The Bonding Tool Blog’s 1st Anniversary!

Hey folks, 30th November is The Bonding Tool’s first anniversary! Yay, I survived a year’s blogging with 390 published posts 😀

The Bonding Tool's 1st Anniversary.

The Bonding Tool’s 1st Anniversary.

The Bonding Tool started with 4 recipe postings on this very same day last year. See how free I was? No wonder Vanessa said this blogging stuff, which I knew nothing then, will do me good. I think it did my children better. I’d stop breathing down their necks, lol… 😉

Right now, I am now in Macau. Posts from the past few days including this one were scheduled because I do not know if I will have internet OR… perhaps I am partying so hard, I may not have time to be online. Crossing my fingers and toes for party party, haha…

Anyway, before I went away, my family was to have a dinner celebration for The Bonding Tool’s first anniversary but somehow, the dining outside shifted inside. We were given some jumbo prawns and Valerie, my elder daughter, decided to assemble a quick meal in our kitchen. We had a great time bonding in the kitchen during the cooking.

As I have mentioned before, Valerie is a natural cook and doesn’t follow recipes so there’ll be none here. My first day of blogging already had 4 recipes if you want to check out the links below so I guess that’ll compensate 😉

My blogging has evolved a great deal since I first started – From blogging mainly homecooking recipes when we were living in Melbourne to taking up hobby photography and now sharing more of food and restaurant experiences since I rarely cook in Singapore. I am pretty excited about sharing more with you. I want to thank you for journeying with me all this time. Your constructive comments have kept me motivated.


Now let’s take a look at what Valerie has dished out for TBT (The Bonding Tool) this night.

Valerie’s Gift of Jumbo Prawn Marinara Fettucine For The Bonding Tool’s 1st Anniversary!

Jumbo Prawn & Seafood Marinara Fettucine à la  Valerie.

Jumbo Prawn & Seafood Marinara Fettucine à la Valerie.

Happy bonding :D

Happy bonding 😀

As for dessert, we had Sticky Chewy Chocolate.

As for dessert, we had Sticky Chewy Chocolate.

The newspapers are not for reading. It is our lazy way of not putting up proper tablecloth, lol… We don’t do that in Melbourne. I wonder who started this trend here. Must be my Pride and Joy!

A Pressie for  Bonding Tool's 1st Anniversary from Vanessa.

A Pressie for Bonding Tool’s 1st Anniversary from Vanessa.

Val and Van My Pride & Joy

Val and Van
My Pride & Joy

Happy eating, bonding and blogging!

My first 4 posts on 30th November 2012:




39 Responses to “The Bonding Tool Blog’s 1st Anniversary!”
  1. So proud of you, Sam. Well done. Look how far you’ve come. Can’t wait to see what the next year brings.

    • Sam Han says:

      Hi Janet, there are days when I really feel like giving up! But thanks to you and many others who have given me love and motivations, I kept on. THANK YOU! 😀 😀 😀

  2. Yay, happy blogging birthday Sam….
    i guess the jumbo prawn fetuccini is worth for the celebration!!!

  3. happy anniversary! looking forward to more years of blogging 🙂

  4. Congratulations…many you experience many more happy anniversaries…

    • Sam Han says:

      Thank you Michael for your continual support! Your words of wisdom has kept me going (albeit I stumble every now and then). 😀 😀 😀 Love and hugs!

  5. Nice Happy Anniversary. Many many more years to come..continue your food journey.

  6. Sofia says:

    Hey well done Sam, so proud of you! I hope you enjoy more years of delicious blogging. Sending my love xx

    • Sam Han says:

      Hi Sofia, thank you very much! There’s so many ups and downs in blogging I feel like giving up many times. I’m really glad to have you as a friend in common interests. Thank you for being here 😀 Love and regards!

      • Sofia says:

        Oh no, well blogging is a personal thing (unless one does it professionally) so one can always give up, I do have moments when I think oh I don’t have the time, and think well maybe one day I won’t have any time. But when that day comes I think I won’t mind if I only post once a month, once every few months or what… Or maybe I won’t be into it anymore. So if it is your hobby, do it just for the enjoyment and not because you feel obliged. I do feel lucky though that I have seen so many of your culinary adventures, your pictures and read so many of your words. Have a delicious day! xx

        • Sam Han says:

          Sofia, I do enjoy blogging, it’s the time management that I’m lousy with and lately with poor health. I love meeting the cooks and chefs, they are all so nice. The people that are surrounding me have been so motivating and giving me priority in their schedule I do not want to disappoint. I just have to learn to manage my time and health better. Thank you, Sofia. You always have wise words for me. I will chew on that, lol… 😀

          • Sofia says:

            I don’t feel wise at all 🙂 Overall I wish you good health and sending you a big hug!

          • Sam Han says:

            You are to me 😀 Big hugs back. Btw, I’m trying to get used to my Macbook after so many years of using Windows, mine just died on me. Will send it in for data retrieval tomorrow after my Dr.’s appt.

          • Sofia says:

            Ahhhhh I have a macbook and I LOVE it! Good luck for the appt. What is it you have now?

  7. Happy blog anniversary! 😀

  8. Lignum Draco says:

    Congratulations. And well done for putting together such an interesting blog. Maybe your pride and joy should do guest posts here so you can take an occasional hour or two off. 🙂

    Hope you’re partying hard. 🙂

    • Sam Han says:

      My pride did a guest post here after much bugging she’d confirmed that. My laptop is burnt for now and I hope to be able to finish up one saved draft before the bad news (that my pics from day 2 of Macau trip are gone forever). I hope the service centre can help. Meanwhile, I’m cleaning the dust off my old mac and moving forward with the saved draft after two days of moping 😉

      I had a good time this round (no typhoon), lol…

  9. Jessica says:

    Congratulations on one year! I love your blog and am so glad I found you. Hopefully someday we will meet in person! Best wishes, always, Jess

    • Sam Han says:

      Hi Jessica, thank you for your kind words. I appreciate them a lot and I sincerely hope that one day we’ll meet in person and enjoy a few good meals together. I may even scout around some places where you will find inspiration for your poetry writing before you come 😉

  10. BeWithUs says:

    Happy 1st Year Anniversary, my friend! Cheers!! 😀

  11. Congratulations on a first and a great years blogging Sam. It’s particularly impressive in your case because, it’s clear from every post just how much work goes into each one. Well done. Keep up the super work. -Arran. 🙂

    • Sam Han says:

      Thank you Arran for staying with me this past year. Your kind and sincere words have kept me going though the Lord knows I want to give up every now and then. I’m really bad with my time management and I hope to visit you and other sites more timely 😀

      • I bet you aren’t too bad with time management! It’s more that you are a generous soul, and (like me too) you like to put lots of great information and images into each post. That takes additional time. So don’t be hard on yourself, you are doing a great job. I’m trying to teach myself to write shorter posts, just to save a bit of time, because i also feel under time-pressure quite a lot. That might work for you too Sam, but whatever you decide to do, you should be proud of the last year’s work. Congratulations again, I say! 🙂 Best regards from Ireland

        • Sam Han says:

          Thanks again Arran 😀

          You have a great blog and I love what you post because it isn’t dry, lol… I can understand and further my general knowledge each time I visit!

          Happy holidays in advance! 😀

          God bless you and your family.

  12. Woohoo! Happy Bloggie Birthday! 😉

  13. daniellajoe says:

    CONGRATULATIONS SAM!!!!!! it is so nice to have met you and your blog, and I hope you keep us informed about where is the best restaurants, who knows maybe someday I will book a flight to your side of the world… 🙂

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