross Way Bay Hong Kong Roasted Meat 尖沙嘴港式烧臘 @ Tampines, Singapore”
  1. wingedprisms says:

    Yummy as always!
    say, what was the name of that Chinese Cold medicine you mentioned previously?

  2. The Mouse says:

    Your pictures. So torturous. Drool! Hee hee.

  3. The food is so inviting.My wife and l were invited to a Chines wedding ,they serve Duck in more than 4 different dishes they were delicious.Wishing you and yours wonderful Holidays.,and joyous new year.jalal

  4. Kf Seetoh says:

    thank u for the sweet dissertation on me Sam…i really enjoyed yr company too. the sio back came in a close second. u are one heck of a photographer.

  5. Jessica says:

    I can’t say I ever ate there… Your photos are amazing!!

  6. BG says:

    I read and can’t resist the “siew yoke” temptation.

    So despite the heavy rain in the evening, I went there for a takeaway of roast chicken, roast pork belly and chicken rice. I could smell the fragrance of “siew yoke” from the car park. Indeed, it is delicious and the serving were quite generous. The chicken rice was fragrant and much less “oily” when compared with the 5-Stars Chicken Rice (my favourite kampung chicken). So it is more healthy :-). The roast pork belly is really fluffy, it is good to go with beer. Compared to Crystal Jade Dining In, it is not as tasty. But is it still good and better than many food courts/ kopi tiam(s). The chili was good too, really hot.

    However, after the meal I drank a lot more water than usual. Maybe they sprinkled abit too much msg.

    I spent in total of $23 for half roast chicken, ‘$10’ worth of roast pork belly and 2 chicken rice. Not expensive.

    • Sam Han says:

      Hi BG, thanks for the feedback. I did not feel the msg, maybe I did not eat as much as you did, lol… 😉

      Same like the 83 Live Seafood, I didn’t feel the msg until my 3rd or 4th trip because all the while I had been having coke or beer with the food.

      Glad you enjoyed the food. Must tell uncle Smart to feedback to the owner about the msg since he frequents there. 😀

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